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  1. Relax,Thorn.ALL anyone can nab is TWO so just refresh every five minutes or so until you've nabbed your two eggs.Just takes a bit of patience.Took me a bit over ten minutes to nab mine.
  2. Sweet!Made the first page got my first of two pretties and HAPPY V-DAY ALL!!!
  3. *absolutely HATES how LONG six minutes can seem to feel even though it's not actually all that long a span of time*
  4. WOOT!Another dragon to add to my list of "MUST HOARDE NAOW!!!" pretties. I named one of my new pretties One Tablespoon cause the code is tbsp1. *lol*
  5. LOVING the new pretty thus far and I'm absolutely LOVING the code I got for one of my two eggs because part of said code is the shorthand for tablespoon.
  6. What about implementing something akin to what Neopets has done where anything of any sort of profane nature causes the entire bit that's been written to get wiped after the "Profanity Meerca" has pointed out the word(s) causing the issue in question thusly making it so that the person writing the name/description has to rewrite it so that no offensive material can be found within?
  7. The idea of having BOTH a male AND a female Christmas/Valentine pretty is one I 100% support.The limit idea is one that I'm fine with either way.
  8. SQUEE and SQUEE again!Another FAVORITE holiday dragon to build an army of. AWESOME job to the artists yet AGAIN!*bows very much deeply in respect to the AMAZING skill*
  9. I've gotten the "this page does not exist" error a few times since the event started but I found the item to be attainable after a refreshing of the page. And a TOTALLY adorable SQUEE of thanks to whomever took the time and effort to make the ADORABLE gif of Princess Rene's Luna Ball....nicely done.Was actually my fave character from Sailor Moon cause she and the Luna Ball were such brats.*snicker*
  10. OMf'nG I so LURVE the whole potion thing.The effects thus far are AAAAAWWWWEEEESOME! http://dragcave.net/view/xZnx Hadrosaurids RULE!!
  11. LOVING the redesign for the horse dragon! 10 thumbs up!
  12. SQUEE!!!!*VERY Happy Kermy Flail*I managed to get one from each biome within 2 refreshes at the 5min mark!!!Now I not only have three 2g bred silvers with a parent from each biome but three CB as well.Another rather sweet bonus of having bred a trio is getting a silver with a GoN and Avatar as grandparents. I think I'm gonna breed a lunar with this beauty http://dragcave.net/view/GDktE since the lineage is rather sweet.
  13. But...worse comes to worse I've now got myself a trio of silvers each with a lunar parent from each of the biomes.*gryphgrin*
  14. Annnndddd...cue me being in MEGA suck town cause the trio of biomes are SOOOOOOOOOOOO flooded that I'll be honestly stunned IF I manage to snag even a lone spiffy silver thanks to my 'puter deciding that the silver drop induced lag means that ALL available memory has been used up when that's not actually the case.
  15. I've already got about a dozen plus name ideas all yammering at me to pick them.
  16. That's more or less my issue when it comes to nabbing new releases/eggs I WANT.Though with the current release I've found myself having more luck nabbing one of each colour from each of the trio of biomes if I go for the 5 min drops.
  17. Got all 7 egg slots open and waiting though,as with the other three,I'll only be nabbing one silver per biome.Then I'll more than likely nab 4 blockers or...whatever happens to catch my eye.
  18. Firstly I can't WAIT til the silvers drop so that I can get me trio in order to complete me collection of the lunars. Secondly I want to be wishing ye all a VERY happy ITLAPD (ITLAPD = International Talk Like A Pirate Day)
  19. Yeah I can 's why I asked if just a PM could be shot my way....that way I can get my dose of "GRRR!!AAAARRGH!!!STUPID MISCLICKING!Wanted the Silver Luner NOT the metallic Silver!GRRRR!!!" insanity.*lol*
  20. Can somebody shoot me a PM the moment the silvers begin dropping please and thanks?
  21. Sooo...JUST the time stamp here on the forums is different since it shows as being an exact-ish hour behind the actual time of posting?*is so very adorably confuzzled*