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 My Scroll is Home to male-vamp-5-anim.gifVAMPIRES who Sometimes Cause DEAD Eggs. They are NEVER allowed Near Trades OR Gifts. 


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    Far in the north, where the long moons of winter bring with them cold in the air, snow in the forests and fields, and ice on the lakes and rivers and the briefer moons of summer bring relative warmth, the singing of birds, and green to all the plants; there is one forest in particular that is rich with magic and mana. Trees of pine, maple, oak, cedar , ash and spruce intermingle to cloak the land in a wonderful pattern of green over hills and into valleys and even wetland areas. While the local people have cleared space in the area around for their homes, villages and towns as well as fields for farming, this stretch of forest was left intact... some even believing that to harm the mana-wood, as they call it, would be to court bad luck. Curious things are said to be found in its shadows and one might wonder what would cause a person to make a journey into such a place.

    Deep in this forest there is said to be a wondrous place ... a dazzling multicolored palace... where dragons may be found. The JavaTiger Hall, as it is called, is known for MILES around, so the locals say, for being at the center of a place where a dragon clan lives. The vast caves and caverns in the hills and mountains of the area, it is said, provide their home. The mistress of the place, known simply as the JavaTigress, is said to be always willing to welcome the guests who come in the hopes of paying their respects to the place's many dragons. She has... though no one can say how... won their respect, so the stories say, and so she may walk among them unharmed; and so can any guest of hers. SOME stories even say that she uses her influence to keep the less friendly breeds of dragon away from the local villages and farms. The stories are such that it is no wonder people might WANT to visit... and come the people do, though it is acknowledged by all those lucky enough to have found it to be a strange place. Summer, the locals say, is the time to pay a visit, for in the colder season the thick blanket of snow on the ground makes travel difficult. The tales told by the locals give you much food for thought, still you wonder. Those tales don't EVEN agree what the 'Tigress' looks like. Some say she takes the form of a petite woman, while others say she takes other, stranger shapes. Whatever the truth, the tales of this place and its keeper are strange to say the least.

    And you? Do you believe the tales?

    For stories are odd things, you reflect.
    They often shift shapes as they fly from person to person... never quite the same twice.

    Curious to find out the truth, you set out into the mysterious forests to find the hall and see for yourself. Deep into the mana-wood you go, treading carefully for fear of what you might find. Then, after hiking many miles through forests and over hill and vale, you spot it. On the side of one high hill, which stands out, as much of the land around is rather flat, in the midst of a lovely garden, complete with trees and shrubs, bordered by a sturdy wall you spy perched an elegant little hall. A lovely assortment of vines and flowering plants, shrubs and trees have run of the garden area and birds of many different kinds fly busily here and there about their business. Bumblebees and butterflies flit about from flower to flower, savoring each blossom. Off to one side you even notice a pond festooned with waterlilies and rippling with frogs and black-and-golden koi. Most especially, however, you notice a myriad of different sizes, shapes and colors of a sort of flower you have learned to call a 'daylily', scattered throughout the grounds, wherever the owner deemed that their blooms would appear most lovely, and indeed, you decide as you approach the great gate, the effect IS lovely. Though the spring flowers that also no doubt flourish here, such as the crocuses, hyacinth, daffodils, tulips, trillium, bleeding hearts, apple blossoms and lilacs, are long finished by this time , right now everything is green and alive. The place would no doubt wear a much colder, sterner aspect during the fall months, when local tales say that the forests abound with all manner of macabre beasties; and in the cold of winter, everything would be dressed in sparkling, snowy, festive white, with only the green of the evergreens to relieve it. In the north-land, you see, the seasons cycle each other in a never ending parade... spring, summer, fall, winter and then back around again! Right now, though, the Tigress's lair wears its summer mask. An elegant stone stairway decorated with images of dragons leads from the main gate up to the doors of the hall. Dragons, you note, recalling the rumors and your heart skips a beat. Beyond the walls of the palace, spread out habitat for all manner of creatures... hills forests, caves and even, in areas kept warmer by the heat of the earth, jungle, desert and volcanic areas, all trimmed by coast in the distance. THIS is certainly the place you have been looking for.

    It is a peaceful and tranquil place at first glance. Welcoming, even.

    You get the sneaking suspicion, as you get closer, that that hall is larger on the inside than it appears from out here. Plenty of room for mysterious books, enchanted furnishings, fantastic creatures and...who knows what else? You begin to wonder what sort of person this JavaTigress might be and what powers she might have. As you approach the gloriously painted wooden gate, you notice two statues of creatures on either side... startlingly lifelike... half powerful tiger and half regal dragon. Indeed the creatures are so lifelike that they appear to be able to spring into motion at a moments notice.

    Something tells you that underestimating them as mere decor would NOT be wise.

    You pause for a moment, unsure of whether or not to proceed.

