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  1. Could somebody please let me know how many hours difference it is between cave time and eastern standard time cause est is my time zone and I have a hard enough time remembering that neopets is 3hrs BEHIND my time (ie what is the cave time right now since it's 7:27 pm my time as this gets posted) and cave time to est is driving me up the proverbial wall.
  2. THIS! Because of my health/sleep issues having the Silver drop WAIT until the other's have had a repeat appearance is an INSANE pain in the...well...y'all know where that popular phrase ends. I really HONESTLY wish that each of the colours had their own drop BEFORE doing the whole recycling of which of the colours drop next.The stress is EVIL. -.-
  3. To quote Daniel Bryan.... YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES! *even includes the repetitive thrusting of index fingers up in the air*
  4. Will that cause that issue with the skin making it hard to click on eggs the way the first skin with the clock has as far as the border on it blocking stuff while in the midst of scrolling up/down/side to side to go far FAR away?
  5. And what about those who are UNABLE to use the skin that has the clock due to the lagging of the graphics CRASHING the browser,since I'd LOVE to be able to use that one but I can't.
  6. I could see supporting something like this if it were applied to dragons that refuse to have anything to do with each other so that way one wouldn't have to try and remember which pairings work and which pairings, if I'm not mistaken, will NEVER work due to the aforementioned refusing.
  7. SWEET!Had absolutely NO issues with snagging a blue from each of the biomes.Now to cross fingers and toes and anything else that'll cross in hopes that the silver with be just as obliging.
  8. Is it just me...or does the hatchie kinda look like it's scratching under it's chin with a hind foot?
  9. I'm just waiting.I've got a gold from each biome and a bronze from each so that just leaves a blue and a silver from each of the three biomes.
  10. I only have a handful of reds and pinks...actually misclicked when attempting to get the brownish bronzes and wound up with a shiny new bright pink to hatch and rear...SERIOUSLY very much honestly DON'T know what I'd do without Silvi's. Happy birthday Riverwillows!Hope it's an AWESOME birthday.Even my draiks all wish you a happy birthday and have decided to pig out on a chocolate chip pizza in your honer. AMAZING job LadyLyzar.
  11. We can only HOPE that will be the case with the remaining two.
  12. FINALLY have one brownish bronze from each biome so now it's just a matter of waiting for my chance to get trios of the remaining two colours.
  13. *FAINTS from pure SHOCK*FINALLY caught one from the desert!Now I just need one from the volcano and one from the alpine and I'll have my trio of the browns.:D
  14. I've been LUCKY enough to see two in the desert but NO luck nabbing ANY.Can we say MEGA sucktastic?
  15. Cause new eggs are just evil that way?
  16. The way the three biomes are so swiftly raided by those with amazing clicking skills and luck,I'm starting to wish each set of new eggs were dropping across the board,so to speak,since being able to have a chance in any of the biomes would make for much in the way of happy Kermie Flailing of arms.Least,in my experience anyway.The last new release that dropped eggs in all the biomes were easy for me to get at least two from each biome,but this one I've been lucky by the proverbial skin of the teeth in regards to catching one golden egg from each of three biomes,and thus far with the bronze/brown set of three NOT a snowball's chance...I'm cringing at the fact that the catching of the remaining new eggs will only increase in the frustration department.
  17. If at all possible would one of you absolutely AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL peeps be able to shoot me a PM when a new colour begins dropping so that I HOPEFULLY won't miss one due to the power issues we've been having thanks to a couple of transformers deciding to go boom?I would be ever so exceedingly grateful.
  18. Finally got the alpine so I now have one from each.Gonna wait for a while to try to nab any more/of the other colours due to the lag deamons here being ALMOST as annoying as the ones plaguing neopets at the moment due to the domes all being mobbed.
  19. Managed to nab one from the volcano and one from the desert now just need one from the alpine and I'll at least have one from each dome.*giggles and facepalms over very NEARLY replacing the three dome areas with Moltara Lost Desert and Terror Mountain*
  20. I'm most DEFININTELY planning on making a nice little horde of these new pretties. And I'm hoping to luck out with nabbing more that have name inspiring nifty codes like my first batch of seven. Thank you TJ and spriters for such an AMAZING new dragon to add to our collections.
  21. BIG TIME pleasure compared to the insanity of last month's new release INDEED! *does BEST Funaki of the tag team Kai En Tai impression on the 'INDEED!' bit*
  22. REALLY very HAPPY that I decided to take a peek at the forums today otherwise I'd most likely NEVER have even known there'd been a new release. Got two from each biome and made sure to influence so that each of the pairs from the two biomes can be adorable couples.
  23. They're just going that fast.
  24. I...honestly can't decide on any as a particular favorite.