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  1. ((it's been so long... I wonder if it's too late?)) Bridget, Daydream "ok so we got out of the giant underground lake, but now where's the exit from the cave?" She looked around in the vast expanse of darkness and couldn't see a thing. She felt it crushing in on her and she didn't know what to do or think. All Bridget could feel was fear and the urge to escape. A little part of her panicking, Bridget asked, "so what now?" in a slightly high-pitched voice.
  2. Bridget, daydream Bridget felt a surge of adrenaline as she rushed to get out of the water. She starter dragging her hooves through the sandy slop on the bottom of the underground lake and, before long, she had made it to a bank of sorts. She let out a wild howl of victory and trotted in excited circles while looking back for Yasmin. She still couldnt see very muvh in this dank cave. ((Sorry i kinda gave up on this rp, but we can be a 1x1 until the others decide to come back
  3. ((Man i hate it when this happens. ))
  4. ((I have no idea! everyone just disappeared! maybe it's school...? Do you think we should wait for them?)) Bridget, Daydream It was at this point that Bridget's circles got just a little bit bigger, but it just so happened to be enough that she felt the silt underneath her hooves. The shore must be in that direction! "Hey! I think I know which way to go!" Bridget said "come over here. can you feel the bottom?" She started sludging forward, the water getting shallower and shallower. How did I not find this before? she thought.
  5. Bridget, Daydream Bridget slowed down while she tried to remember exactly what happened. "I don't really know. I just remember waking up half drowned and falling, falling... faaallllllllliiing..." She shivered, remembering the hole-waterfall. "But we need to find a shore now, so we can recover" and sleep she thought. Bridget was thoroughly worn out. She couldn't remember the last time she had slept. Wasn't it sunset when the fell down here? Bridget had no idea. I could be noon for all she knew, or cared for that matter.
  6. Bridget, Daydream "What do you mean okay!? I just fell down a ginormous hole and nearly drowned!! Are you okay?" Bridget had not been searching for long before she came upon Yasmin. Right now, she was swimming around frantically and babbling. Where was the shore? Was there a shore? Bridget did not realize then that swimming in small circles would never lead you to the shore, but she couldn't think clearly. She was too busy freaking out!
  7. Bridget, Daydream Bridget absently blinked the water from her eyes and snorted it from her nose. Why would Yasmin-- she started thinking before the muffler of her thoughts stuffed imaginary cotton in her mind's mouth. She continued walking. This river was a lot wider than she thought... used to think, she had no real thoughts now. But the other side comes eventually. Right before this happened, though, she fell into another hole. It was so close to the tree that the roots were actually sticking out in the river, conveniently supporting the roof of the hole... which was slanted... As any hole in the bottom or a body of water would, this hole was draining water, so it was like a river. Bridget was tumbling down this and eventually landed in an underground lake. By now, she was suffocating. She kicked frantically and finally found the surface. The blanket shrouding her thoughts was gone and she was completely panicking. ((Man I am not a good writer today. Where is everyone else?? Should we wait for them?))
  8. Bridget, Daydream Bridget mumbled something incoherent. The blanket in her mind finally managed to nudge her forward an actual step. She sludged forward ever so slowly. She was in the middle of the river now. It was moving quickly around her, but she didn't seem to feel it at all. She didn't loose her balance, or even sway. It should've been past her head by now, but she was just floating at chest level.
  9. Bridget, Daydream Bridget smelled something awful, but she couldn't resist this mysterious force pulling her forward. Her heart beat faster and a small part of her panicked, but it was quickly suppressed , as if someone had wrapped a blanket around her mind and was pulling her toward that mysterious tree. Sebastian, Daydream ((Where is everyone??))
  10. ((so... did this whold thing just die because I was gone or something? I'm back by the way... so can I just post, or do I have to wait for permission? Also, this topic's little scroll icon was red, "hot topic" waht does that mean?))
  11. Bridget, Daydream Coughing and sputtering, Bridget attempted to thank Yasmin, but only made an odd gurgling sound than sent her into another coughing fit. When she finally managed to clear her lungs of water, Bridget managed a shaky "thank you." She looked around at their surroundings and realized how close they were to the nightmare territory. Seeing no one else nearby, she took another bold step forward. Her hoof sunk into mud. what are you doing, Bridget? a voice inside her head chastised her, You could get killed! But curiosity held her gaze on a dark and gloomy tree on the opposite shore. Something about it pulled her forward. Why had the herd even separated in the first place? They weren't having any battles or anything, so couldn't they just... merge again? Deep inside her, an alarm went off. Something was wrong. But Bridget just... had... to...
  12. ((dang, everyone spent so much time waiting for someone else to give them something to reply to... I was gone for a couple of months and nothing even happened!!)) Bridget, Daydream Bridget quickly caught up to Yasmin. She playfully splashed her then ran ahead a bit. not looking where she was going, she tripped and fell in a hole. the smile on her face was quickly replaced with a scowl as she struggled to wrench the front half of her body out of the hole at least enough to get her head above the surface.
  13. Sorry, but I'm not really allowed on DC anymore. My dad is convinced it is ruining the computer. I'd like it if someone else played my characters instead of deletin them because I may return... eventually. Man! and we were just getting to the good part!! goodbye
  14. Riolu looked over Bridget's shoulder at Puff. He suddenly remembered that she still hadn't actually told them her name, they had just randomly began...knowing. He shrugged. "Hey Mommy? I think you should go pick up Puff anyway. She looks lonely and pained." He said. Bridget swooped down and stopped in front of puff, forcing her to stop. "Wanna ride?" she asked, trying to make her back look as welcoming and comfortable as possible.