    "Oh, don't mind them" a cheerful female voice calls.
    You turn to see a petite woman... the 'Tigress' herself (an odd nickname for one so small, you think to yourself) ... dressed in fiery red and black robes, greeting you from the door of the hall. A second glance, however causes you to reassess. She has keen, blue eyes which speak of intelligence and nimble fingers suitable for moving the pages of a book, or perhaps a chess piece... there is something quick, dare you think, almost feline about her. Still, her good-natured laugh at your bewilderment leaves you in no fear about her intentions. She scrutinizes you for moment, as if assessing you in return.

    "Those are the guardians of the Hall.

    They ONLY bother those that come to take what doesn't belong to them!
    You don't look like a thief to me, so do feel free to come on in!
    My friends and I have been waiting for you!"

    And in a moment you are whisked inside.
    Within the hall you get brief glances into rooms well stocked with lovely and elegant furnishings, art work, shelves of books and anything else one could want to make life comfortable. One door opens into a dining hall, where fine meals might be set before guests, another leads to a quiet little room with a desk in in it and next to it a comfortable-looking chair, a chess set, and on the wall a map denoting various geographic features of the area around as well as indicating habitat types with a few locations ESPECIALLY noted... some of the Tigress's favorite hunting grounds for rare species of dragon, you conclude... you decide this is, perhaps, the Tigress's study, another leads into a room from which you can hear music playing and you briefly wonder what sort of magic that might be. Still another leads into a room obviously for work of various kinds ... though whether artistic, scientific, or magical or perhaps even some combination of the above, you aren't sure; the tables and shelves in it are filled with pencils, pens and pages, vials and flasks that might contain paint, ink.... or some stranger substance... and all manner of strange equipment, some of which you can only guess at the use of and some of which lay in a half-finished state, as if the Tigress tired of her project before finishing. All along the way are rooms that are obviously meant as comfortable living quarters, though whether for guests or for the inhabitants of the palace, you cannot begin to guess, and in between them are many works of art. Many of these,you note ... though not all ... bear a draconic theme ... portraits of some of the inhabitants of the place, you wonder... some others of them merely show glorious scenery, while others, you think to yourself in the little time you have to study them as the Tigress leads on, appear to tell a story. One especially large room, you note, is a library, with handsomely carved shelves crammed... though not untidy...full of every SORT of book imaginable. It is into her library that the Tigress leads you.... and, after a moment, you follow.

    The woman ushers you to a chair in one corner and continues.

    "Welcome, welcome to the Hall of the JavaTiger.
    Care for a cup of coffee? A snack, perhaps?

    Pull yourself up a chair, sit back, relax... You are, perhaps, merely interested in meeting the dragons? Of course, You first wish to know a bit about me! Well, here is a little about myself...You may well wonder who and what I am. Know this, though," the Tigress informs you, "You might call me a scribe of sorts, but more than that... I have been entrusted with the keeping of something very precious. I am a keeper of dragons. Perhaps you would like to become a caretaker yourself? This could be arranged," The Tigress declares,"The dragons have decided that you are worthy, I can take down your name, if you wish? Ah! But first a few facts about myself..."



    Who am I?

    Dragon Rider? Queen of Narnia? Shield-Maiden of Rohan? Hogwarts Graduate?
    Science Officer? Jedi Knight? Honorary Time Lady?

    Maybe all these things... or maybe none!
    Make Your Guess!

    Well, the truth is that I'm LOTS of things, obviously!
    So here is my 'Introducing Me'.

    As for names I am pretty flexible. You may call me JavaTigress, Tigress or just plain old Java. I would discourage 'JT' though, if only to avoid confusion with the Bossman of the site. Really, though, any of them are good by me. As I said ... I am pretty easygoing as to such matters as this.

    See Above; I am cis-female, and given that...
    She/her(s) pronouns are preferred, though they/them/their are acceptable.

    My age? Oh, My! That is a dangerous question to ask a lady...
    I will only say here that I was born in the year of the Fire Rabbit.

    My Timezone is US Central Standard Time, or Cave Time minus One Hour.
    Please note that I DO work full time, so IF I do not immediately respond to a post, PM or trade offer, it is likely that I am away from DC and just haven't seen it yet. I will attempt to reply to PMs ... though keeping my inbox cleaned out feels like a chore at times. A PM on the forums here is usually the easiest way to contact me. IF I fail to respond, after a day or two, feel free to send me a second message to get my attention and I will most likely be back to you shortly!

    You MAY note from some of the dates on my dragons that I've been here a while.

