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  1. I gotta say this would be MY preferred method of dealing with the issue. I can see there being.... problems with putting prizes in the biomes. I can't catch golds in the biomes so no way in the WORLD would that help me. THAT said, I DO like the idea of being able to work for one via the market ( I would be more likely to save for one of these beauties than golds or silvers, actually!) AND I'd LOVE to see more winners per month in the raffles. As for limits.... Mehbe. Not sure on that. AS I said before... too strict of limits would prevent someone from possibly getting the prize they REALLY wanted ( AS they might possibly have won a Tin, for instance when they wanted a Shimmer) and I don't want that, really. Keileon's idea of limiting us to two of each color and breed seems fair, however. AND, of course, the limits would ONLY apply to CBs... a person can have as many bred Christmas dragons, for instance, as they can reasonably collect and the same would apply here.
  2. I see @Fuzzbucket's point here. I DO think a note when a descrip is definitely finally given a verdict by the mods would be nice, tho...
  3. Oh! OK! Thanks for the info, @Dalek Raptor. I wasn't aware that that gave a different message. Good to know!
  4. I would say PM TJ or perhaps the mods. ALL it says when I look is that I can't find your scroll. I am unsure what issue there might have been AND,whatever the case, I don't think your average user is privy to whatever reasons there might have been for any decision of that sort. I will add here that I THINK there isn't ALWAYS a warning before a scroll is burned, unfortunately. I may be wrong about that and If I am I hope someone will correct me.
  5. I had noticed that wording but I wasn't ON HUNDRED percent certain that it had changed.... interesting. It makes ME wonder now, too, if the mechanism has changed...
  6. Hmmmmmm... I fully support the dot idea as I THOUGHT I posted somewhere already. ESPECIALLY if it shows up in breeding lists. I am not so sure of the idea of gen numbers. HOWEVER! I wonder if that is something that could be made an option in one's account settings? So that those that want them can have them and those that find them intrusive could turn them off?
  7. Yes. I agree. I wouldn't be OPPOSED to having the information, necessarily. I would be interested in knowing how many of a given breed I currently have, as well. NT necessary as was said, but it would be interesting to know, for example, how many reds, waters or golds exist in DC.
  8. This this THIS! I would be very dissapointed, actually, IF I won and ( As would probably be my luck even if I were lucky enough to actually WIN a prize!) got one that wasn't a favorite and THEN wasn't able to try again. IS it frustrating to see some people win multiple CB prizes while others ( like.... myself for example) have none at all? ABSOLUTELY. However, I don't believe that those insanely lucky individuals deserve to be PUNISHED necessarily for other people's lack of win, and I don't think this is the solution to the problem... it doesn't REALLY address the fact that we still don't have any OTHER way to work towards prizes but trying to enter the raffle every month. I'd be more in favor of alloting more winners per raffle, perhaps.... or , my fave.... adding the pretty prizes to the Market so that those of us with questionable luck can save up for them!
  9. AFAIK.... there isn't a LIMIT per se.... other than what people are willing to pay for it. As in... they CAN ask that for it.... doesn't mean they will GET it.
  10. Oh, YES! I actually think this is a good idea. I have had to take to making a group for my CBs just so that they are easy to find.... though this is even BETTER if this indicator shows up on the dragons' breeding page... Plus as others have said, it would give me an easy way of double checking my own grouping for mistakes , ensuring that no CBS are missed, for example.
  11. OR the Arcanas. AND some of the whole and intact eggs we have are GORGEOUS ( Thank you, spriters!) so I can totally imagine why people would want to permanently collect them! THOUGH that being said, I don't freeze many hatchies, even, personally... though I am ALL for people having the option. IMHO the same applies to this suggestion. LIKE, probably not a thing I would use often if at all. AT said, again, that doesn't mean I am opposed to the option. After all as @PhoenixEterna and others have said.... we allow people to give their eggs to a vampire to bite ( QUITE possibly killing the egg rather than turning it) OR neglecting it ( AGAIN, quite possibly killing the egg rather than succoring in the experiment to make a neglected.) EVEN if none of those options existed there is still the possibility of the egg being raised improperly and dieing do to not hatching in time, for instance. Being a dragon egg isn't and never WILL be fully safe. Bottom line... any number of unpleasant things can happen to a pixel egg already. AND , really, freezing the egg so that it can't hatch is probably one of the tamer ones. Just because the option exists doesn't mean that I personally am required to use it. My opinion... give us the option and let us decide whether or not we want to freeze eggies, just like we decide whether or not to freeze hatchies. AS for limits... I would prefer a separate Freezing limit for eggies. Hatchies have a limit, and eggies would , too... but eggies wouldn't count towards the hatchling freezing limit and nor would hatchies count towards the eggs. SO... if someone had frozen their limit of hatchies for whatever the cooldown is, they could still freeze EGGS provided that they had NOT also met their limit for them. SO overall... I vote "Yay," to this idea, even IF I am unsure if I would use it.
