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  1. When I was in elementary school we has lizards and stuff like that in the class room, and we fed them crickets and meal worms, but me and a friend like them better so we went and bought some. one of our meal worms grew into a beetle. I have also cared for a lot f slugs and worms, which is about all we could find in the garden. right now we have a queen ant, who laid eggs, but we don't know if they will hatch, because there is no male.
  2. I had been playing for like a month, and I was looking on the wiki to see the descriptions of rare dragons and I read the one for the thunder and then I went and got a thunder from the desert... it was pretty funny. I was like "oh, they must not be that rare, then," but I never got another until the birthday when I posted on the announcement that I needed a magma and ice. I got like four replies. It made me happy, and they all had clean lineages. Thank you if you gifted to me or anyone else with out a trio!
  3. Super Duper Excited! I can not wait until it comes out, and, yeah, it might be a whole ton of work, but it will give players who have been playing for a long time something extra, something that everyone can get in the end. So, it gives you something to aspire to.
  4. Snowie

    Influence for Me

    Forum Name: Snowie Will you influence for free?: Yes, but if you can find something nice in the ap to do a return trade after the egg hatches I will be a very happy girl PM Link: PM me to see if I have space!
  5. Mini Mint and Minnie Mint were already taken, but I got Mighty Mint! Now I think I should write a description to go with it. (It is a frozen s1 mint hatchling)
  6. First release that I have been ready for, and I can't participate because I don't have a GoN Ahhh, well. On a related note, if anyone feel like donating a trio... Just messin with yall. Sort of.
  7. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name:Snowie Scroll name:MountianRain Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/MountianRain Birthday: May 28 List: I love the lion king 1. Gold (nice lineage/CB OR Freezable) 2. Dino other than Blue 3. Shimmer scale (Nice lineage OR Freezable)
  8. I have all 55 eggs, I think. Yay! Happy Easter everyone!
  9. I found this in the AP. I thought it is both pretty and horrifying at the same time. Considered keeping it to see if I could find one to breed it with, and thought I would see how inbred it was first. http://dragcave.net/lineage/Kv0a4 Kv0a4 has 200 dragons that appear in the lineage more than once. Some appear eight times! Now it is frozen. I don't breed any of my inbreds, I try not to create messy lineages, so but I will breed my messy Reds and Pinks, because I think people might want them.