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  1. Ha! @Seriva Senkalora! I figured it out! See the little exclamation mark by the message? Click on it and it will allow you to report the offensive material.
  2. Odd, because I THOUGHT I remember there being a button for ... reporting abuse on trades? Or...am I totally wrong about that? Because now I can't seem to locate it?
  3. I Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: JavaTiger Forum name: JavaTigress Birthday: Sept 10 Revised List: 1. 2G Bronze Shimmerscale 2.-4b. Surprise me!
  4. I am ... helping myself to every . Last. ONE. of your vampires.
  5. Yeah... and BECAUSE there ARE those that primarily... or even ONLY... use mobile, it would be nice if sorting worked more smoothly there.
  6. Yeah... when I want to group/ sort dragons, I generally don't use my mobile devices... fine for HUNTING and HATCHING but... a pain for sorting. Just my observation. THOUGH I should clarify that with I don't FREQUENTLY use my mobile to access this site, so I MAY just not know how.
  7. Hmmmm... valid points. I ACTUALLY sort of like your take on how this might work. Including the it only works if said dragon is already breedable with said dragon bit.
  8. I envisioned this as... targeting the PROBABILITY, rather than the dragon itself, I guess? Which would work something like... using the BSA on a dragon triggers a drop down when you breed of the different breeds that could result. I grant you, however, that this might be a bit more complicated to work out! I also see your point about colors.... since often THOSE are influenced by other things than just random chance ( The breeds of the other parent , for instance!)
  9. I don't see why that COULDN'T be a possibility. It IS ,after all, a legitimate possibility with that pairing.
  10. Basically I don't know if we NEED a solution BUT... of the ones I have seen I like this idea best. Beauty of it IS that it could be applied to holidays as well and then people that didn't want to holiday hunt could look through the other stuff to see what they could find.
  11. This looks like an all around good idea to me. We have that quick last minute view when we are biting eggs a,after all, as someone else pointed out, so... YES, I think we ought o have it for trades also! The lineage link is extra helpful, too!
  12. I MOSTLY like theis suggestion. My ONLY gripe is that, for myself, personally... I like to have the ability to use BSAs ( like... Influence , for example) AND if the Time lof the Eggs in the AP gets TOO low, you really can't. Fact. i am actually less likely to pick up an egg if I KNOW I can't influence it. I would guess I am not alone in that feeling.
  13. Yeah... I would envision this acting like that 'blue-light' mode on my my pad which I can turn on and off at will. Not the colors it produces necessarily but that one could toggle it on or off. As to the idea itself... I see no issue with it. I don't suffer from migraines myself but for those that do I see how it could be helpful, and for those that don't... at night it still might be useful?
  14. Hmmm...I wonder WHY we DON't have a meter or some such like that, actually, we DO have the ability to see our warn level on the forums, here, for example. I would think that something like that ought to go for the market, too... especially given that we CAN be permabanned. A possible subject for a suggestion thread, perhaps?
  15. All of this, actually. No one is saying you have to LOVE every sprite or that it isn't OK to have favorites or 'not-so-favorites'. I myself DEFINITELY have some sprites that I prefer over others. That is perfectly normal and natural. NOT every new dragon is going to become a 'I MUST hoard that' grade favorite for you personally.Thing is, A person has to remember that NOT everyone's taste is the same as theirs, first of all.... and we DO need to keep in mind the feelings involved. People ARE sort of attached emotionally to the art they create, like it and agree with it or not. That also seems to be human nature. The beauty of this game is that if there is a sprite that isn't a favorite of yours... you DON'T have to collect it. That is your right, just as it is mine.
  16. Hiya! Just popping in tpo say i am willing to breed my Targeryens for anyone that wants them! :3
  17. I am having trouble with signing up for Discord. I can't seem to find my confirmation email... and I checked both my regular inbox AND my spam. Anybody have any ideas WHAT might be going on or how to fix?
  18. I could see this... ESPECIALLY IF Prizes were also available in the Market and you could save up those Consolation prizes toward s a purchase of one, someday. Since they are currently NOT...well, I can see both sides of this arguement. No strong eelings one way or the other from me.notopposed but not STRONGLY in favor of either. THOUGH yu could still spend those extra shards on other dragons, I suppose...
  19. DO our scrolls currently have IDs? If they DO then perhaps that would be the way to go. It would need to be made visible in some way As I am not even sure HOW to find the ID number for my scroll if it has one. At said, it IS true that the forums are different in that they DO sort of require direct interaction with others ( That is sort of their point!) while one's scroll doesn't and , indeed doesn't allow it! My only concern IS that a mixed up mess of numbers might be harder to remember than a name.
  20. I fail to see why this couldn't WORK in a manner similar to the way the name changing on forums. You can change the name, but previous names are still visible/accessible to others for ID? I could ALSO see something like a scroll ID number working well, too. THIS could EVEN be shown on the hub. ( Possibly in place of the scroll name?)
  21. Yep, and actually being able to see BOTH total growing things AND eggs would be helpful on our scrolls as well, I think. I support this idea. Would be helpful with new releases and such especially.... NOT having to go back to our scroll to see how many slots we still have for catching.
  22. Hmmm... I guess I can say that I have always identified myself as a female, ALTHOUGH I can sort of relate to what you wrote. Interesting question. I guess, myself,I always put it up to stereotypes NOT being accurate.
  23. This is what I am thinking too. I can imagine this pair using their combined abilities to make all sorts of mischief!
  24. this! Supper creative with the designs on BOTH genders of the rifts. Although I adore the cute ickle pygmies,too. AND THIS... tee-hee-hee! I am going to have fun describing these guys. SHOPLIFTING Riftwyrms and cranky green dragons. I LOVE it XDDDDDD I can't WAIT to see what I can come up with.... BTW! Am I the only one that thinks the rifts will look good in lineages with Arcanae?
  25. Managed to catch a decent fill of the pygmies (4 total... 2 male and 2 female) ... still trying to get some of those elusive 'otherworldly' eggs. Well, back to hunting, for now!