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    Posting Bug

    I would like to report an issue I have been having on occasion. Every NOW and then I have it where I am attempting to post, BUT when I click the button to post what I want to say it doesn't APPEAR that it did anything and bumps me back to the posting screen.The result being that I duplicate posted in a thread. on an occasion or two before realizing what he problem was. It doesn't appear to have a set pattern as for when this happens. I am unclear if it is an issue with my browser OR with the forum itself. ( I use Google Chrome for DC...) Any thoughts, Ideas, or is this just a bug T
  2. May I comment, however, that my concern over something like this would BE the very hugeness of it? I don't KNOW how difficult this would be to even do if ALL dragons were included?
  3. Totally. Not balloons for me, but at times it does seem like the exact dragon I am looking for seems to hide from me, I swear. ( That is EVEN if they are ordinarily UBER common.) So a consolation bonus of shards would NOT be unappreciated.
  4. I ...actually woudln't be opposed to this idea at all. As you say, if a person wanted to bank their shards for something shiny , later on.... up to them! OR if there is something else they want currently...
  5. This... I get dead eggs from time to time when I give eggs to my vampires to bite. I typically stick them at the bottom of my last page and wait for them to go away on their own.
  6. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Astreya Giftee: JavaTigress Lineage link(s): https://dragcave.net/lineage/VDbpl Breed(s): Gold Status: Accepted! My gifter and I weren't SURE which of us needed to report... so we both did!
  7. I Would Like to Report a Gift! Gifter: Astreya Giftee: JavaTigress Lineage link(s): https://dragcave.net/lineage/VDbpl Breed(s): Gold Status: Accepted! My gifter and I weren't SURE which of us needed to report... so we both did!
  8. I would support this. ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that this now relates to the requirements for the raffle.
  9. Well... there was the year my Mom decided it would be funny to give my Dad a decorated ( new and clean, obviously...) toilet plunger for Christmas ( As a joke of course, he got other stuff as well...) AND we wrote up a little poem about it for my sister and me to recite.
  10. This. As far as I know it is only US AS USERS ( Caps for Emphasis) that value a dragon more or less highly depending on its origin. That is, the cave and its ratios make no distinction between a messy inbred and a CB.... a gold is a gold is a gold, as far as it is concerned. Therefor, since it doesn't SAY I am assuming bred wyrms or CB will do...and I suspect that IF TJ decided to require them to BE CB, then he would explicitly say so. ALSO! * Grabs a no-win-this-month cookie for self* Time to prepare to try again... AND Conga-rats to all the lucky winners!
  11. This. this right here. That is why I would definitely support a more accurate cool down timer for literally ALL the stuff that has cool downs.
  12. Ooooh! YES! I can totally see either of those pairings ! The Boreals are cool also^.^
  13. *Nods* Yeah, overall they do a good job, as I said, the best they can. It isn't as if they aren't asked to make some hard calls, sometimes. While I can disagree with them, sometimes, bottom line I respect and appreciate them for the job they do.
  14. I can totally agree with you on the point of not being sure I could do our mods' job. They do their best, I am sure.
  15. I admit I am curious about them as well. At said,I am ALWAYS curious to see what new hatchies will grow into.
  16. Yeah.. my BET is that is a bug and will be squished soon.
  17. OUCH! Yeah, I don't blame you for not wanting to dump that. Well, hopefully your pretties hatch soon, tho hunting is none to good just yet, anyway. I got my ashies but not the Alpine ones yet...
  18. True... especially SINCE it would be NICE if I have precogged an egg or hatchie, to be able to let others KNOW.
  19. Me neither, Fuzz! I actually had to abandon a few CB commons tot he AP to make room...
  20. This. IF I have more than four I can offer, either I need a way to offer the lot at once if I am offering on the hub, or ELSE an acceptable way to contact the owner of the trade to let them know I have more I can send. All things considered, lifting the limit might be better if TJ isn't ALLOWED to allow for contact on-site?
  21. Honestly this sums up my feelings pretty well, here. I HOPE I wouldn't have done anything that would have got me banned. That said... I can TOTALLY see how people can misread it. AND I don't think people who are HONESTLY and RESPECTFULLY asking for clarification of the rules DESERVE to be belittled. ALSO! Seeing as I have seen a LOT of requests for clarification... I SINCERELY doubt that it is just a question of a FEW people and their willful ignorance. I think there is GENUINELY a problem with the clarity.
  22. Bottom Line... the rules need updating. I mean... AM I technically guilty of violating ToS, then, by purchasing dragons from the Market ( because I certainly HAVE done)? The way it reads currently, I think you could argue so. It needs to be made clear. AND since some things have been added that didn't used to exist, the rules need updating to account for them ( Most especially the market and trade hub!)
  23. Quoted for truth! HOWEVER! I would add that it seems to be MORE the problem that while the above is true, GROWN dragons were always another matter. IE, AFAIK, and correct me if I am wrong, if I were looking for a mate for a particular dragon, I could post the lonely one's code link in a trade thread with what I was offering as a want indicate that it needed a mate... THAT seems to be what is tripping people up? CERTAINLY I can understand why there might be issues with posting links, BUT... I can see how mistakes are made IF people are assuming the rules are the same as those for t
  24. This.... totally this. For myself PERSONALLY, I'd like to see them in the market, even IF that would mean having to save a while for one. Don't get me wrong, if I actually won one, I'd be thrilled to death. That said...so far no luck at all AND I don't think the possibility of buying one would make me any less thrilled if I DID win. Ah well, if TJ says nope then all I can do is continue to enter in the hope that someday the RNG will decide to smile on me.
  25. I see your point. AS I said, VERY unclear. Bottom line... we REALLY need a far more clear set of rules. THAT much, I think, most of us can agree on.