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  1. I'm naming, logging, and sorting piles of dragons from last Christmas. And some recent release breeds have names now too! The backlog is slowly dwindling. Throwing the code dergs into their proper bin at the end of the scroll has cut down on a lot of clutter. And I took advantage of the price drop to grab a Market gold! That's the very last shiny I needed. Anything from this point on will be traded or gifted.
  2. The last couple of cycles it's been all the holidays. A special 'Holiday' biome appears with the old eggs, and has remained open all the holiday week.
  3. Gold have dropped even further to 3,700. If anyone's been waiting for a great deal, now's a good time! *Yoinks a shiny*
  4. 3 dodges 4 disintegrates 1 success (Western.)
  5. Do you mind sharing which biome you need a zyu from? I can keep my eyes open for you. My own bad luck is unaccountably clicking on two eggs I was only trying to mouseover to see the code. But my finger clicked anyway, and now I'm locked with couple of randos when I was trying to gather trade fodder.
  6. And thank you for the Glowback!!
  7. I keep seeing lots of almost perfect palindromes in the cave. So many. I grabbed two for proof, that are just missing one capitalization. One two If somebody wants them anyway, let me know. I'll be on for another hour, and then not till tomorrow.
  8. Does anyone remember who collects '007' codes? I know someone around here does...
  9. Zones and Arson Yeah, they've both got a number in there, but they scan well enough to go into the Word Codes bin. Close enough!
  10. I keep forgetting to raise a third Coast dragon for the raffle. So I'm camping there, looking for anything interesting, and a great code came up just now but someone else was faster. I also lost a bunch of bids on trades in the last couple of days. Codes and Papers, mostly.
  11. Have: 3rd gen gold Lunar from female Caligenes Want: Bloodswap, OR 3rd gen gold Lunar from male Despis. Make me an offer!
  12. I was tagging a chicken earlier, and was surprised 'Perfect Name Codes' wasn't taken. C'mon, a lot of us use scroll dividers.
  13. I have no discipline when hunting the cave tonight. I went there with four slots open for either Glowbacks or something nice I could trade for Glowback hatchies. 4 interesting codes later... didn't even get the chicken I uncovered with one of them because I had locked myself.
  14. Colored right on the first try, just in time for the holiday coming up. She already has a mate waiting.
  15. Time is moving incredibly slowly when I want to offer on a neat trade but I'm egg-locked, and I have a fully cracked ER sitting there being stubborn. hint hint, little egg Edit: annnnd the trade is already over. Drat.
  16. 9 dodges, five disintegrations, one revival (I forgot that could happen; he just earned a life pardon ), one wingless zombie . At least I got one. Ex-Leodon (Previous wyvern for anyone that needs an unlock)
  17. Two existential anxieties, a plump Moonstone, and a Crimson Flare who... likes to party.
  18. I am slowly beating back the horde of word-code and zombie fodder (almost-name-code) dragons into their designated places at the back of the scroll. The list of unnamed dragons is a little less daunting without those mixed in. Maybe someday I'll catch up! Edit: I just found a 2g Prizekin I'd forgotten I had. Shiny!
  19. I just overburdened on a CB silver. That's what I get for being greedy with grabbing codes...
  20. Code "Wrex" for trade. Looking for offers, CBs or nice checkers preferred. (or a red/pink hatchie pack I can regift) https://dragcave.net/teleport/c1cc88ef3ddb5f4362a3d04e2350c321
  21. I've had three successful vamp bites in a row (over a few weeks), but they all repulsed. I was hoping for some trade fodder. Edit: Just had a 4th repulse....
  22. I named 75 dragons in the last 24 hours! (only around 300 more to go )
  23. I'm doing a flurry of naming after months of being semi-inactive. I congratulated myself that nothing I choose had been taken, until I got to a few things that were part of a lineage. I was upset that I was going to have to break the pattern, but then I found the planned names already reserved on some frozen papers at the back of my scroll. I'd forgotten I did that...
  24. Picked up a cheese. After 3 days with no offers, I just punted it to the AP.
  25. I've been camping the Desert lately for several breeds. Yesterday I was at my parents' on the dinky laptop, gathering Skysilks and Spitfires. I picked up so many that I uncovered a Gold, but with a touchpad cursor I had no chance at it. Oh well, it would have been nice to gift one. Also, coming back to the game to several pages' worth of unnamed dragons.