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 I breed on request - feel free to PM. image.pngfiregem.png Origami Army is Recruiting! Paper_mature_hatchi.gif 206/∞  My  wish is to find mates for Lord Nakki and Serpentine Victory.

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    I am a confirmed paper hatchie addict!
    Bulk trading anything for CB metals - you set the amount!

    -Choice of breedings off my scroll to HeavensEvil - waiting for response
    -xenos/recent releases to Rinah - waiting for response
    Updated 6/1/17

    **CURRENT PROJECTS** (projected end generation in parentheses)
    Deep Sea x M Silver (6th) - got the last CB silver I needed!
    Gaia x F Gold (5th) - breeding/trading for another 3rd gen gold, or trading for 3rd gen Gaia
    Magma x F Chrono (5th) - breeding a 4th gen Magma
    Thunder x M Gold (5th) - need another 2nd gen Thunder
    Tsunami x F Gold (5th) - breeding 4th gens
    Autumn x F Gold (6th) - trying to breed a 5th gen Gold
    Marrow x F Ember (6th) - breeding 5th gen Ember
    Desipis x F Gold (4th) - breeding 4th gen
    Magma x F Desipis (4th) - trying to breed 3rd gen Magma
    Chrono x F Trihorn (5th) - breeding 4th gens
    Spotted Greenwing x F Gold (4th) - breeding 2nd and 3rd gen

    **COMPLETED PROJECTS** Happy to share or make bloodswaps!
    Canopy x F Mageia - 5th gen
    Nhiostrife x F Thalassa - 5th
    Thalassa x F Silver - 4th
    Wrapping Wing x Royal Crimson - 5th
    Grave x F Magma - 5th
    Ember x F Marrow - 5th
    Marrow x F Gold - 6th
    Winter Magi x F Red copper - 5th
    Heartseeker x F Tea - 5th
    Heartseeker x F Moonstone - 4th
    Winter Magi x F Lumina - 5th
    Desipis x F gold Lunar - 4th
    Mageia x F Desipis - 4th gen
    Gaia x M Thunder- 5th
    Heartseeker x F Red - 5th
    Chrono x F silver Lunar- 5th

    **WISHLIST** Mostly holidaykin. I prefer nicely named parents for my lineages.

    -Gold from male Caligene
    -Red from Val '09
    -2 Thalassas from Solstice
    -3rd gen Frostbite from Rosebud
    -3rd gen Thunder from Rosebud
    -Black tea from Rosebud
    -3rd gen Sunstone from RA
    -3rd gen Silver from Heartseeker
    -3rd gen Silver from RA
    -3rd gen Crimson pygmy from male Pumpkin
    -Nilia from female Pumpkin
    -3rd gen Seawyrm from male Pumpkin
    -Chrono from female Shadow Walker
    -3rd gen White from Solstice
    -Gold from Winter Magi
    -3rd gen gold from Heartseeker
    -3rd gen Gold from Ribbon
    -Frill from tricolor Snow Angel, Ribbon, or female Grave
    -Moonstone from Wrapping Wing
    -2 Monarch from female Grave
    -3rd gen indigo Lunars from Rosebud, F Grave, M/F Shadow Walker