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  1. Are any of you guys here furs? If not, share your thoughts as well. Let the discussion commence.
  2. You have a point, but If, say (Warning: made-up statistics ahead) 1/10 of new DC users will find and actively use the forum, then if the number of new members goes up, the forum will hopefully do the same. EDIT: POTENTIAL EPIPHANY. Maybe several previously active users quit and the forum looks that much emptoer because we were used to more posts?
  3. Alright then, with the sentiments from other users which I take as approval, I BRING TO YOU A QUEST! We must crusade onto other forums with dragon signatures and chat groups! Get popular forums and post a lot (not in a spammy way but post wherever you can contribute) and more people will see the dragons! DADADADADADA! CHAAAARGE! Marie19R, not all of us share that experience, and if more of us do it we can spread the love! I was sucked in from Planet Minecraft, so the forum thing does work sometimes. I was absent for a year and I feel the forum used to be much more active, but disregarding the decline, it's still a good way to help Dragon Cave and the forums grow. I'm a shameless living testimony.
  4. Are there any other redditors on DC?
  5. Yes, but I found the forums through the site. If whatever percent of DC users use the forums, then if the number of DC users goes up then so will the forum.
  6. To fix the forum problem my above post would still apply.
  7. Keep: Sunrise Abandon: Royal Blue Kill: Daydream Ochredrake, Guardian, Water Walker.
  8. Well, remember when lots of people posted dragons on other forums in signatures? That's how I found DC. Someone on Planet Minecraft had a dragon in their signature and I was curious. Now everybody just uses AOND or similar sites. If we post eggs in all our forum signatures, in conjunction with hatch sites, maybe people will join? Even leaving a full-grown dragon works, and you get a little dragon in your signature, so you need not worry about having to change dragons unless you want to. Spread the dragons.
  9. Granted, but pollen is attracted to you like a magnet and you still sneeze because it gets in your nose. I wish I could breathe underwater.
  10. Overcast, quarter-to-eight, gloomy morning...
  11. I had a sugar cookie last night. Drizzled it in maple syrup (the real stuff) and it was amazing
  12. For me, as always, it's a grey area. I am not for or against it, but I would love to see peoples questions be answered.
  13. Jerky. Like beef jerky. I prefer deer to beef tho. When I get the rumblies, only deer jerky can satisfy them! (Better than hands, at least) But joking and references aside, I LOVE deer jerky.
  14. I'm only listing names where I didn't use the extra space bar trick. I have quite a few... Soda Cans Toilet Lid Athletics Car Dealer A Carrot Is Cheese Overhyped Diggers Bronzethorns Gluestick Spray Can Beakers Tail Orb Stage Lights Falcon Wings
  15. Teddy Grahams (spelling?) : for the 4 year old inside my 25 year old body.
  16. Sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies combined
  17. Stupidity. Also, raw bananas. They just make my throat itch. I made banana bread tho and was fine.
  18. *sends out Groudon, it turns primal* GROUDON, USE PRECIPICE BLADES! * all castles and hills are mowed and tumbled* *uses shovel to scoop your dirty rubble into a castle of my own! with epic walls!* My hill!
  19. This release is awesome! I sense, though, that the drippies are inferior in popularity. The Gems and Plateds are much more popular, which is alright with me! I like them too, tho
  20. I don't do any organized sports, but my friends and I wrestle (more like tackle & push) on the trampoline like the 9 year old boys we were when we started doing this. We call it Trampoline Fighting. The new sensation. Also, I play pickup dodgeball games with the kids who live near me. I usually bring a buddy so both teams have an adult. I also like Capture the Flag, Musical Chairs, and all those 'steal X without getting tagged' games. Yep. 25 going on 7.
  21. I might start doing this too you had me laughing at the 'designated peace sign'
  22. Two words: Hypno's Lullaby. *shudders* COME LITTLE CHILDREN COME WITH ME... to look up the poem. Im too lazy for a link or typing it.