  12. i KNOW.... glad I caught myself a good batch of Aqualis Eggs, but... wishing I could get a pair of Blancblacks to go with them.
  13. This is sort of how I see it, too. AS it stands right now, a person can freeze whatever hatchies they like and the person who bred them has no say. I see no good reason for this to be different.
  14. Hmmm... so what I MAY need to do is raise them to stage two, then if I am unsure ( Whent he different colored flowers appear.
  15. MK, thanks, @Ruby Eyes. Like as far as I can tell the differences at S1 are pretty minor.... just a difference in color, and a slight one at that? How can you tell so easily? Is there something I am missing.
  16. Hey! Dumb question maybe, but recently I decided to breed and hatch for alt vine dragons. TROUBLE is that I am finding it MUCH harder to tell if I have alts on vines than, say, blacks or Undines. HELP PLEASE!
  17. I don't see why not! More tools to use are always a good thing! THOUGH I might have to figure out WHAT to use them for, myself. At said, as I don't have any problem iwth adding to the groups system as it exists.
  18. Agreed. I personally think that seeing as how we users have names for them, there isn't any reason the 'unofficial names couldn't be made the 'official ones' Like Yulebucks and Radiant Angels and Sweetlings and so on.... easier to remember FAR than what year they were released in!
  19. Clipped for emphasis, but WOW! Your post got me to thinking. I guess I never LOOKED at it that way. Like... I always figured if I wasn't 'GOOD' at a thing ( here meaning, extremely, INSANELY good at it,) then I wasn't WORTH anything at it. A very rigid Black OR White, if Then way of looking at it? No nuance or room for a sliding scale? Take, for example, my routine struggles with feeling 'good enough in chess. Like... if I lose I don't feel I have any talent for the game at all( ALTHOUGH I enjoy it). AND at that point I even wonder if I should continue to BOTHER. This gets tiresome because the even UGLIER side of this IS that now matter how many games I DO win, I always expect more from myself and it is never 'good enough'. I suspect that even IF I were absolutely, undeniably the best , it MIGHT not FEEL good enough, even then. Like, I always seem to take my failures more to heart than my successes. It gets tiring after a while ( AND even worse when I have had a loss and and am trying to compensate)... and there is part of me that wants to just be able to ENJOY the activity FOR ITSELF without making it into 'proving myself to myself'. Perhaps the TRUTH is that I have been looking at it all wrong? MAYBE,in some ways, I have the same problem @BlueMint does? That is... constantly comparing myself to others? AND perhaps worse even,not JUST comparing myself to others but using an an absolutely unrealistic sampling to do it. ( IE...looking at grand masters and saying " I am not as good as that, therefor, I have no talent at chess?") Food for thought, anyway.
  20. I KNOW! I am trying SO hard NOT to lock myself too much so that I have room for the new release eggs when they arrive. Hard to resist.
  21. I have been watching this thread and thought I would give my input. I can personally confirm that it isn't how FAST the eggs gain views, necessarily. A big part of it is age, I find. My OWN method for hatching involves leaving my eggs fogged until they are about 4 days left ( At which point they are considered ER and can hatch for me the minute they get enough views to do so) They are basically safe from outside interference in that case until I am ready to deal with them. I THEN unfog and toss them into hatcheries... at which point they tend to gain views QUITE rapidly until they have enough to hatch. Usually I do this when I am available to watch them just in case. Everybody has their own particular method I am sure and you are more than free to choose to do what you want with your eggs. They are YOURS after all. I have heard of people who like to get as many views as possible on their dragons without losing them to sickness, I have heard of people that like to raise dragons with them getting views only... no clicks. Point is there are a variety of ways to play AND if that is yours you are free to continue. I don''t get the sense that anyone was ATTACKING you for it per se. I think that they merely wanted you to be aware of the risks AND to understand that things at holiday time aren't QUITE the same as they are the rest of the year. Stuff gets views MUCH more quickly on releases and that is especially true during holiday time. AND yes, keeping an especially sharp eye on them this time of year is a good idea. Especially since as Astreya pointed out, you might lose dragons right now that could mean a whole YEAR of waiting to replace.
  22. This... I mean, I don't think it even IS just speculation anymore IF it is supported with the evidence of multiple people having tested it out multiple times and getting a similar result. *Shrugs* I mean, isn't that the whole idea of the scientific method? I am with HeatherMarie on this one... I think that list is probably good enough that we don't NEED TJ to give us an exhaustive OFFICIAL list. AND as someone else said, if you find something not included well, that can be added to it!
  23. Depends on the Breed! Snow angels, Ribbon Dancers and Garlands are all females.... Winter Magi, Snows and Aegises for INSTANCE are males!
  24. I would say that I support SOME sort of protection , especially during the holidays. That is... given the unfortunate history of attacks often being timed then. Even better, IMO, would BE some WAY of protecting things in trades.
  25. Yeah... Because if someone declines and offer of mine, I am more inclined to ASSUME that it was because they didn't LIKE my offer and were holding out for something else. IF I KNEW it was because I was locked that would be a different matter.