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  1. Soul Peace Dragons can Expunge unwanted Zombies.
  2. Greed is a THING regretably. Not a good thing, mind, but it is human nature, UNFORTUNATELY.
  3. This SOUNDS like a cute idea... though I do understand the concerns with it, as well, and am not sure it could work. PERSONALLY, I'd be more in favor of removing the limits for Vals and Christmases entirely. If the point of the limits was to encourage a spirit of giving... I am with others in observing that I am not sure that it does. For example... I have my limit of CB holidays, Therefor, IF I were so inclined to gift anything further I took, I can't because I can't pick UP anything more of any of those breeds. Just a thought. Admittedly removing limits would also enable 'hoarding for self' as well... I confess, there are a few breeds I'd be sorely tempted to hoard. ( You can sort of tell which of the halloweens I am particularly fond of because I hoard them! Arcanae, Graves and Caligenes I am looking at ALL of YOU! XD)
  4. I am agreed with Pinkgothic, here, tbh. I don't like limiting WHAT and HOW MUCH people can breed. For a variety of reasons that others have already mentioned. I'd be MORE in favor of changing how the AP was displayed. That is IF it is a problem that needs addressing AT ALL. For myself I go hunt the biomes if there is nothing on the AP I want.... or do something else.
  5. Well, i am doing my bit! Gotmy self a few Depises, a few more Shadow Walkers and a couple of Arcanae. Oh! And a pumpkin, too!
  6. For me, I need the Aeons more, I do believe Trouble with these low-time eggies is that pinks can't do anything with them. At said, I am grabbing them anyway, cus I feel like it.
  7. Anyone else finding that they are... annoyingly... out of Precognicators?
  8. This, sadly. This was MY understanding that... unfortunately... fogging wouldn't save the egg if it was already too far gone.
  9. Glads to hear youa re feeling better... and good to see you back! My Imperial pretties are still alive and well on the scroll of the Java Tiger.
  10. Still Halloweens! I for one am grabbing myself a few pretties while the getting is good! Particularly hunting for Arcanae ( They are some of my favorite Halloweens! )
  11. Liked the short story, there, Spiteful Crow!
  12. I can totally see this, actually! As for these new Hallows, WELL... I think some of the 'ambiguity' others have noticed in their lore ADDS to the spooky effect, if you ask me. The mysteries there makes them scarier, IMO. After all, I think it is human nature to be afraid of what we don't understand.
  13. This! Dragons don't get killed for their CODES that I ever heard of. If you want it, by all means, then keep it! AND if it bothers you, I am SURE you can find someone that would LOVE to have such a thing on their scroll... Some people absolutely adore collecting 'naughty ' codes.
  14. I am with you... can't WAIT to see what these ickle creepers grow into!
  15. Yep, Pretty much! Tis always fun to see what our artists come up with each year!
  16. The little pumpkin they are in stays at the top of your scroll.... and yes, they DO stay on your scroll and, next year.... if the past is anything to go by, yyou will have a chance to add to your collection!
  17. Wanders in with a plate of " I didn't win this month cookies" for those that need them. No win for me this time.... ah, well. At is OK... got two shiny new zombies on my scroll, plus a pretty good haul of assorted Halloweens!Huge Congrats to the luck ones this month... wish it was me, but as they say, every dog has her day, and maybe mine will come next time!
  18. And... Bwahahahah! She now has a mate! And... He-zombie
  19. Well, I got ONE! One brand-new she-zombie
  20. My UNDERSTANDING is that it has to do with TJ's RL job... would be considered a 'conflict of interests'or some such if it were allowed.
  21. You know! This is an excellent question because I had the idea they stacked... would be nice to know for sure!
  22. SOOOOOOO tempted to try my luck and attempt to raise up a few zombies now... though I ought to wait for tonight... * Sigh*
  23. Hey guys! ANTLERS? could these be Halloween DRAKES, do you think? O.o
  24. I would assume that eventually the zombies begin to get tougher... takes more damage to destroy them, perhaps?