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  1. 4 minutes ago, DragonLady86 said:

    Zombies can be re-named.  but dead dragons can not.  Remove ALL names before you you kill because if it doesn't revive that name is lost forever.

    Thanks for the Info... though I am not sure WHY actually dead dragons occupy names?

    Would make sense if they were stripped of their names about the time their tombstone would disappear?


    Will bear in mind, tho...maybe leave zombie fodders unnamed til after the deed is done.

  2. MK... I read somewhere that killing too many dragons used to get one's scroll burned. Is that true?


    More tot he point, is it STILL true?


    I was thinking about attempting to make myself some zombies this Halloween, but certainly NOT if it would jeopardize the rest of my lovelies in any way!

  3. 4 minutes ago, Shadowdrake said:


    There will be a button to claim your prize which stays around for a month, until the next raffle is drawn. Unless your trip is extended way longer than expected there shouldn't be any issues.

    Mk! Thankee. As I said, UNLIKELY, but you never know!

  4. I have a question regarding the raffle.


    I am going to be gone on a trip with my family from the 25-3.... during which time the raffle will be drawn. DO winners need to claim their winnings ASAP, once their name is drawn? Or do they have some time to do so? I would hate, in the admittedly UNLIKELY event that I be drawn, to NOT get my prize because I was off camping.



  5. 18 hours ago, darkladyselenity said:

    Yeah, just don't have a need for a desktop in my house. We had one, but we never used it, so we sold it. 


    The mobile way is tedious, but if it's the only way, then oh well. Lol

    Yeah... and BECAUSE there ARE those that primarily... or even ONLY... use mobile, it would be nice if sorting worked more smoothly there.

  6. 7 hours ago, Rainstarkitty said:

    I will preface this with I don't use mobile terribly often, so I could have missed something. However, I tried everything I can think of to multi-select dragons to add to a group: double-tap, hold tap, tapping multiple in succession, tapping two dragons at once, tap and drag. Nothing worked, so I do not believe there is a way to multi-select on mobile, unless I missed something.

    On computer to select multiple is ctrl+click or shift+click, and I would have thought that hold-tap on a phone would be able to have a similar functionality, but it did not. I also did some searching on the forum and did not find an answer.


    Looks like you may have to add them individually unless you're able to get access to a computer, sorry. :(


    It may be easiest to add each dragon from their view page after you've created your group. Have your scroll open in one tab and open each dragon you need in a different tab, add to group, then close that tab. It will still be pretty tedious but maybe a little quicker than through the add to group page. Good luck!

    Yeah... when I want to group/ sort dragons, I generally don't use my mobile devices... fine for HUNTING and HATCHING but... a pain for  sorting. :) Just my observation.

    THOUGH I should clarify that with I don't FREQUENTLY use my mobile to access this site, so I MAY just not know how.

  7. 4 hours ago, Shadowdrake said:

    I don't think this would be possible unless we had to select 2 dragons for the bsa to take affect. That is, select BSA, select dragon 1, select dragon 2 (possibly excluding all dragons unbreedable to dragon 1 to avoid silly things like "encouraging" 2 males or a regular and a drake together).

    Hmmmm... valid points. I ACTUALLY sort of like your take on how this might work.


    Including the it only works if said dragon is already breedable with said dragon bit.

  8. 4 hours ago, olympe said:

    The thing is that we usually use a BSA on the target dragon. So, if we breed water x skywing and use this on the skywing, the chances for a skywing egg are enhanced. However, we don't have a target for the third option (bluna). It might be coded to work for hybrids if both parents are targeted. However, this wouldn't work for color choice on PB stripes, or color choice on any other breed.

    I envisioned this as... targeting the PROBABILITY, rather than the dragon itself, I guess? Which would work something like... using the BSA on a dragon triggers a drop down when you breed of the different breeds that could result. I grant you, however, that this might be a bit more complicated to work out!


    I also see your point about colors.... since often THOSE are influenced by other things than just random chance ( The breeds of the other parent , for instance!)

  9. 1 hour ago, olympe said:

    @UnicornMaiden I was more concerned with influencing for hybrids from the parent breeds (if applicable), so should you be able to influence pro-Bluna if you breed Skywing x Water?

    I don't see why that COULDN'T be a possibility. It IS ,after all, a legitimate possibility with that pairing. :)


  10. 14 hours ago, Kastriia said:

    if I had to come up with a unique solution it would be

    If a wall contains more then n% of a singular breed, a 6th line will appear in the AP at the 5 min refreshes, that does not contain that breed and utilizing the current first come first serve rules. The moment that the n% isn't hit, that line disappears at the next 5min refresh used in the biomes. This will still allow for the benefits of walls, as well as allow variety for those who don't care for the current wall up.

    This way,

    mass breeders can still mass breed and their eggs still be displayed

    those who don't like the walls still get a variety that they can look through

    eggs aren't lost to the void

    there is no imposed limits on a breeder or a breed.

    Basically I don't know if we NEED a solution BUT... of the ones I have seen I like this idea best.

