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  1. thanks tj and spriters for the new eggs. they are very shiny and cute. Happy valentine's day everyone.
  2. This year christmas dragons look awesome. The description tells so much about the festivities and to cherish those we appreciate most. Have a happy holidays everyone.
  3. Happy holidays everyone! . Nice looking Winter eggs. can hardly wait for them to hatch.
  4. Nice, new egg reléase. Thanks Tj and spriter for the new eggs. Time to catch even if its a Little late. Better late than never.
  5. Thanks TJ and spriters for the new eggs, they look great.
  6. If it´s okay, i would like to say that maybe what is needed in those situations is letting dragons recieve a certain amount of views each day starting from the day you get them and not overfeed them in the last 4 hours.
  7. Looks like the boost in summoning is a success, got my second GON today. (I wonder how many people are going to breed GON's with holyday dragons during the event times now that they can breed with other species (looking at a possible holly dragon having for parents a holly and a GON in the near future)).
  8. Happy birthday dragon cave. Haven´t tried yet breeding my dragon, thinking of a good partner for my GON.
  9. This feature is good, now i can see where i got my dragons, thanks TJ.
  10. it's good to see you back again, and also the site too, it´s great.
  11. successful summon done today, took many tries but finally got it. summoned with a female thunder dragon
  12. looks like I'm not the only one in the same situation, hope everything gets fixed soon, i really like the site.
  13. Thanks for the eggs TJ and spriters; they look nice
  14. Happy easter everyone, and thanks tj and spriters
  15. Thanks for the early news TJ. I'm looking forward for the release and the event.
  16. yes, drakes only breed with drakes. They still make a good combo with the other drakes even if they can't breed with dragons.
  17. nice drakes, they look great
  18. Got three of the moist ones and 2 of the noise ones.
  19. Thanks for the new release TJ and spriters
  20. Sounds interesting, I was expecting the release at midnight too but during the day sounds good also.
  21. they both look nice. I like more the color combination of the fever dragons, and the color of the brute dragons definitely show their strenght.
  22. New release, yeah. Time for my eggs to hatch and have some space. I'll try to get two of each. Thanks TJ, and spriters. the new release looks great as always.
  23. I was thinking between silver, pink, red-finned , black tea and/or nebula. But I'll wait until the breeding time comes next year.
  24. I gave mine names according to the holy magic in many games since this dragons are said to use White magic, and what better magic than the strongest of it's kind. Holy Twilight and Holy Radiant.
  25. Thanks TJ, artists and everyone who was in this event, it was fun. Hope there are more events like this in the future.