    As a player of DC since sometime in 2009 (one of my oldest dragons is my lovely 2009 original release Snow Angel), I can remember many things. As that one little badge says, I DID see the cave before what my fellow dragon keepers call 'the Change', if only relatively briefly. I remember when the AP actually DID block the cave (I, for one, am SO thankful this changed) and it was the ONLY way to trade eggs/hatchies (there was no teleport and CERTAINLY no handy trading hub!), there was no market and there were no biomes and no prizes, many of our ever-so-useful BSAs ... such as incubate ... didn't exist, the trophies didn't exist and everyone had the same egg/hatchie limits ... five to be exact ... and vampire dragons had no 'bite lineages' or 'bite progenies', names were permanent, rares couldn't breed with other rares, scrolls didn't have pages ... I dunno if I noticed this one as much because as I was still very MUCH a newbie at the time, I am sure I didn't have all that many dragons as of yet ... and dragon codes were four letters long ... AND, as a matter of fact, I actually DO still have a few of these. I can recall when zombies came in but ONE kind, when dimorphism was rare, and I remember the retirement ... and reinstatement... of Frills and the drama the wings on the Snow Angels caused. I admit it, I was one of those people who did NOT get the color of wings they were hoping for, but my white-wing pretties have grown on me, and I have come to love them, THOUGH I still dream of a way to have the other colors, too. And I remember the drama that resulted, and still boils up from time to time, about prizes … a pity because, I must admit, they are pretty, though and love having a few on my scroll, myself. Yet I loved it all then, as that same little badge says, and I still love it now. Fast forward to now when my scroll has grown to over one thousand dragons strong and 'the Change' has been in force for years; I say I joined 'sometime in 2009' because while I was here before Christmas of that year, exactly WHEN I am unsure... due to a sadly misguided desire at one point to 'clean up' my scroll... I had very 'restrictive' ideas of how many of each dragon I wanted on my scroll back then, and when CBs became more available, I wanted some for myself... I went through at one point and released a bunch of messy commons, which many of my very first dragons were due to the cave blocking mechanism in place then. Alas, due to such foolishness, I very likely no longer own my very first DC dragon. I DO, fortunately, have ONE female Frill dragon that dates to pre-retirement and rerelease! She is a messy, but I couldn't find it in my heart to release her...by the time I did my 'cleanout' the Frills had been retired, and I believed I would be unable to replace her... and today, when CB rerelease Frills call my scroll home and I could easily regard her as replaced and send her to live in the Wilderness, I sort of have a sentimental attachment to her... now she, also, is one of the 'elder statesdragons' of the 'JavaTiger Clan'. I admit, these days I am less fussy. While I do ADORE my CBs, nice lineages and, yes, even sometimes MESSIES, have happy homes on my scroll ... I have a respectable assortment of dragons, overall. My 'Tigress's Treasures' group holds some of my most valuable dragons, as well as plenty of others that I just happen to be personal favorites, so take a look if you want.

    In real life I am a major fan of coffee hence the 'Java' part of my name.

    I like nothing better than a cup of coffee, especially GOOD coffee, to accompany a book or YouTube video...or chess game. Yes, I am known to also indulge in chess, when I am not otherwise occupied… such as checking on my scroll! Anyone up for a game? And yes, I did also say books. Recall that thread that said 'IF you were a dragon what would you hoard'? For me, books. Definitely books. Usually these take the form of e-books so that I can take my 'hoard' with me when I am 'on-the-go'. My favorite books are usually fantasy fiction... C.S. Lewis (Narnia), JR.R. Tolkien (LOTOR), and Christopher Paolini (Inheritance Series) are some of my favorites; though I am always looking for new reads and am aware of some of the classics, too. More recently I have also read J. K. Rowling (Harry Potter). My House? Well, it depends. I have ideas of my own of that point. Some versions of the Sorting Hat agree with them... others throw me a surprise. As for the Pottermore Version of the Sorting Hat, I generally test as a Ravenclaw...though with Gryffindor almost invariably coming in at a close second. Not really a surprise there. Sorting Hat Chat's Version of the Sorting Hat, however, well that one's more complicated. According to that I'd be a Gryffindor Primary with a Gryffindor Secondary... but with a STRONG Ravenclaw Secondary model and possibly a less strong Slytherin Primary Model. Interesting in that apparently I have more Gryff in me than I ever realized. All that said, as for my final 'wear their colors' house... I think I still identify as a Ravenclaw. Something else called the 'color pie' says I am blue, red and green, only THEN followed by black and white; ALSO indicating a priority for learning. Do I take all of that seriously? Not necessarily, but it is fun and it got me to thinking and trying to understand myself, and WHY I do what I do, a little better. (As for more widely accepted personality typologies...MBTI says I am most LIKELY an INTP.) As my liking for books might imply, you might ... just MIGHT... catch references to literature in some of my dragon names and descriptions; kudos to you if you pick up on them! Growing up I was also a fan of Pokemon, Digimon and several other Anime cartoons and, truthfully, I still have a soft spot in my heart for them.

    Be warned that I consider myself to be SOMEWHAT of a nerd.
    Star Wars or Star Trek?

    BOTH please and thanks.
    I don't take sides on that debate and enjoy them both ... plus some Doctor Who.

