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  1. It worked! Thank you for the help!
  2. What am I supposed to do when I'm at the forest to pick out a tree? Nothing happens when I go up to the trees and hit enter, the only text box I get is "this tree is slightly shorter/taller than the others"? Are there instructions somewhere?
  3. 1. Solstice I like the reindeer theme of the sprite, as well as the blue-themed colour, it's a nice change from all the other red and green Christmas dragons. I love how the design and colour is centralized around winter than actual Christmas elements. Both the CB and blue-winged versions are really fresh and pretty. 2. Snow Angels Another nice equine dragon with a strong body form, clear-cut elegant design and fresh colours that don't look overdone. I like how its face looks . My favourite is the white-winged version, which is the one I have on my scroll, since I thought it looks clean and neat, but I wouldn't mind having the other two wing colours, which are a bit more festive. All of them look great! 3. Ribbon Dancer Love the long legs and clear muscles of this breed, they have really good highlights that make them look super shiny. The hatchling sprites are my favourite of all the Christmas dragons with their long-leggedness and good proportions. Also love how the wings look like on the s2 hatchling and the adults. But the colours are a bit dark and the area between its head and wings seems a bit too busy, so that you can't clearly tell what the head actually looks like 4. Wrapping-Wing The wings are really shiny and pretty with the nice swirls, and I like how despite the busy patterns the outlines of the dragon is still clearly defined, but the head always seems to me as being a little too big when compared to the legs... O_o 5. Yulebuck The design of this breed is supposed to be super creative, especially the hollyleaf wings, but I always found the overall sprite to look a bit strange... I guess the crudeness of the hooves and back legs is one major issue, and the head and ruff also look a bit off, it just seems much more cartoonish and 2D when compared to the other sprites 6. Winter Magis Love everything about this sprite except for the colours and stripes, which are way too busy. The white over its face is comical and the stripes over its body make it look like its wearing some sort of tight shirt with a red belt 7. Holly Nice simple sprite, but I don't really like the design of the long neck and oversmall wings... the distance between the front and back legs are too close
  4. Caught a CB brown copper, cheese, CB ice, and CB magma Spending the entire morning+noon checking the cave every five minutes really paid off
  5. is there a guide/wiki for the Easter eggs? I had no idea that they meant anything until I read the posts here