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    Wishlist of still missing cb dragons(group/133200):
    -Staterae Xeno F

    I have female gold tinsel can breed for trades.

    Lineage wishlist:
    - 2g f gold tinsel prizes/prizekins
    - 2-3g prize/prizekin mates for group/134517

    - Tinsel prizes (esp. with any fire gem)
    - Gold/bronze tinsel prize with autumn seasonal

    - SAlts
    - Codes loved!
    - Well named lineages, nice color combos
    - Purebreds are meh (unless upside-down mints!)

    - I like: Fire gems, tercorns, daydreams, pillows, mints, pharos's, gold/silver lunar heralds, balloons, moonstones, mistras, astaarus..