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  1. YAY! Finally managed to snag two gold trimmed pretties so that leaves one open slot for one of the greens
  2. Was finally able to get two from the desert and volcano but the pretty coast eggs are ALL gone by the time my attempt to get even ONE of the gold trimmed finally registers that I'd tried to tap aka click (for those that have a mouse) on something in the first place.:(
  3. Absolutely NO luck with snagging any from the coast not that it only being around 4 degrees C outside which makes iPad get cranky about registering the fact that I'm trying to tap on stuff.
  4. SQUEE! Thanks to an awesome fellow DCr I've now got one of the spiffy hybrids! *is lurved*
  5. I absolutely HATE when there's a new release that turns out to be one of those that can only be bred by pairing dragon X with dragon Y cause I've NEVER had ANY kind of success.
  6. *does the EXTREMELY Happy Kermit Flail* FINALLY got 'em all!
  7. As with each and EVERY new release that happens to be hiding in the Alpine biome seems to taunt me
  8. YAY cause now I have a red to go with the blue.Times like this is when I truly HATE thunderstorm induced lag/no internet at random...usually just as I'm hopefully about to successfully snag another new egg.*head/DESK*
  9. FINALLY managed to snag a blue one so hey...least I've got one out of the six new pretties right.
  10. How long are the new eggs going to be dropping for cause thus far I've only seen one trio of the new eggs while lurking the jungle biome and haven't managed to catch ANY let alone one of each since I've only 7 egg slots so I'm REALLY hoping that this batch of new eggs are going to be dropping for longer than a 24hr period so I'll have a slim chance of nabbing them?
  11. Annnddd....after pondering over the hatchies....egg slot #7 has been filled by...*insanely CHEESEY drum roll*....another of the "harmless" eggs.
  12. Woot woot! Managed to get me a trio of each,a trio from the Coast and a trio from the Desert. WOW! I can't believe that we're already coming up on DC's birthday can't wait to see what's in store.
  13. Just got my 30th so HOPEFULLY I'll manage to nab the remaining 26 left to be collected in time to have finally found all the eggs for a FoE! *bows in the classic "I'm not Worthy!!" style to TJ and the artists for yet another absolutely AMAZING event!
  14. DEFINATELY support this cause the more obscure/"pagan" holidays deserve just as much attention as the recognized holidays like Halloween...which was/sometimes still is called by the "pagans" The Feast of Sovan...and Christmas.
  15. Thanks raptor. I've got about five minutes left so I'll try to nab a dummy egg...or....once this thing gets charged (probably tomorrow with the way things are going atm)....I could breed a Dorkface or Thwud of your choice from the few of each that I've managed to accumulate for the next ungifted blue crystal you manage to nab.
  16. I'm just about to throw in the towel on being able to nab even a single blue crystal before my iPad dies and hours until the possibility of being able to recharge it.
  17. *send everyone waiting on certain veins and are just trying in general TONS of Good Luck Vibes while now having no choice but to crash thanks to the iPad's battery being just under 10% power left*
  18. It's 7:32 am EST where I am right now yet the forum time showing for me is an hour behind. Yay for EVIL daylight savings time?
  19. The reds are dropping at the moment Rainbowlight.
  20. Y'know you're Hopelessly Addicted to your pretties when your nose keeps dropping low enough to almost bunk against the iPad screen. Now all I need is a pretty blue veined crystal to fill my final(IF I wind up dropping one of the faints) egg slot and I'll have at least one of each. Thanks again for the new beauties.MUCH lurve to the spriters and TJ
  21. Rainbowlight : Explains the Insanity going on in that particular biome. Kinda Annoying that it's just the one biome for the crystals...honestly expected that the green would be found in either Forest or Jungle,the blue one in either Alpine or Coast and the red one in Desert and Volcano cause that was what was done with the gemstones.
  22. FINALLY snagged my pair of green crystals! Now to cross not only ALL fingers,thumbs included,but also the four toes I'm able to cross,in hopes that I can repeat the snagging of at least one of each of the other crystals in equally swift fashion.
  23. Is it ONLY in the Volcano biome that the crystals are dropping? Cause the only other biomes that ever seem to have any are the blues in Coast and Jungle far as I've seen.
  24. Sock : Thanks for letting me know,though with the Insane lag going on both here,and on neopets (due to the skirmish battles)...plus the net connection dropping out on me every ( feels like ) ten minutes...I'll probably try again in a few hours after attempting a nap so that hopefully there're aren't 90+ users all Swarming the biomes (*cough-Volcano-*cough*) on the top of the hour,as well the 5/10/15/20 ect minutes.~^-^~
  25. Managed to snag a pair of the blue one but am finding it to be nigh impossible to snag any of the other ones.Yay for barely working net and being stuck w/out a lap top and mouse instead of this stupidly llllllaaaaaaaggggggyyyy iPad. Hopefully I'll have better luck in a couple hours since it's currently nearly 3:30 in the morning and I haven't got much in the way of z's over the past few days so am EXHAUSTED. BEAUTIFUL new eggs TJ and spriters.