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  1. finally plugged my mouse into my laptop and caught that time distort egg good luck to anyone still trying for it
  2. even on my decently fast computer i haven't been able to nab it either lol really sad i haven't been able to catch a single Time Distorted egg i got all the rest though, they all look beautiful and i can't wait to see the adults <3 We do allow multi-posting for doing a lot of coding, but there is no coding in your first post, so we would prefer that you had merged them. ^^
  3. Is there any limit to how many Undead attempts you can make?
  4. First event on DC, I've really amped Although, and I know this is totally to be expected (glitches, I mean) but is anyone else experiencing nonexistent/invisible icons/sprites for everything? I can't see any of my dragons or eggs or any of the eggs on the abandoned page. Just curious to know if I'm the only one As always, thank you for more amazing events TJ
  5. Now we play the waiting game for the female Falconiform...this is always the hard part
  6. The Frost dragon looks epic!!
  7. Not everyone is in the same time zone, I assume you know that. As someone else kindly stated above, it's other people's prime chances now. Aside from that, we all have to keep in mind it's just a game...getting an egg on release day or not isn't a matter of life or death haha Edit: To reiterate, you're right, people complain, they always will, so why change it? Because at least for a while, the people in other time zones who have even harder times catching egg at the regular release times we've had before, will have a better chance now for once. It's like taking turns. And I'm personally
  8. Unfortunately, I doubt TJ can account for everyone's internet speed, nor the fact that some people have faster internet than you....I think it would be a lot more polite to give a thank you rather than a 'boo', especially to the creator of this fantastic site that allows it's players to enjoy the game with absolutely no cost, or promotion for memberships, etc...It's a miracle how many people I've seen on new release threads forget simple manners the moment things don't go their way..
  9. Thanks so much, and I'm totally in love with both the releases this month! The egg for the frosty little guy could be my new favourite egg sprite actually Best of luck to all who are still catching!
  10. Would someone mind directing me to where I can see the white hatchie on the wiki? It doesn't show for me in TJ's original post ^^'
  11. Wow, that was easy Caught 3 of each within 2 drops ^^ best of luck to all who are still catching theirs! Remember, before anyone gets frustrated, the cave will start clearing up once more people get their eggs! You'll have your chance, just don't give up, and remember F5 is your best friend
  12. Wow, both those eggs are gorgeous! Big thank you to everyone involved! side note: awesome eggs the day before my birthday, it's almost like a present
  13. I've collected all the eggs and gah I love every single one The SnK egg made me grin
  14. I seem to have one egg that won't load on my egg page, but this is great, thanks TJ and the Spriters and everyone involved ^^ Edit: The egg is gone and another I caught is in it's place o_o strange
  15. I second that hope for some new pygmies, they're my favourites and I keep hoping for more of them ^^ thanks TJ and all others who help make this site the awesome place that it is.
  16. Oh my god they are gorgeous
  17. Oh my god, I was definitely a big fan of the moist little ones (pff, there's no way to make that sound appropriate) but I'm in love with the S2 of the chirping hatchie!! So gorgeous!
  18. At this point, I'm just tired and confused but in that case, hopefully they'll look good with each other or with the other small selection of DC Drakes? Either way I'm happy about this release and definitely grateful to TJ and the Spriters
  19. On TJ's post, right at the beginning of the thread
  20. Edit: woah, way too massive, old on, resizing that image Double edit: Here we are, too small, but you can see it still lol So yeah, these can breed with anything, not just other Drakes since they are not DC Drakes *confetti* Yay!
  21. Just double checked and it's the DC Drakes that can only breed with other DC Drakes, but since the post says these are just Drakes, they're like the Mint and Magma dragon, they can breed with anything so unless they turn out to be DC Drakes the pretty Blusang pairing can happen
  22. Oh, that's true actually, now I'm just sleepy and confused so I'll figure it out when I can actually breed them
  23. *entirely forgets that Drakes can only breed with Drakes* ..... *blames it on sleep deprivation* I only slept about 4 hours so just ignore me from now on >_> Edit: Does anyone know how long these are gonna be droppped? Because if I remember correctly, the Brutes and Fevers went for a while?
  24. So is it just me who's already mentally pairing those 'moist' eggs with Blusangs? I'm already thinking it'd make a nice pairing before I've even seen the dragon
  25. Despite falling asleep past 6 am I woke up at 2 and felt compelled to check my dragons and came on to see this I love the egg sprite for the....moist...(god, that word >_>), eggs though they both look awesome. Can't wait for TJ's to hatch and see how these look. I caught 2 of each, since that's all I have space for Actually found catching them really easy, only took me about 3-4 drops to get 2 of each? Like always, thank you TJ and the Spriters it's really appreciated