    Other things I am 'into' include music... I enjoy listening to a wide range of styles, though I DO have preferences and various sorts of rock tend to be my preference. Be it said that what I am listening to on any given day may VERY WELL be dictated by my mood at the moment; Darker Moods=Darker Tunes and Lighter Moods=Lighter Tunes... AND I have been known to dance to them when I think no one is watching me. As for making music myself... meh, SOMETIMES. I am just NOT that good. I have been known color and draw as far as 'arting' goes... but again, I haven't REALLY ever thought of myself as that 'good'. IF I make anything it is usually for my own amusement. That isn't to say I don't have MUCHO respect for those that DO have the talent to make pretty things. I DO enjoy writing, sometimes ... though lack the confidence to show off what I wrote, most of the time. I am also interested by both science AND history. Again, though, NONE of that is strictly DC related ... just a tidbit about me!

    I also admit to being a cat lover... hence the 'Tiger/ess' part of my moniker.

    So far as the strictly DC stuff goes, onsite I am often to be found stalking both the AP and biomes. The nice thing about having the option of where to look next is that you just never KNOW what your hunting might turn up. I am also known to stalk the trade and departure threads here on the forums in search of pretty shinies in need of a new home... I have acquired many that way.

    I enjoy having both CBs and pretty lineages on my scroll.

    In addition to shinies , which I adore as a glance at my scroll will tell you (though I REGRETTABLY stink horribly at actually CATCHING CBs of these lovelies, neither my internets nor my reflexes are quick enough… I’d be the person that’d pause for a minute to gawk at a gold in its natural habitat thereby, of course, missing my chance at actually GETTING it… and so I am relegated to adopting lineaged Shinies and I traded for the CBs I do own), DC habits of mine include hoarding shimmerscales (see the section below devoted JUST to these), coming up with names and organizing the pretties I own. I currently have several lineages I am involved in, as well as a few projects of my own. I DO fervently plan on naming every dragon on my scroll, and I DO follow the 'if it has a face it should have a name' ideal as much as possible. SHOULD have a name, you see, UNFORTUNATELY for me , I am sometimes not as quick as I'd like in coming up with names for all of my lovelies. I want them to be GOOD names and so it is sometimes an ongoing project. At BEST it is usually more like once it has a gender it has a name. Some of my favorite dragons even have, or in time will have descriptions, as I mentioned, so if you happen to own progeny from my babies do keep an eye out. Holiday Dragons are the most likely targets for my describing muse, but Shinies and shimmers as well as vampires (yes, I have some of these on my scroll, too) are not exempt from such attention either. Feel free to peruse and learn a little more about the characters that call the JavaTiger Clan their home. This is something of an exception to the usual 'I do not show off my work'.

    Well, that is a bit about the JavaTigress...myself.
    So Now you know who and what you are dealing with.

    Coffee connoisseur, Amateur Librarian, 'Dragon Keeper' and chess-huntress.
    Watch your step! Here there be DRAGONS!


    This section contains stuff that I am currently looking for.
    It will be updated as regularly as necessary to stay current, as there are many items that will be added and removed as I either catch or trade for what I want for my goals. THAT said though, there are some things are nearly ALWAYS guaranteed to catch my attention if you want to trade with me.

    Always Welcome
    *SHIMMERSCALES- See the Section below ;) Always willing to adopt these.
    *SHINIES- I DO have a weakness for Gold and Silver Metals ( CB Or Not)

    *CB 'Hogwarts Four'- Leodons, Razorcrests, Laculas and Melismores,Oh MY!

    *VAMPIRES- I frequently adopt these
    *INCUBATORS-Seriously I'm ALWAYS running out of these...
    *INFLUENCER Pairs- I like matched twos of these...male and female

    *CB Gemshard eggs or RED Hatchies (For a Lineage Project!)
    *CB Xenowyrm eggs or hatchies (For a Lineage Project)

    *Interesting Offers- TRY me? I decline offers I don't like.

    Currently Seeking

    *Mates for Holidays and Shinies... UNSURE what I May Need...


    My Gold and Silver Dragons
    I have an assortment of these shinies; as I said, I like to collect them.
    While MOST are bred.... I have a male and female CB of both golds and silvers.

    While my silvers don't really HAVE a set naming scheme, you MAY notice that my golds, on the other hand, are named for lost cities AND that my CB male gold is named for the most FAMOUS and sought after of all lost cities.... Eldorado! I have ALL my gold and silver dragons highlighted under Tigress's Treasures, and if you look there, you will find the CBs near the top. IF you want to look at JUST my metals, just ask and I will link you. I don't keep lists for Eldorado Manoaas or Cibola Quivera (my CB golds, male and female respectively) nor for Pessado Deocho or Riodella Platina (my CB silvers, male and female respectively). This is because in general I prefer to do regularly scheduled breedings for these and then trade offspring as they arrive. If you want a baby from them you can ask... though I may or may not be able to oblige. IOUs will be noted as such and IF I receive requests I decide to fulfill, they will also be noted under IOUs, as my shinies are NOTORIOUSLY stubborn about giving me shiny babies, so if I promise you an offspring of theirs, expect a wait ... possibly (read PROBABLY) a long one... for the egg you want from me. Sometimes, they quite simply seem to go on strike and refuse to produce the egg I want for me.

