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i44ewx.gif | t65yjb.gif | Hope-banner-edit-rotate-smaller-text_zps | XB62dhh.gifLooking for Silver Tinsel from this lineage Note: I'm not as active on here these days, please send me a PM if you need anything!


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    I will take breeding requests and IOU's on a case by case basis, just drop me a PM ^^ And I'll pretty much trade anything for things on my wishlist, worth equal value of course.

    My scroll surnames that I often use but not always, are Lux or Nox, depending on the dragon and what I think fits better.

    **Please ask before using any of the badges in my signature unless you know they are posted for public use/by other people. I don't mind people using the ones I make at all, but it's nice to be asked first :)

    Also, I make a lot of my own banners/badges for signatures and such, and I also make them for other people/threads (like my summoner badge, leetle tree scroll badge, my Hope Lineage banner, Peppermint Lineage banner, as well as others), so if you want me to make you one for pretty much anything, whether it be a badge to link somewhere or a banner to show something like you collect a certain dragon or whatever, just drop me a PM, I love doing them.

    I would sell my soul and/or first born child for:
    - CB Gold
    - 2nd generation Gold from Gold x Ember parents
    - CB Brown and Red Copper
    - Alt Vine (Preferably 2G PB)
    - 3G or 2G of any Prize or Shimmer
    - CB Silver

    Holiday dragons which I would also probably sell my soul for:
    - **ROSEBUD, SWEETLING, ARSANI, '09 VALENTINE** (I joined literally /right/ after these stopped being able to be bred this year and I was very depressed about it ;_;)
    - Solstice, Snow Angel
    - Pumpkin (have one promised to be bred this Halloween <3), Shadow Walker, Grave, Black marrow (also promised)
    - Seriously though, **the Rosebud**

    I'm always taking CB or PB Nebula dragons or even Nebulae with messy lineages for freezing!

    Commons/Uncommons I need (this is mostly just for me to remember but hey, if you ever impulse click or just wanna make my day, I wouldn't say no to these as a gift, obviously w/o the gender specification cause it would probably be an egg):
    - CB female Sunrise
    - CB male Sunset
    - CB female Split
    - CB m&f Albino
    - CB Pinks & Reds
    - CB male Moonstone
    - CB female Lumina

    Things I owe:
    - 2G Ice x Moonstone to windzero
    - 1 Blue Dino to Saynna
    - 5/6 2G Hellhorses to Lysian

    Owed to me:
    - 2G PB Alt Vine from sweetthing
    - Gold Shimmer from Arella