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  1. I missed all the dragon drama but I personally LOVE the Val'17's.The slightly inwardly tilted foreleg of the hatchie I think makes it look extremely adorable with an air of "Now....how do these things work again?" that baby critters just learning to walk have about them.Had my hair the same shade of purple for awhile.
  2. The hatchies are adorable and all I gotta say is that I'm soooooo LUCKY that I managed to snag two new eggs cause the original pair got view bombed to death....only knew that that had happened cause I hopped online at 2:50am (*is 3:14 am at the moment of typing this*) and crossed my fingers when seeing if I'd have ANY chance to get them again. One reason to wish that the heal/resurrect BSA could work on a dead holiday (Christmas/Valentine's Day/Halloween/ect).
  3. I'm hoping for a walk through for this without stuff all whited out (like here ) so that I can actually read the hints/help/"spoilers" since I'm unable via iPad to highlight (thanks to not having a mouse to do said highlighting) the stuff posted in the font that makes it look as though nothing's been typed regarding how to do this event.
  4. Personally I find things tend to get boring quick when predictable.
  5. Don't know if anyone else does this,but me,personally,when in the mood to breed my prizes and want to make sure that any eggs from the pairing will be shiny,choose from my armies of holidays since they only breed true during their particular holiday breed and I ALWAYS send them to the AP so that my fellow DC players stand a chance of getting one.Honestly never even knew that there's a "price tag" on them
  6. I ONLY use Silvi's Lair for ALL of my egg hatching needs whether they've been bred or are nabbed from the AP and I tend to mainly breed my few Thwuds,Holiday ( on their specific days OR when I want to make sure that I'll get the egg of the breed bred to said breeds ),Dorkfaces and metallics and the different prize dragons of the gold/silver/bronze variety and have NEVER had any of those issues as of yet and I'm one of those folks that'll put their eggs in right as soon as they've hunted the biomes/AP or just been bred then upon waking up and upon crashing until they all hatch and grow up.
  7. While I absolutely LOVE the new dragons I'm also EXTREMELY SAD that the game is 100% UNPLAYABLE for me.
  8. So.......NOBODY knows of ANY way that can help me to be ABLE to play at ALL???
  9. Thanks to the Perma Lag the event seems to have whenever I Try to play (ONLY have access to iPad way Too Old to run ANY sort of flash) my browser simply freezes up and closes causing me to have to reopen tabs.Takes me OVER 5 min to get Maybe two steps in any direction before the aforementioned freeze and crash of the browser happens so NO Xmas event and house decorating for me. *SOBS* Least I was able to get my 2 eggs.
  10. While I'd LOVE to be able to take part in the event my browser CONTINOUSLY crashes due to having only my iPad (which is unable to run ANY sort of flash the Puffin browser included) to play on.
  11. The holiday events here and on neopets are my FAVE times to hide out and avoid the Insanity that is the family madness.So much Fun and Relaxation you guys are the Best TJ and spriters!*heart**heart**heart*
  12. Can't wait to begin the formation of my army of Honey Drakes. AMAZINGLY AWESOME work and I look forward to the AMAZING AWESOMENESS yet to come.*heart*
  13. Looks like,with the reg eggs now dropping again,I managed two get one more each of the mottled and the blue eggs so that there's now two of each new release.
  14. Aaaannnddd....got the blue shiny,and with a code ending of Bo!!!*is a HUGE Lost Girl fan*Thank you TJ and the AMAZING artists,who,as ALWAYS,NEVER(IMO) Miss the proverbial bullseye.
  15. FINALLY managed to nab a mottled one so now I just need the luster one and I'll have one of each.
  16. *VERY Happy Kermy Flailing* YAY for a new release and one of the new gold eggs but BOO for the EVIL Entity that is Lag.6 slots left to fill with at least 1 of each of the remaining 2.
  17. I think the goo has more of a mist like quality on some of them depending on the breed/image.VERY Cool. TJ and the spriters ALWAYS do such an amazing job.
  18. YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!*wild and CRAZY Kermy Flail* I Finally won a game and got my plague badge.
  19. I clicked on....gah...brain fart cause I can't remember which one but I definitely clicked the option while at the same time (I think not sure though) clicking on one of the cute treat gifs without noticing it was even there,Sock.
  20. Uhm....is the 2016 badge supposed to show up as SOON as one finally gets the chance to spread or cure and does which option picked effect the kind of badge one gets?Because I just finally got given the aforementioned options and have yet to get a new badge.
  21. I TRIED to use the guides but ALL they did was make me that much more confused and VERY Frustrated with the minesweeper *cry*
  22. And.....with that....I'm now at my egg limit with four diamonds and three leaf. *sends out TONS of Good Luck Vibes to all those who've yet to nab their new pretties*
  23. Just did and nearly RIGHT after I finished reading your reply to my luck sending and even have the word Sun in the code. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL egg designs btw can't wait to watch them grow up.
  24. *sends some leaf nabbing luck vibes*All I'm needing is one more diamond.