    My Shimmerscale Dragons
    I love, repeat LOVE to collect Shimmer lines. I have a number of pretty ones I can breed for trades OR, in some cases upon request. Feel free to ask via PM if interested in being added to a waiting list. Those 'waiting' will be added to my IOUS along with the dragon whose progeny they are waiting for. I am usually interested in swaps for lines I don't already own... or even especially pretty lines from CBs I DO already own. I also like giving descriptions to my shimmers, so many of my lovelies are described by me... and don't be surprised if MORE are in the future. Do note that lines from metallic mates are SLOW, so if you ask for an egg from one of THOSE, DO expect a wait. Also note that, as with the silvers and golds, SOMETIMES my shinies go on strike...

    My SPECIAL treasure? My Very Own CB Bronze Shimmer, Mochana Kona Kaffeinica!
    I call her Kona for Short.

    You would like to have one of her offspring? Well, the rules are as follows...

    -1. She is MINE, therefore, her eggs are mine to do with as I please.
    ----a. This means I may gift, trade or keep her eggs as I see fit... or send them to the AP.
    ----b. This means that, if trading them, I set the price for her eggs, and that as always, I can and will use 'decline' for any trade offers I don't like. I am NOT obligated to accept any trade, BUT also NOTE that I am Willing to Consider Offers.
    ------- I. Point b. doesn't preclude 'gifting and glomping'... see point a.
    -------II. Point b. doesn't always mean 'I want a shimmer swap or ND or CB metal', though it sometimes may, often it will mean 'something I want but am having a hard time acquiring'. THAT, of course, can cover a wide range of territory! Keep in Mind that I may be unpredictable about what I accept and that the most 'valuable' offer may or may NOT be the one I end up accepting.
    -------III. If in doubt on point b. feel free to offer on a trade... again, see point a.
    ----c. This means that, if gifting them, I decide When and to Whom.
    ----d. This ALSO means I may sometimes Choose to Breed Eggs on my own Behalf.
    ----e. I reserve the right to refuse a request for eggs at my own discretion.
    -2. As Regards Parentage... ALL my cb males are Fair Game.
    -----a. IF I offer you an egg of hers, as gift or IOU, then YOU get to pick the Father.
    -----b. IF I am breeding on my own behalf, then I get to pick the Father.
    -3. Polite Inquiries and Offers are Welcome; Impolite Ones, Not so Much...Harassing and Bullying will NOT get you an Egg. REMEMBER that such behavior is against the RULES OF DC and May Well get you reported to a Mod Instead.
    -4. I will attempt to limit the number on my request list to Three people at a time to avoid getting TOO overburdened with requests and IOUs. This is Nothing Personal, it is merely to keep things manageable on my end, or else a request or IOU might get forgotten or I may begin to feel overwhelmed and overpressured.
    -------I. If Open, see Point 3., and Feel Free to Ask.
    -------II. If Closed, Again, see Point 3. ... Tho I MAY ask you to Wait.
    -5. Expect a WAIT if you want an egg from her.
    ----a. Shinies Can be STUBBORN about Giving me Their Shiny Eggies ( See the above note on my shinies periodically going on strike? ) and I doubt if Kona will be an exception to that Rule. That said, they say patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who are willing to wait for them!
    ----b. Requests May or May NOT be Filled in the order they are Received... First Come, First Served is well in theory BUT I am told it is helpful to getting shinies to switch mates after a few unsuccessful breedings. THAT being said, IF someone ELSE further down the list than you are gets their egg before you do, rest assured that I have NOT given up and you are NOT forgotten. I WILL continue to attempt to fill what I have promised.
    ----c. Holiday Breedings are for making Holiday shiny-kin with a Holiday mate of MY personal choosing... feel free to stalk the AP for her offspring at that time. Breeding for SHINIES will be put on hold, therefor, during the Halloween, Christmas and Valentines Breeding Periods.
    ----d. For eggies that go uncollected, the usual rules apply. (See below section on trades!)
    -6. MOST important of ALL, Love and Enjoy Your Eggie if You Get One! :)

    Mochana Kona Kaffeinica List-CLOSED, SORRY!

    1. MIGOR- Not Picky as to Father for Egg ( Exclude Holly, Snow and Garland)
    2. JavaTigress
    3. JavaTigress

    That's it for Kona's Rules and Lists!

    Please NOTE that these rules may be adjusted or changed as I learn!
    Follow them, though, and maybe a shiny eggie can be yours someday!

    Care to meet my lovelies?
    Head over to my scroll, I have them highlighted under Tigress's Treasures!
    If you want to see JUST shimmers, I can link you to their separate group.

    Questions on a particular line? Just ask!

    I have a collection of nicer lineages, including a few 2gs that I breed for trades.
    I also have some 'messies' that I will happily breed free for those that ask nicely.

