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  1. Have: CB Male Cavern Lurker CB Female Omen Traded Want: Genderswap
  2. I received a gift via TGTGift report: Amethyst Smoke -> RadiantSunsets: Red DinoAm I on that list? YesDo I need/wish to be removed? YesHow was the gift offered? Via PM I received a gift via TGTGift report: Beastrider -> RadiantSunsets: Green DinoAm I on that list? YesDo I need/wish to be removed? YesHow was the gift offered? Via PM
  3. I could have sworn I had some adult nilia pygmys but apparently they vanished into thin air so I guess I have some egg hunting to do
  4. Three misgendered hatchlings because I'm just that lucky: Turpentine Gone Daydream Gone Guardian Gone
  5. After months of searching I finally got a CB blusang
  6. I, RadiantSunsets, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  7. I really misunderstood what you were trying to say at first
  8. Maybe they will become more red as they grow up?
  9. A bright pink dragon seem interested, but I don't have enough sweets to make her stay
  10. I'm so scared I'll jinx my chances of winning if I say anything. I'm such a weenie
  11. I think I did this wrong since I got a 279...Is that even possible?
  12. I really hope this is true but in my opinion I think I'm getting worse. I used to be able to talk to others if a family member was with me, but that doesn't work anymore.
  13. She's my twin, so about the same age. It's a little embarrassing asking for help, but I don't think she'll judge me. Being too hard on myself is definitely a problem I have. I alway expect too much and end up disappointed. This is a really good idea. I'm not living in Asia, I was just born there. "Being myself" is a rather difficult thing to do since I'm not entirely sure what my personality is. I have never opened up to anybody outside my family, so I'm not sure how differently I should behave.
  14. I have a sister who I used to talk to this about, but I stopped because I felt like I was being too much of a burden on her. She would always include me when she hanging out with her friends and I could tell they all felt awkward with me there. Looking back now, I think I was overreacting. I'll trying talking to her again. Lots of people have tried to befriend me, but they always gave up because I never really opened up. I'll try telling them about my shyness and see if that helps. People think I'm rude because they feel like I don't want to talk to them when I don't say anything. I also have a hard time saying 'thank you' or 'excuse me,' so that's another reason. Homeschool is definitely not an option. My parents fit the strict Asian stereotype and wouldn't even consider it. I could work with my teachers after school, but talking to them is difficult. I could ask my sister to come with me for some classes, but with others we have different teachers.
  15. I am too shy. I have no friends and I eat lunch by myself. All my teachers either hate me or pity me because of my shyness. When the class has to pick partners, I am always the one without a partner. Sometimes I skip class to avoid picking partners. My grades are slipping because I am too afraid to ask questions or tell my teacher if I can't see the board. Making eye contact is physically painful for me and smiling is impossible. Whenever I have to give a presentation, I feel like fainting or throwing up. Everybody thinks I am rude because I'm so quiet. I feel so jealous of other people who are shy, but still have friends. If they can do it, why is it so hard for me? My parents say I will outgrow this, but I'm really worried I won't. I'm already in high school and I have been like this since I first started going to school. I've looked up advice online on how to overcome this, but everyone says I should just open up more and that is impossible for me. Whenever someone is friendly to me, I start trembling and my voice shakes so bad I can't speak. I'm scared I won't be able to get a job or get married because of my shyness. I feel like my future is hopeless and I just wish I was never born.
  16. I can't wait to look at the encyclopedia. Unfortunately I have to go to school, so I'm have to wait until I get home...