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  1. Finding a cool name that's still available. Having multiple Papers or CB Luminox at once. Clearing out 'clutter' of unnamed/unsorted dragons at the top of my scroll into their proper places. Counting up my holiday haul after the madness is over.
  2. Have: 3rd gen Garland from Marrow checker https://dragcave.net/teleport/edd01ef490c416ac9b9d7871fc3ddd89 3rd gen Garland from Witchlight checker https://dragcave.net/teleport/588dca46026cde92850953186047ffe6 3rd gen Winter Magi from Desipis checker https://dragcave.net/teleport/22fff4a61b52dce005d5b57b6521ad36 Looking for bloodswaps from named ancestors
  3. Something like this has been said before, but I want to be able to select a nonholiday breed, and not have their eggs count toward my growing total.
  4. Someone else may correct me, but I think TJ said once that spamming breeding the same pair makes them less likely to produce. You might try switching mates up for a week or two to 'refresh' the pairing? Or at least give them a break. Edit: I understand the frustration. I have one pair that has failed for almost two years (metal x holiday for a nonholiday egg)
  5. Halp! Drowning in Aqualises! HeatherMarie and Co., save us!
  6. I was feeling very proud of myself for all the naming and logging and sorting I did last night. I went through quite a pile of acquired dragons. Then I scrolled ahead to see what was left, and saw i still had almost a page and a half to go. *headdesk* I shouldn't have looked, I should have just kept grinding though.
  7. Silly dragon. You may be a 'cb' but you're no elf!
  8. A lot of up and down swings in the categories of Family, Work, Creativity, and Relationships. It came to a close with a coworker asking if I wanted to go out sometime. I don't know how to feel about that at all. [removed a long ramble about relationship baggage and self-esteem]
  9. I meant to freeze some witchlight misgenders, but I forgot and went to bed and they grew up. Now I'll just have to release them, when I wanted more of the s2 sprite.
  10. Poor luck with precogs on the last wall. I found only one 'correct' gender before I ran out. Also, I didn't find anything really tradeable this year in the AP. No prizekins, no low gen SAs. The few Arcanas I caught I either froze or gifted, because I was struggling with trading them. Next year I resolve to do my trading ahead of time, and the rest just breed for myself all the 2gs I didn't this year.
  11. I caught an 2g lineage I really wanted to keep because I have some already (Aegis x Witchlight), but it's going to misgender. So I looked up the mother, saw what only other egg was in that clutch, and stalked the AP a few more minutes. Nabbed it! ...It's also going to misgender. Down to two Aeons now.
  12. I come home form work and there's still a wall of HW eggs. Incredible! But I'm still scroll-locked... T_T
  13. I was hoping to find a spare new egg to gift to someone, and I've only seen one go by all day. I guess the lag/ drop scarcity really had an effect on the AP donations this year.
  14. Have: Arcana misgender for freezing (female), grows up in 5h Want: HW offer (not Lurkers) https://dragcave.net/teleport/d756c1d9b0363bf68d199fdb60f61001
  15. I'm scroll-locked for another ten hours. I hope there will be a chance to grab a last few HW eggs. It's been a pretty good holiday, even though my haul wasn't as large as last year's, and I didn't get around to some 2gs I wanted to breed. I'll make them a priority next year. Thank you TJ and Spriters!
  16. I've been keeping up with naming all the holidays I'm going to keep. Even the new dergs have names already. And only twice has my first choice been taken, both times fixed with one extra space. I guess my brain thinks in strange ways? Edit: I finally caught a 2 PB Omen in the AP. And it's going to gender right! Now I have all the 2gs I need!
  17. Have: 2g Arcana from M Green Copper, will gender female Want: 3g PB Grave female, other Arcana 2gs https://dragcave.net/teleport/32e42044746736906b5dd947867f1649 Have: 3rd gen PB Grave male Want: Genderswap, Arcana 2gs, offers https://dragcave.net/teleport/596f30cdfaa350cfefb182f04e40d97f
  18. Omen misgender for freezing!
  19. Trying to find a 2G PB Omen (male). They're flying by so fast I can't catch any to see what they are. I have some 2g Arcanas, but I feel bad trading them if they might misgender.
  20. Haaaaaaaatch already and let me hunt the AP! (My Aeons are cringing at the thought of what's about to happen to all their BSAs.)
  21. Another supporting a 1.5-2 day drop. Not more, but it's terrible that many players were really trying and still didn't get to load up. (I don't think the timezone complaint works, personally. I work nights of weekends and can only access releases 9 hours after they start, and I still usually manage. But we either need a longer release period, or to completely flood the biomes with each drop.)
  22. Oh, bummer. I had my hopes up this time for some reason, and I usually don't. *Nabs a cookie* Congrats to the winners, and I look forward to seeing new dragon names around the site! May your shinies breed true!
  23. I didn't find any codes this season except one of the new eggs: contains "Icld" (I'm cold). It's been below freeing for days. Me too, little guy, me too.
  24. All of this year's nonfrozen haul so far are already named. I think that's a record for me. As for the rest of the backlog, well: "IGNORE THE MAN DRAGONS BEHIND THE CURTAIN!"
  25. Kyanite (pygmy drak) Drake Two-headed Wyrm One revival, one disintegration, two dodges. Pretty good for forgetting to kill on the 17th.