    My Tinsels
    I DO have a handful of these... my collection of these isn't as good as my collection of shimmers. That said,they are included under Tigress's Treasures AND IF you want to see them, and JUST them, I will happily link you to their group. I don't HATE these guys... I just happen to prefer shimmers (Sorry Tins). Foremost among these are my 2nd Gen from Tinsel Ornixen 1,my 2nd Gen from Alcoholic, and my 2nd Gen From Baby Frog; and I may sometimes put up offspring. Like with the Shimmers, messies I may be willing to breed for free for those that may want them.

    My Holiday Dragons
    Thanks to the re releases, I have a wide assortment of holiday dragons I can breed. This includes Vals, Hallows and Chrissies. The only ones I am missing are those yet to be released! Like Most Dragon Keepers, I have my favorites for each Holiday... for Halloween, it'd be Arcanae; for Christmas, its a three-way tie between the Snows, Ribbons and Winter magi; for Valentine's it'd be the Radiant Angels (Though Saskuhanas and Floral-Crowns are a close second). in point of fact, however, I enjoy them all and they all have a much loved place on my scroll! Please note that as regards my two cb Aegis dragons, I have one that is 'Light' (Pacified) and one that is 'Dark' (Enraged) and plan to leave them that way. Also, if you would like something from any of them, feel free to ask about it ... I will be sure to let you know if the holiday breeding from the one you inquire about is 'spoken for'. DO NOTE that requests are more likely be considered in the period leading up to holiday time as opposed to MONTHS in advance because I fear I am likely to forget if I make arrangements too far out. At non-holiday time I am more than happy to breed them for mates for holiday dragons if I am asked nicely. I like seeing them show up in pretty lineages! Their once-a-year, reproduce-after-their-own-kind eggs, THOSE I may send off as wholesale clutches to the AP for the annual hunt OR I may may decide to trade or gift. IF you would like to inspect my CBs, I have highlighted my holiday dragons as a group all their own! Til then, here is to next year...

    *Breeding List*
    None at this Time
    None at this Time
    None at this Time

    My Vampire Dragons
    I have an odd habit of collecting vampire dragons. I am nearly always willing to give a vampire egg a happy home on my scroll if I find it repulsed to the AP or put up for adoption else ware. Please do NOTE that, as my sig states, because my scroll is HOME to a band of vampires which I do sometimes allow to bite eggs, there MAY, sometimes, be dead eggies on my scroll. As a matter of fact... IF there are dead eggs on my scroll, one of those sharp fanged creatures of the night is most likely to blame for it. In fact, there are a FEW of my vampires that have positively TERRIBLE records when it comes to killing the eggs I give them to turn.This in NO way means that I will allow the creatures to so much as think of touching anything valuable. I DON'T usually use rares as vampie fodder, as I figure even messies of those might be missed and wanted. If you are interested in adopting a vampire... PM me, I can bite an eggie for you on request. If you would like to read their descriptions, my vampires have their own group!

    *Bite Requests*
    None at this Time


    Here you will find some of my policies for my dealings with other DCers.
    These are the details of my 'code of honor', if you will.

    While many rights I confer to the recipients of my dragon's eggs, others I reserve.

    Names, Treatment of 'My Stuff' and My Polices Thereon
    As for names, as I said above, I do try to name all of my pretties, even if I don't always get to it quickly. I name my dragons according to my own naming scheme which... I am unsure if I feel like going to the trouble to explain here. It would likely get pretty complicated,as it varies from breed to breed and by whether or not it is CB.

    That said, I understand, once the egg is no longer mine,that the new owner has a right to decide. I do NOT enforce my naming schemes on others. I DO appreciate my dragons' young ones being named, and I may ASK you to name them; ultimately, however that option and decision lies entirely with the new owner of the eggie. IF you are that proud new owner, then the option of whether or not to name and if so what to name is entirely up to you... though, as I said, if you DO choose to name my dragons' offspring, especially if you DO choose to play off my own name scheme, it makes me happy. As regards biting, neglecting or zombifying my dragons' eggs and hatchies... my opinion is as follows. For stuff you have picked up off the AP that happened to be bred my me, it is now your property to do with as you see fit. IF that means biting , trying for a neglected OR even making a zombie, that is entirely up to you. For stuff I have traded... you paid for it so, again, your property to do with as you want. IF it makes you HAPPY to neglect, bite or zombify it; again, up to you. I may not like it, but I don't put stipulations on trades. I would add that I don't see this happening because the stuff I put up for trade is USUALLY my better stuff. For gifted things, I may REQUEST that you do name and don't kill... but, as I said, I ALSO understand that once it is off my scroll, it is out of my personal control.

    On biting, neglecting or zombifying things MYSELF... I DO sometimes bite eggs (see the section on vampires) and most often if there is anything dead it is because one of my vampires failed. That said, I may one day get up the courage to try making a few zombies to try to get them all, or even make a neglected or two of my own. For any of the above, however I would choose an AP egg or a CB for the procedure. I don't EVER use gifts for vampie fodder and that would apply to neggies and zombies, too. Again, vampire bite fails are the rule on my scroll, if you see something dead... otherwise a 'dead' alert (Zombie Attempt, Neggie Experiments or Viewbomb Attack, for instance) will be made here to explain. NONE of the above occurrences should be construed to mean that I don't know how to take care of any eggs or hatchies gifted to me.

