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  1. Exactly the problem, THO...it may fall under links since you can very easily link to a dragon/ eggie using its code? Ats why I think it may NEED to be specifically addressed, just like it is on the forums.
  2. I agree with all of this! Asking for a code related to something is different that calling out a specific code. As anther user pointed out, there are REASONS mentioning codes of dragons you don't own is against the rules in the forums. AND those reasons hold true for doing the same in the TH. ( The rules for TH are unclear BUT I am assuming that when they shake down,my bet is this will PROBABLY be addressed somewhere in them.)While it may or may NOT have had any malicious intent (either bragging or bombing) and it may BE that the person asking really DOES JUST want to trade for tha
  3. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Forum name: Birthday: Revised List: 1. 2g Silver or Bronze Prize 2. CB Trio ( Preferably Thunder or Ice 3a. 3rd Gen + Gold 3b. 5th Gen + Shimmers( I especially LOVE silvers!) 4a. cb Blue (Coastal) Biakala 4b. cb Pinks ( I ALWAYS Need More Influencers! XD) My favorite dragon is likely to be the silver shimmerscale ( I collect them!) though I do love many of our dragons!
  4. More biomes? I actually very much like this idea. It would give people more options and possibilities for dragon concepts, I think?
  5. I would support ALL of what @49ER said here if they are at all possible.. I would say that the most pressing one is the need for pagination. THAT said, however, IF, for work related reasons, @TJ09 isn't PERMITTED to make the forum and the site more connected ( AND some of the things that have been said have hinted in that way tho I am not sure if it has been stated specifically...) A Separate 'Have' Box, and possibly a box for trade related notes, ( Such as precogged male/female, for instance ) at the very least beyond that. I feel those three things would do MUCH to help our
  6. This! VERY much this! I always make it a point to look before I offer or accept. I haven't been burned,myself , but I have heard of it happening, so I am careful. THAT said, I can totally see how a misgender can happen with out any malice or intent to defraud. If a person is out of Aeons ( entirely possible when, as in my case, you have only got four!) They may have no choice but to influence the egg and hatch it for a trade. THAT being the case... influences CAN and do sometimes fail ( though it is rare). I have had it happen to me with stuff that I myself
  7. Actually... you are right, thinking on it. It would make sense if we recalled asking one of our dragons to do an action on an egg ( Influence itor use its time magic to precogg). That would be a GOOD way to handle it.
  8. What I wonder IS if a dragon has been precogged as male or female, couldn't it just appear where it normally would on the dragons page? At least for hatchies... I am unsure that could work for eggies because THOSE can, in theory still be influenced. Barring being influenced differently.... as far as I know the Aeons are never wrong?
  9. Hmmmmmm... In someways I'd like something like this. It WOULD make things nicer for trades, as well as being an easy way to check for influence or precogging as @osmarks pointed out. That said I ALSO agree with what they said about it being somewhat immersion breaking and WONDER if there is a way something like this could be included without being quite so intrusive?
  10. Yes, I wasn't saying I SHOULD do it.... just that I can understand the confusion on the point.
  11. If I may humbly submit.... I think a BIG partof the problems are stemming from the fact that people may be ASSUMING that the rules for the trade hub are similar for those for the trade sections here on the forums? ( Which, if I may point out, DO allow for onsite links ( to a dragon's lineage, for instance), as WELL as requests for PMs) I wonder if this is where some of the confusion is coming from? Because while as you say, I can totally SEE forbidding external links,I can also see why someone might think linking to a dragon's lineage if one was asking for a mate for it ( to clar
  12. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Java Tiger Forum name: JavaTigress Birthday: September 10 List: 1. 2g Silver Prize 2. 2g pb Alt Black or Undine! 3a. 3rd Gen + Gold 3b. 5th Gen + Shimmers( I especially LOVE silvers!) 4a. cb Blue (Coastal) Biakala 4b. cb Aurax (Gold) Lunar Herald My favorite dragon is likely to be the silver shimmerscale ( I collect them!) though I do love many of our dragons!
  13. I believe that was part of the suggestion... I assumed that is why it said that IF you edit, any offers automatically get canceled out.
  14. Just popping in to express my support for the idea that @olympe quoted from another thread, as while I did so where it is quoted from, I didn't do so HERE.Therefor I will jsut say that I support the idea because notifications for any rules changes that could impact users are ALWAYS agood idea.
  15. Yes! I would say that sounds like a VERY good idea. Notifications for ANY rules change that will impact users ( whether forumites or not) is a sound plan.
  16. OR.... perhaps some of those rules even get reconsidered?
  17. You could justify for the magi DOING the teleport. ( AND TBH, I'd be less opposed to that,) But not a whole 20%. I still don't agree with something QUITE that harsh.
  18. If they have done that then yes, it is a problem, and yes its a nuisance. That said, I still don't support your solution to the problem. That seems like a case of the cure is as bad as the disease it is meant to treat. besides, as @49ER pointed out.... it makes no sense for a full 20% of your magi to be put on CD for it. You could justify the one doing the teleporting maybe, but 20%? e I think adding pagination and allowing easier searching and browsing of trades will lessen the 'bumping' problem.
  19. My GUESS is it looked workable. It may not have been OBVIOUS, initially, that pieces were missing, is my best guess?
  20. WELL, I have seen on the forums here where some people will, when they want to trade for a mate for a particular dragon, will show that dragons lineage. Kind of a 'like this!" sort of thing.
  21. I see your point as regards the trading hub with the rules it has.... could BE those individuals would actually be better served to use the forum trade threads if they need somethign that specific?
  22. And I am not disagreeing with you at all. Only stating that I wish there were a better way of dealing with it. Alas, I fear that you may be RIGHT on that, however.
  23. Much as I hate to admit it... shutting it down TEMPORARILY and starting Fresh after rules have been properly sorted out MIGHT not be a bad idea. AND when I say I hate to admit it, I do, because I have found the trade hub a VERY handy way to get gender swaps on stuff when I need it.
  24. I am not sure I would like this at ALL. Sometimes people have valid reasons for cancelling and redoing a trade. For instance MAYBE they wanted to add an egg/hatchie to it? What about if an egg hatches and cancels the trade? Seems unfair to penalize the person for it THEN. Has bumping REALLY been a huge enough problem to warrant such a drastic 'fix'? ( Legit question as I use the trade hub once in a while only.)
  25. This. I mean.... that is how laws IRL work. Can they cover every POSSIBLE situation? NO, of course not. But they can sure cover the important ones. Leaving things too unsaid because of 'possible gotchas' isn't fair to those that want to follow the rules and end up making a mistake because IT WASN'T SAID.