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  1. I haven't posted anything in ages, but I'd like to share this fantastic Thuwed I got from the abandoned page. It's a descendant of both the Valentine x Flamingo Thuwed as well as marrionetta's spriter's alt. Hopefully when it genders it'll be male, as I'd like to continue this lineage to a seventh even gen. However, I'll have to use pink dragons seeing as it would be a pain to gather all the dragons, as well as difficult to prevent inbreeding.
  2. Oh, I had forgotten about this lineage! Well, I hope that I can work to revive it some. To start with, I created a Google Drive database in the Sheets program, so when I complete updating that based on Tiga's list (I believe), I'll post a link to it here. Also, I bred all 6 of my Medeis', of which I received 5 eggs. If you wish to follow them with me, the codes for them are qd1RF, yWRCQ, e2QLO, wbXnb, and Gcd0I. I hope we're able to revive this project and bring it back to the glory it deserves! ~~wvni
  3. Wow, I come back to the forums to find that of all the breeds of dragons I enjoy, my favorite has it's own breeding project! I'd love to be a breeder! Scroll Link: Scroll Pillow Dragons: 7 Females (Dang, I didn't know I had that many), 2 Males Magi Dragons: 1 Male Hope I can help!
  4. Add my Medeis dragon~ Lineage Link: Lineage Generation: 6th Name: Duke Jirtoloo Medeis
  5. discovered that one of the dragons I got at halloween is a Dorkface! Pleasant surprise, but wondering if it is inbred? The originals show up twice in the lineage, two different places. Can someone please tell me? http://dragcave.net/lineage/0MfdF EDIT 1 Looking through some dragons of mine from the holidays, and found a great gem! Arsani dragon from valentine's, the code says fox, and it's a dorkface. I need to look at lineages more often. http://dragcave.net/lineage/foxTQ
  6. Add my Medeis dragon~ Lineage Link:Lineage Generation:5th Name:Duke Evortia Medeis EDIT: Also, a Medeis Here is a Medeis for you~ Lineage Link: Lineage Generation&Lineage: 6th Gen and no Lineage Style Two Way Teleport Link: Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! I'd like a dummy egg please, and please post if you take him/her. Also, no freezing/biting/killing please. EDIT2: And a Medeis for myself. Add my Medeis dragon~ Lineage Link: Lineage Generation: 5th Name:Duchess Yelvetri Medeis It's a Speckle-Throated.
  7. Add my Medeis dragon~ Lineage Link:lineage Generation:5th Name:Duke Evortia Medeis
  8. They may be dominant now, but I'm building my fluffy army of pillows. If only I could get a male one q.q
  9. Breeder Form~ Scroll: Scroll Medeis Dragons: (include generations) Bleeding Moons The Duke Chectele Medeis ~ 4th Gen ~ Male The Duchess Henrova Medeis ~ 5th Gen ~ Female The Duchess Yelvetri Medeis ~ 5th Gen ~ Female Pillows The Duke Evortia Medeis ~ 5th Gen ~ Male The Duke Jirtoloo Medeis ~ 6th Gen ~ Male The Duke Oclerta Medeis ~ 6th Gen ~ Female
  10. Add my Medeis dragon~ Lineage Link:lineage Generation:4th Name:Duke Chectele Medies
  11. I've got my Medeis dragon~ Gifter: Tiga Giftee: Wvni Dragon Lineage Link: lineage
  12. Made an offer on the second one. Also, cosmic, any answer to my question? Still not sure even after Tiga's response. To rephrase my question, can you use other dragons in the lineage? Like, do you have to only use Magis and Tidals or can you use anything? i.e. from a Tidal or Magi to an almost pure pillow lineage, except starting pair.
  13. I want to join!~ Scroll Link: Scroll I would like a Medeis dragon~ Scroll Link: Above Generation: Any, don't care what generation. Also, a quick question, are there any breeding requirements? i.e. only starting pair dragons, or can you use any dragons? Also, can I breed any Medies I get with a dorkface or of the other two competing lineages? Edit: The reason I'm asking the first question is to see if I can make a pillow dragon division of the starting pair.
  14. I hope this isn't spam, I don't believe this is, tell me if I'm wrong so I can fix this i.e. delete and edit it into my last post. Just bred my Nebula dorkface with a Royal Blue and got a Royal Blue dorkface, free to a good home, please don't bite/ice/kill him/her. Claim my egg Edit: Please also tell me if you get the egg!
  15. I believe I may have 2 of the longest, most confusing, most scattered dorkface lineages. They are both broken, and they are both 13th gen, starting with the original pair as 1st gen and the current egg and dragon as 13th gen. I can't believe that I have such old descendants! They're also both from the original pair. They are: Black Striped http://dragcave.net/lineage/K31jy Green Nebula http://dragcave.net/lineage/LzNSg I'm willing to breed the green nebula with anything on my scroll for anyone, anyone want one? EDIT: I found a (I believe) 18th gen dorkface in
  16. Forum Name: wvni Character Name: Leforae Age:11 Dragon Years Gender:Male Dragon Appearance: ((image won't work, can someone help me with this?)) Slightly smaller than the average Canopy dragon. His colors are also slightly diluted so as to not be so bright. He also wears a small satchel around his neck, woven of tall grasses. Personality: Leforae is a very perky dragon. He is typically always happy, and always will to try and help, even if he can't. He will always try to be optimistic, and enjoys the company of other dragons. He can also be very blunt when it comes to things, for b
  17. Wow, this is really old, and I haven't really done anything with it in a while. Well, I'm going to bring it back! I did one minor update to the rules, will start working on a banner, and thn hopefully take this off from being crashed in the fluffy tree forest. To help restart it, I bred another egg for anyone to take. Just take the egg from the transfer, and write a post to say that you took it! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. That's just mean and cruel. You got that egg fair and square, and that's that. I get frustrated when I miss a cool egg, but I just go see the stat page and copy down the code, but no one should ever be so cruel as to kill or try to kill an egg or hatching they didn't get.
  19. 13th or so gen Dorkface. Cannot even, craziest lineage I have ever found. If you go to Dork of Dorkface, his parents are the original Dorkfaces. I gotta facdesk right here. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=159805 Link to a link to the lineage where the dragon is thats a descendent of the original dorkface On another note, does anyone feel like starting this up again, or even creating it on a new post?
  20. Sure, I'll message you with the telport to the first egg
  21. Hello everyone, I would like to say that I am able to give out dragons now, tell me if you want one!
  22. Andy, that's awful. I've heard some bad cases, but killing someone's rare dragon, one of their first dragons, and killing it during one if their first couple days on dragon cave is just awful. People who do that are just mean and cruel.
  23. There's probably a few reasons dragons get sick. It's more life like to have them get sick and possibly die. I mean, everyone dies eventually. Plus, it's good to have the challenge of having to watch your eggs grow, fogging them at the right time. It's one of the challenging aspects of dragon cave that makes it unique and interesting.