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Do not EVER bite or kill my eggs, please, particularly if they are ones that I have bred.Always looking for CB Blacks for my Goldensun lineage project; 8th gen success! stopbsl3.pngdhorne_taelae_banner_zps45eb2658.giflikethunderandlightning.pngXPZQFpQ.pngsCk1zpN.pngPsMiih9.png2prir7c.png

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    Slowly putting together a wishlist. Notes will be made here as I look through my dragons and make note of what I need. Thank you for looking!


    x2 CB Ice (influenced female hatchies are also okay.)
    x2 CB Red
    x1 4rd Gen PB Blusang
    x1 2nd Gen PB Brimstone (influenced male hatchie is also okay)
    x1 3rd Gen PB Brute
    x1 2nd Gen PB Red Dorsal