    * *Dead Alert*-None at This Time :)*

    Breeding and My Policies Thereon
    Some people chose to bind themselves by the "Breeder's Oath".
    This states that they choose to breed only dragons they know are wanted.

    I have no problem with this; but for myself personally, I do NOT.

    Once upon a time, when the AP had the power to block off the cave, this oath might have made sense; as unwanted eggies kept people from hunting what they wanted and would have been a real nuisance. To MY mind, at least, it doesn't make sense that way any more. I prefer to have the freedom to breed my dragons... what I like, when I like. Usually, of course I am breeding for something SOMEONE wants. Often it is my shinies I am trying to get eggs from... or something for a trade or IOUS. MORE times than NOT the breedings I do are for eggs that either I want or someone else might. This isn't to say that I may never participate in the creation of a wall, though I don't know that I have enough of any one breed to SINGLE HANDED wall the AP (at least, not YET) ... I leave the option OPEN. I reserve the right to breed my dragons when I feel like it; whatever I want, WHENEVER I want... full stop.I also believe that OTHERS ought to have that right as well. I hunt the AP sporadically... if I see something I want there, I grab it, and if NOT, then... NOT. I then look else ware and do other things. Bottom line... I realize 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and not everyone's taste matches mine and that just because I, personally, don't want what is currently appearing on the AP, doesn't MEAN there aren't others that would love to have it on their scroll. I view the AP as the 'garage sale' of DC and it doesn't exist just to suite me! I may find treasure when I look there, and I may not...but 'one person's trash is another's treasure' is a wise thing to remember.

    As for requesting an egg from me, feel free, as mentioned above. Most of the time I am willing to work with you. Do note, however, that while I am typically willing to breed eggs for people that ask me nicely; this can vary greatly by dragon...some I may want compensation for or accept such if offered. DO bear in mind also that I DO reserve the right to refuse any request at my own discretion. Remember, if you are requesting an egg, to include both the name of the dragon you would like an offspring from, as well as the breed of the mate you would like. I am pretty flexible on this point, THOUGH I do sometimes have favorite pairings for some of my dragons. I find the idea of 'life-mates' for my dragons to be a SWEET idea, but rather limiting to me in my efforts at making lineages.

    Autos and My Policies Thereon
    I know some people feel pretty strongly on this one...again, I am not one of them.

    For me it is really pretty simple. NOT everything of mine that finds its way onto the AP was auto'ed; I sometimes intentionally drop things for others to find. For stuff that WAS, for auto'ing due to multiclutches OR, indeed, due to being locked when I breed; I deem that anything I auto'ed is fair game for the finder. I do NOT ask for these back. In my opinion it is my OWN bad luck. IF, for example, I was careless enough to forget to check whether I was locked or not before I bred, then that is MY fault and no one else's, and my bad luck may mean GOOD luck for someone else. Incidentally, this ALSO goes for vampire eggs that get repulsed...not my FAULT exactly, but still my bad luck. If you find, enjoy. For auto'ed stuff that I find, PM me and we can talk if you really want it back... DO be polite about it, however, or straight back to the AP it will go. As I said; it is simple, VERY simple indeed.

    Gifts, Trades, IOUs and My Policies Thereon
    My own personal rules on trades and IOUs are fairly straight forward... honesty in what I offer and paying what I promised. Still, the issue itself of gifts, trades and IOUs is a complicated one and deserves to be addressed in detail. Therefore I shall address them all separately, First outright gifts, then direct trades and then lastly but not LEASTLY, the trickiest of all, IOUs.

    As to gifts, If I give a gift, I do not expect compensation for it.

    This isn't to say that I won't accept it if it makes someone happy to offer. I understand that some folks prefer not to feel indebted ... and honestly I can respect that sentiment. That IS to say that a gift is a GIFT precisely because that expectation isn't there on my part. Sometimes, after all, it is fun to make someone else's day by surprising them ... more so, with certain things, than tossing your egg to the whims of the AP to see what happens.

    IF I receive a gift, I reserve the right to offer something as thanks, if I choose.
    Whether or not the Gifter chooses to accept is up to them.

    Please NOTE that IF I offer a gift and it is not collected when the link breaks due to an eggie hatching or a hatchie growing up, I do NOT consider myself bound to continue to attempt to be generous. If you weren't interested enough to collect then clearly you didn't WANT what I was offering. That said, IF you are locked and CANNOT accept... or cannot immediately accept for any other reason... and you let me KNOW that that is the case, that is a different matter and I am willing to hold the egg until you are open enough to claim the present from me. On the note of gifts, I appreciate all those who have gifted me and given me trades that were to my advantage. A BIG THANK YOU to all those individuals... you know who you are!

