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  1. yay! I am excited! I really wanted to get on the Beta, but I didn't, but now it is finally here! Yay!
  2. Been lazy trying to grab them... probably will come back to haunt me. Ah well, it'll be fun to have something to hunt for. Super excited to see what they look like!
  3. Cool! Thank you so much!
  4. I'd like to join! Join Date: 8/19/2014 Forum Name: Snowie Scroll Link:Here PM Link: PM me! Proof I read the Rules: Red the 7th.
  5. I think the near miss idea is a great one, and I voted.
  6. I just found a black egg in the AP and checked its lineage, it was unusual, but I was fond of it. Instead of incubating it I abandoned it. Now I am really sad. I rushed over to the AP, but it was gone. EDIT: then I went over to the mountains and I found my third Undine egg, so the day wasn't a complete waste.
  7. Thank you so much purplehaze, I am glad my eggs were all okay when I got back today.
  8. I have been really busy lately so I didn't get to hang around and catch all the eggs I wanted... and I am going camping for a week so I won't get to catch all the eggs I want. Oh well. They are so pretty though!
  9. Scroll Name:MountianRain Forum Name: Snowie What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: All How Long will you be gone: I leave on Aug. 4th, at noon, and come back the 9th, Whenever I start adding eggs again. What Sitter's list do you want to be on: Whoever has time. I will add my eggs to the Eggs around the world hatchery and they should be ok. The only thing is sickness. Thanks! EDIT: leaving now, all are in EAtW and some are in ND. Thank You!
  10. I will join. I don't expect to collect a ton, especially because I joined so late, but I like the idea so I will do my part, or at least try. Scroll link is in signature.
  11. The blue striped one sorts between "Bloodscale" and"Bluna" so I think it starts with a Blo or Blu. My guess is that it is the blue something.
  12. I tried not to forget... and then I forgot.
  13. 99 Who will be One hundred??? (I want to prefer dogs just to fight a losing battle!)
  14. I eat a lot of weird combinations. Like toast with cream cheese and then cinnamon and sugar... boy, I haven't had that in a long time, and hot dogs with chocolate, and whenever its my turn to cook dinner I make a soup with everything in it. and I will try almost anything
  15. Really excited. I didn't get chosen, but I am really busy right now, so I guess its for the best.