  15. Bridget was glad to finally be moving away from the mountains. She jumped into the air and circled above the others, waiting. She saw the last trickles of other animals fleeing the site.
  16. ((...around the river? I thought they were walking along it? And why is nobody replying?!?!?!))
  17. ((wow, so much has happened without me!)) Bridget picked up Riolu and walked calmly over to the other dragons. She had felt the... the thing coming ever nearer this whole time, and was on the brink of panic. "okay guys. Now that we got that all... almost sorted out, can we go now? How about you hold Puff?" Bridget finished, looking up at Vladmir. "Let's leave before we start fighting again, or before that other skeleton comes back, or before this scary thing comes here!!!" Riolu crouched on his mother's back. He didn't dare climb off because as soon as she took off, he knew he could never keep up.
  18. ((so wait... common and uncommon dragons can't hear rare dragons? Are vampire dragons rare? if so, then Bridget and Riolu and Lena can't hear Vlad, but if not, then Vlad shouldn't have heard Raeris! Unless, of course, these dragons are special and destined to defeat Lune or something... )) Bridget looked around. It was a good thing Riolu was so good at hiding. She wasn't sure if she wanted these two new dragons seeing him yet. She wasn't really in any position to deny this huge scary dragon towering over her. "... Sure. But right now we are taking a break. come lie beside us and relax for a minute. But be careful not to squash us or anything..." then she realized that he couldn't even come any lower in the ravine, nevertheless lay beside them in the bottom... "Actually, why don't you just stay there for a sec?" If worst came to worst, he might serve as some sort of roof... . Bridget shuttered at her own thoughts. She looked down at Shadow for the first time and jumped. ...wait, isn't that skeleton underneath her? she wondered, looking down at Puff then back at shadow and down to Lena, drawing her nearer. Riolu jumped out and tackled Shadow, quickly and efficiently pinning her. Then he proceeded to tickle her everywhere he could think. Before she could retaliate, he scurried off and sprinted around Bridget and sniffed at Puff's leg. This weird feeling was creeping up inside him from the anticipation of the approaching danger. He had to do something, otherwise he would panic! But Bridget didn't seem to appreciate his little surge of energy because she flicked him with her tail and growled a bit, glaring at him, but not too meanly. woopse he thought, hanging his head.
  19. Bridget searched and searched until the sun had dipped below the horizon. There was still enough light, but they would have to stop soon. Riolu was getting tired and antsy. He was growing restless. Keeping alert for this long was hard enough, but now he was getting tired anyway now.They had better find that poor creature soon, otherwise he might just plop down right now and fall asleep. As they circumnavigated a large bush, they came upon the mean little Drakenlitch. One of her legs was bent at an odd angle and even she seemed to look a little scared. As she was bending down to greet and comfort her, Bridget became acutely aware of something coming. something dark and menacing. Instincts kicking in, Bridget dragged the three smaller dragons underneath the bush and covered them with her wing. She felt a growl rising in her throat and quickly subdued it, hoping it would pass them by without noticing them.
  20. Upon seeing the ravine, Bridget gracefully swooped down and landed in it with a soft thump, spilling Riolu and Lena into a pile of leaves. "Stay close, now. I don't like the looks of this place" she said, glancing around for predators and/or Puff. She crouched low to the ground and squirmed down it, eyes darting in every direction, checking each step before she trusted it with her weight, and tensing at every sign of movement. Riolu tumbled off Bridget, landing on Lena in a pile of leaves. He didn't squeal, too scared to break the heavy silence that blanketed everything in the growing darkness. He shivered and set about moving from shadow to small thorn bush, easily staying out of sight.
  21. Riolu woke with a start to an eerie howling cry of pain. He echoed it himself, but there was fear dripping from every wave of sound in his scream. He howled until he could no more, neck stretching out to its full length, back arching, scales shivering. The normally pleasant scent from his underwings turned bitter and sickly. Bridget crouched in a guarded position, tensing exponentially until the howling stopped. When it was finally over She stretched her cramped muscles, looking around in anguish. Was that Puff?? She automatically knew she had to help whatever was in such pain. She leaped into the air, causing Riolu to stumble and dig his claws into her scales. She immediately turned back around and landed next to Lena, picking her up with her claws and swinging her onto her back next to Riolu as she took off again and bolted in the direction of Puff's wail.
  22. ((sure, but was Lena still hiding behind her leg?)) Bridget looked down at the Drakenlitch impatiently. "Okay then, I guess we'll just be leaving." She said with no particular emotion, then turned around and walked back to the meadow. "So what now? Should we go back for Mort dragon, or back to that place where we met? Although I don't really think we could continue playing or whatever after THAT adventure!" Looking up at the sky, she saw that the sun was sinking. "Maybe we should go back home(...s?) for the night. What do you think, Riolu?" But Riolu was already asleep underneath Bridget's wing. He was sleeping off the eventful and stressful day curled up amid Bridget's fuschia scales with small snorts every now and then.
  23. ((okay, nevermind I just reread the last actual RP before mine, so I guess we're waiting for whoever is taking over Eliaa, or maybe Raeris.... I think next we should go to Lena's cave like she wanted... It sounds okay enough.))
  24. Bridget, Daydream Bridget stared in amazement as Yasmin effortlessly strode through the bottomless river as if it were no more than a hooflength deep. Regaining herself, She scrambled over to her and swelled with jealousy. "WOW! that looks like fun!" She half-shouted to Yasmin over the current. The river got too deep too fast for her to at least imitate her in the shallows. Instead, she trotted through the mud, squelching messily, without taking her eyes off of Yasmin's graceful mirth. Sebastian, Daydream tum, tum, tummm...
  25. ((hmm, now it seems we are waiting for Puff? P.S. I had finals this whole week, but I didn't drop out... ))