    For items I have that I am interested in trading, I may place an offer on an item of yours... or I may post it in a trade of my own. Please note that on trades I have posted, I do use the decline button, so that IF I have NOT declined an offer of yours it likely means that I either have not seen it yet OR am considering and haven't made up my mind. If I DO decline an offer of yours ... self explanatory what it means, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING Personal. I try to be honest about what it is I am offering ... and do note I may offer things that aren't SPECIFICALLY listed as 'wants' if I think you may be interested, as I figure it can't hurt to ask. Likewise I am willing to at least LOOK at other offers that weren't in my 'wants', if I find I am not interested, see the above note on 'decline'. In any case, if you are NOT interested in any offer of mine, please feel free to use 'decline' yourself, as I will not be offended since I would absolutely do the same. My policy is to check the lineages of what is posted in a trade I am thinking of offering on or something I am offered, because as the saying goes, 'let the buyer beware'... this is, again, not an accusation nor anything personal; AND I wouldn't be surprised if you do the same with my trades and offers. There are unscrupulous characters... scammers and the like ...out there, and I understand this. IF I trade you an egg and it misgenders or refuses its intended mate or some such thing as that ... feel free to mention it to me. For common breed dragons I traded to you, I will very LIKELY be willing to breed a replacement, if it was an offspring of mine (AP finds are, obviously another matter, and I do NOT feel obligated to replace). For rarer dragons... we can still talk and maybe work something out, though a replacement may take longer. Please NOTE that I generally do not influence eggs that I have bred for trade UNLESS I am specifically asked to. I see this as the eggs owner's responsibility to either do themselves or inform me that they may want help. That said, I am not opposed to doing it for someone, providing they ask NICELY... I might even be willing to hold an egg or eggs for a trade to you if you are egg locked, within reason, of course... again, PROVIDING I am asked nicely. I am relatively easy to work with IF there is a little coordination needed to make a trade happen.

    As for IOUs, do note that I am IOU friendly, within reason, and am usually willing to consider such arrangements. For accepting IOUs, that is done on a case by case basis, but I'm usually willing to give people a chance unless they have proven in the past they don't deserve it. Still, I don’t absolutely blacklist someone lightly. I may decide to go by a ‘three strikes and you are out' policy for my IOUs (AND yes, I would likely warn you if you have earned a 'strike'), though fortunately I haven’t run into too much trouble with this. AND I DO understand that sometimes real life has a way of interfering with dragons. I am ALSO understanding of the fact that the dragons, particularly those of the 'shiny and rare' variety do not always choose to cooperate when we would like an egg from them. So on both those counts I am willing to be patient. I take repaying what I owe pretty seriously, though depending on the dragons involved it might take a while. IF I owe you something and seem to have forgotten to repay, or am taking a while, shoot me a PM! It is possible the dragons are being uncooperative, though I will try to inform you if I find I am having trouble. Please also note that, in event of new releases, I will likely call a temporary 'hold' on breeding for my IOUs. This is simply because I know that I am most likely going to want as many of my egg slots available as possible for grabbing up new-release pretties, and I imagine it is likely that you will, too! This doesn't mean I have forgotten, and my normally scheduled breedings will resume once the mad rush for new pretties has died down. For attempted repayments that have gone unclaimed, I will PM you regarding it after twenty-four hours. IF no response after another two days have elapsed, I shall judge that you are no longer active and as such I have done my best to uphold my end, and will cross you off my list.The egg I bred, then, remains my property to dispose of as I see fit ... whether via APing, allowing to grow up on my scroll as my own, or trading to another willing 'buyer'. IF you should thereafter become active once again ... again ... shoot me a PM and we can likely work something out regarding repayment of my debt to you. I am likely willing to work with you on it. A reply of some kind from you (such as," I am egg locked at the moment, please hold") will prevent such issues; and I am willing to be flexible.

    *Shadowdrake-2G bronze Shimmer from Kona w/ Celestial

    Currently, NONE!


    "And Now... Want to meet my dragons?" She inquires.

    "Just follow the tiger-long you might find prowling about in the gardens and palace here... she will guide you!" the Tigress smirks slightly as if she just made a little joke, But, beware if you decide to travel into the more secluded corners...strange things lurk here!" Those strange feline eyes flash again, and you decide that with such a formidable guide to protect you there isn't much you have to fear in this mysterious place. The Tigress turns to go. She takes a few steps away from you before turning back. Tilting her head inquiringly she asks, “Well? I thought you came here to see the dragons? Won’t you follow?” Your breath catches in your throat as you again take in the feline eyes, and you truly begin to see what lurks beneath the petite woman. You now know that the rumors about this palace are true, but also that they didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the wonders collected in these halls. You compose yourself and follow the Tiger-long further into her home, for you did indeed came to see the dragons and discover the other mysteries surrounding this place.

    "Oh, and don't forget! Some of my more special things are highlighted in groups !

    Want something? Remember... it can't hurt to ask!
    Worst that Happens? I say 'No'. I don't bite! Though the vampires just might..."



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