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  1. Nico di Angelo always. I like Annabeth, but she's third place on the list.
  2. This series is pretty good, but since Rick released the Heroes of Olympus(the sequel to the Percy Jackson series), I've started getting bored of it.
  3. The only Christian Music I listen to is Skillet
  4. Not my first favorite band, but they're pretty good. Favorite songs from them are: Give Me A Sign Crawl Diary of Jane Dance with the Devil Into the Nothing Anthem of the Angels I Will Not Bow
  5. Favorites are mainly rock music and from Skillet. Not Gonna Die, Comatose, Awake and Alive, etc.
  6. Vocaloid's AWESOME!!!!!!! Whoops. Sorry with the Caps Lock. Favorite Vocaloid is totally Kaito, Gakupo, Len, Rin, Akaito, Taito, Miki, and Gumi. Favorite song(s): Imitator, Bad End Night, Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder, the entire Seven Deadly Sins series, iNsAniTY, Cantarella, and others that I;m not going to name.
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    Japanese Music

    Vocaloid SID Nightmare Yuya Matsushita Anime OSTs
  8. I have a few that I don't know which to choose from. Samidare from Naruto Treachery from Bleach Death Trip Serenade from Saint Seiya The Dark Crow Smiles from Black Butler And more.
  9. My first dream would to be a marine biologist and my second is to be an author.