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    I've been a player of DC for a long while now and though I have posted a few times in the Forums, I haven't really been active within the Forums, hopefully that'll change soon.

    I guess I should tell you a bit about myself? That is the main reason you're here, right?

    Well, I'll start off with my real name, my real name actually is Toya Kazaki, and yes I know my username is terrible and unimaginative but I can never be bothered to find out which usernames are available.

    I'm 19 -as of August the 18th- and I work part-time for 3 jobs, I finished college over a year ago now and I'll be starting Uni in a couple more months -hopefully, if my parents are in a comfortable enough situation (enter the reason why I have 3 part-time jobs here) where money is concerned, then I can start the grueling task of studying until I drop!- and start my long awaited task of getting my dream job as a Forensic Scientist.

    I'm a big movie buff, I love horrors -who doesn't?- and I like -not love- actions. I watch comedies now and again, depending on what they're like. Say Kickass? Nope, not my thing. The Hangover series? Yep, defiantly my thing. Though I am into old fashioned comedies more than the modern day ones; things like Only Fools and Horses, Porridge, Keeping Up Appearances, etc, are much more my kind of thing.

    Music is my life, I could not imagine my life without it, -well I can but it's so bleak that I don't want to imagine it- I'd say I mainly listen to RnB but really and truly my music genres vary from classic rock to indie and all and everything around and in between.

    Well, that's it I think.