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  1. Cooldown on them is really high....10 turns, I think?
  2. Have: lots of cb Halloween/regular dragons for breeding. Want:............don't really have a list...Anything is nice. Anyways, if anyone wanted a special dragon bred, I might have something. Just wanted to put that out there.
  3. I have lots of dragons to breed. PM me if you need anything for your lineage projects.
  4. I'd like to try them with a peaceful Aegis, silver, or Moonstones
  5. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: Right here =) Forum name: Birthday: August 1st. List: 1. CB Gold 2. CB Aeon 3a. Surprise me! 3b. Surprise me! 4a. Surprise me! 4b. Surprise me! Rules Answer. Pipios! Adorable little babies! While it would be cool if it were caught on my birthday, it is NOT necessary, and I will welcome and appreciate any gift. Thank you^^
  6. So now its just a random grab to the ap to find one? That's interesting though, thanks for getting back to me
  7. So I ran into this today...you can request these guys? It says you can use this page to request one, but I'm too stupid to see the button....or do I make a direct pm? Sorry if this is common knowledge, I tried looking through the help page and did a forum search first =/
  8. Hi, me again. I don't breed for myself, so that's a lot of unbred cb valentines.... I also have a lot of cb other things, (I guess except super rare ones) so if you wanna get your hands on some 2nd gen babies, let me know! I take interesting offers, nothing too crazy. Pm me, I don't bite!
  9. I have all CB Christmas dragons, can breed you some 2nd gen babies 😃 Looking for.........pretty much any Aeon, or green siyat (inbred, don't care) I mean, I welcome nice offers, but it's not an absolute must. PM me, and sorry if I don't answer right away. I don't bite! Happy Holidays!!!
  10. Need an army for these pygmies x3 and the Aethers are really beautiful!
  11. What are some other popular group themes for say, a collection of toys, cards, ect? Like astrology or elements (fire, water, air, ect..) No licensed stuff, just generic things you can add your own spin to?
  12. I don't mean sties that make them, or stores you can buy them from. But does anyone know of groups or forums that have fans that talk about and trade them? And no, no disney pins! (I mean I have some and they're great, but I'm not looking for a specific genre of pins)
  13. If you buy a Floret, do you get an option of what color one you want? And does that apply to dragons whose eggs are a different color from the cave? So not like nebulas or gemshards, because their egg sprite is the same And not like spinels, because you breed the red to get the green
  14. Idk where the best place is to put this, but I have pretty much all CB holidays ready for breeding (except holly's, they're babies) and a lot of other cb dragons (short of like gold.....) I can breed them for whomever asks....All I'm really looking for is a CB yellow zyu but otherwise I would take any interesting lineages or something nice. Pm me if interested
  15. took the silver, thank you =) I will love it as my own <3
  17. ok sure, I could just influence them...but leaving them to their own devices, Antarean draggies almost always end up male! I have like 8 males vs. 1 female!
  18. If I didn't have work, I'd stay up the 3hrs to see the adults. I so gotta horde more, they're just so pretty
  19. they are light blue when first hatched?
  20. Wait, where is that dark egg sprite coming from??? Edit.....I read a few pages back, it's a cracked sprite. Srry ^^;
  21. Just found a Pokeball....that made my day
  22. I'm not demanding an answer, but just carefully asking....shouldn't have something happen by now with at least the breeding of previous Vals, or am I too early?
  23. ^ that kinda works right there! Thank you =)
  24. mm dunno. I wanted to do a Xeno breeding project so I was mildly curious OCD-wise how they would best be displayed, but my own scroll is by no means that perfectly organized; they're just kind of set up my own way^^;