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  1. I've taken tests multiple times over, and come with two different results: Ravenclaw and Slytherin. If I had to choose, Ravenclaw, but I've certainly got some traits Salazar would appreciate.
  2. My Pinks have produced a child, so sign me up for the pass. I'm at CST too, so 3:31 here.
  3. I just recently finished The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. It was pretty good, and I reccomend it to any modern fantasy fans.
  4. Dragonessdown is actually up, the opposite of down.
  5. Granted, but the watermelon is sentient and named Walter! Did I mention he wants to eat you? I wish I was the son of Aphrodite.
  6. Granted, but your immune system is near-nonexistant, so the slightest virus could kill you.
  7. Granted, but you have no choice in the matter, and eventually your travels take you to the Hunger Games, where an unfortunate series of events lead to you being killed by Miss Katniss Everdeen. I wish to see all possible futures.
  8. Grown Woman, by Beyonce I remember being young and so brave I knew what I needed I was spending all my nights and days laid back day dreaming Look at me—I'm a big girl now, said I'm gon' do something Told the world I would paint this town Now betcha I run news 'Cause I put it (down like that, down like that) And I'm making (all these racks, all these racks) And I'm moving (round like that, round like that) When I do it (I don't look back, don't look back). I'm a grown woman I can do whatever I want I'm a grown woman I can do whatever I want They love t
  9. Don't Let Me Down ~ The Beatles
  10. Then take it to the laundry room. Waiter, there appears to be a blind engineer in my soup.
  11. Granted, but becuase you didn't wish for anything, nothing happened. I wish to be in the X-Men universe, and to be a mutant.
  12. rtdlswhwr Rauchy, tasty, delicous licorice stolen which hour? Why rob? foahrghyy
  13. Granted, but their post explicitly states that they want no further contact with you and that anymore unwanted contact will result in a lawsuit. I wish I never forgot anything.
  14. derpicarpsuave Dilligently erase repeated passings in creative actual responses passionately under actual veritable engagement gehdsfryhwi
  15. Granted, but instead of battling, it spends all day watching Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail, trying to teach its owner proper humor. I wish I had angelic wings, but remained human.
  16. Granted, but your internet is gone forever. I wish I had a bubble butt.
  17. Pikapika555 is banned for having numbers in his username.
  18. As of right now, the only pet I have is Jack, my little kitty. Some of these animals are restricted from the public, and while I do enjoy the animal, I have no intentions of owning them, with or without the funds, until such a time until it becomes legal and the species as a whole is not in danger. Since I plan on having such a menagerie, this may be long: A Barn owl, though how to get a nonviolent one would be a mystery A domesticated fox; they used to sell these back in the day from that experiment in Russia, look it up Though not exotic, a Blanc de Hotot rabbit A Major Mitchell's Cock