    Beauty of it IS that it could be applied to holidays as well and then people that didn't want to holiday hunt could look through the other stuff to see what they could find.

  11. 2 hours ago, cyradis4 said:

    I support doing nothing to the programming of the AP. I feel that mass breeding does not cause any problems, does help, and that changing the way the AP works will alter the very nature of the AP. 


    However, mass breeding has 2 primary causes: 

    1. The AP gets too high in time, so people mass breed to drive the AP down in time

    2. People want to form a wall for some other reason. 


    Now, in the case of 1, if the time in the AP is low, then they won't get formed. In the case of 2, if the time in the AP is low then the wall can be cleared pretty fast. In either case, the player-driven solution is to keep the time in the AP low. The time in the AP rises when there are more people wanting eggs from the AP than there are eggs bred. So the easy solution is to breed more eggs. If a few dozen people bred 10 eggs each to the AP every day, that should work to drive down the AP times and keep walls from sticking around much. Checkers are often much desired, too. 


    So.... I'd support (and probably even participate in, some) a thread where people did just that: Organized to breed a dozen nice commons to the AP every day, with the specific goal of keeping the AP time down. 



    I MOSTLY like theis suggestion.


    My ONLY gripe is that, for myself, personally... I like to have the ability to use BSAs ( like... Influence , for example) AND if the Time lof the Eggs in the AP gets TOO low, you really can't.

    Fact. i am actually less likely to pick up an egg if I KNOW I can't influence it. I would guess I am not alone in that feeling.

  12. On 5/9/2019 at 8:13 AM, Starscream said:

    yeah, it would have to be. Night mode is generally a dark skin selection you can keep on night or day - I leave night mode on on most sites because of photo sensitivity. It would have to be optional.


    I'd like just a single night mode option. Yesterday's migraine was really rough,I had to go find total darkness.

    Yeah... I would envision this acting like that 'blue-light' mode on my my pad which I can turn on and off at will. Not the colors it produces necessarily but that one could toggle it on or off.


    As to the idea itself... I see no issue with it. :) 


    I don't suffer from migraines myself but for those that do I see how it could be helpful, and for those that don't... at night it still might be useful?

  13. 7 hours ago, jerzeeshadow said:

    Ah, so sad.😥

    But I won't be overly stressed about it.  I still have the trading forums and Discord. 


    One note though, there should definitely be a meter for trading infractions.  At least others would have a visual gauge to go by.  It might help them reconsider there actions before doing something stupid, like me.  Oh well...

    Hmmm...I wonder WHY we DON't have a meter or some such like that, actually, we DO have the ability to see our warn level on the forums, here, for example. I would think that something like that ought to go for the market, too... especially given that we CAN be permabanned. A possible subject for a suggestion thread, perhaps?

  14. 7 minutes ago, Lantean_Pegasus said:

    (This isn't only meant for HeatherMarie, I just quoted this because it gave me the start for my own line of thinking.)


    Just to add another perspective: There actually is more to it in this context than just expressing opinion.

    The creators of new dragons here at DC "work" for free. The only reward they get for all their work is a. seeing their dragon in cave and b. the appreciation of the other users. So, while I can't speak for everyone, I guess people that express positive/happy/etc reactions do this not only to give their opinion to the world at large, they also do it to let the creators of the dragon know how much they appreciate their work, and that said work made them feel positive in some way.

    So, uttering opinions in public spaces like this might usually be for its own sake, because people like to let their opinion be known, and find others that share it. (Talking about pure opinion here, not feedback or criticism.) But when the people who made the thing that the opinion is about are "in the room" (reading the thread), it gets another level - it will serve as a reward or a rebuke to them. And that's what giving that opinion will "accomplish" in this case.


    And that's also where I'd ask anyone who wants to express a negative opinion to do so in a polite, non-hurtful way. Humans are social beings, they are designed to care about their social environment and the signals it is sending. (More or less, depending on the circumstances, but in essence that's how it is.) So yes, you always should exercise circumspection when giving out negative things to people who didn't do anything to you out of malice. If someone designed a dragon to share it with everyone, and you don't like it, well, that's sad, but they didn't do anything to you, so you have no right to do anything to them. You can of course still express your own disappointment/frustration/sadness/whatever, but you should word it in a way that doesn't spread the grief.


    All of this, actually.


    No one is saying you have to LOVE every sprite or that it isn't OK to have favorites or 'not-so-favorites'. I myself DEFINITELY have some sprites that I prefer over others. That is perfectly normal and natural. NOT every new dragon is going to become a 'I MUST hoard that' grade favorite for you personally.Thing is, A person has to remember that NOT everyone's taste is the same as theirs, first of all.... and we DO need to keep in mind the feelings involved. People ARE sort of attached emotionally to the art they create, like it and agree with it or not.  That also seems to be human nature. The beauty of this game is that if there is a sprite that isn't a favorite of yours... you DON'T have to collect it. That is your right, just as it is mine.

  15. I am having trouble with signing up for Discord. 


    I can't seem to find my confirmation email... and I checked both my regular inbox AND my spam. Anybody have any ideas WHAT might be going on or how to fix?