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 I breed on request - feel free to PM. image.pngfiregem.png Origami Army is Recruiting! Paper_mature_hatchi.gif 231/∞  My  wish is to find mates for Lord Nakki and Serpentine Victory.
**I have largely moved to Discord.  Poke me there if you want something.**

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    Wandering my own little worlds
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    I am always looking for Papers! If you have one to trade, let me know and I'll catch or breed something for it. Likewise I am now collecting CB Luminox and CB perfect name codes.

    I prefer perfect checkers to stairs or mixed even-gens, and that's what I breed for myself. I'll make exceptions for song lyrics/poems, though.

    I will happily breed my dragons on request, even the metals. Just message me if you want something. I will also try to catch Trios/Xenos/Zyus and such for new players, when I have a night off.

    Current status: trying to work through my backlog of unnamed/unsorted stuff from my semi-hiatus earlier this year.

    Non-DC hobbies and interests: miniatures painting, kumihimo beading, and a lot of making up languages and scripts for use in original settings. I like to read, mostly science fiction and fantasy. Sometimes I draw, if the muse is with me.