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  1. Mine came back like four times, completely random on when it would vanish and return, for about a month before it was gone for good. 😕
  2. Mine eventually went away and never returned but I still have no idea what caused it to this day... 😕
  3. *Downs several gallons of the no win ice cream in the mystical fourth flavor of the endless void.* I hate this raffle so much but it won't stop me from entering. Never gonna win tho...
  4. *Eats a no win cookie.* Again and again still no win. Bleh.
  5. @oilbird I'm super glad to see it'll be well loved and continued! ❤️ I love when my mass bred random pygmy dragons are plucked from the ap and continued. Feel free to ping me as you continue to build upon it! I'd love to see where it goes. ^w^
  6. Already full up! For once I was online so this was nice. ❤️ Beautiful new eggs! Can't wait to see what they hatch into. OwO
  7. No win cookie for me this month too. *Noms it.* Sad to see a bunch of prizes get won by a multi-scroller. 😕 But congrats to the lucky catchers who spoiled some of their attempts.
  8. *Eats a no win cookie.* Another month, another failure. Bleh...
  9. Absolutely would love this! Support from me for sure.
  10. 3rd gen Silver Tinsel egg from Tan Ridgewing, down stair lineage.
  11. I'd appreciate a message when you start trading offspring of your prize dragon and thank you for being so kind as to ping me. -- To the thread: I'm sorry for being in a mood. Its just disheartening to never win, and while I know that's the nature of a raffle it still hurts. Having your own Prize dragon is a hell of a lot different than trading for the offspring of others and what I want is something that's mine that I can then breed for others who went through the same as me, waiting and waiting just to be told, "Sorry you didn't win."
  12. How? I don't have the ability to catch what 1st gen Tinsel/Shimmers owners want. Slow net doesn't allow me to get the good stuff folks want and you can only make so many common x common lineages before anyone gets bored. My couple of 2nd gen prizes that I do have were lucky trades and an awesome friend who has since left the site. Can't even get prizekin mates for them cause of the trade issues.
  13. Its not that I don't find the game fun, I do, but after you've collected most of the CB's which is my current scroll goal and the only thing left is really CB Prizes well my goal is stalled out then. Sure new breeds come out and I have more to do always but it'd be nice to not spend the next god knows how many years of my limited time on this earth feeling like I never win anything. I spent 8 years in a pet shop on another site trying to win a custom edited creature so I know how it is to wait and I know how depressing it can be to see that, 'Sorry you didn't win.' every single month. Raffles are depressing for me I guess. Not trying to ruin anyone else's moods over their wins. Just want a lovely dragon that I can name and enjoy making lineages with. >-<
  14. *Eats another no win cookie.* Been entering since the raffles became a monthly thing and still no win. *Heavy sigh.* Maybe someday but man I just dunno if I have it in me to keep going and going after years of no luck.
  15. In my case I called them at least three times during the original issue and asked if they had any help for me with this and they said it was "Nothing on their end." But also they swear that when I have random net drop out issues too. At this point I figure they'll say that to whatever I ask of them. Centurylink is just that way. Nothing is ever their fault.
  16. Ah sorry for not responding for awhile. IRL has been keeping me away for the most part. Its definitely got to be an issue on CenturyLink's part then, despite me calling the ISP and them swearing vehemently they're not doing anything that would cause this. >-> I'm sorry you're suffering it now too Arianthe! Honestly the warning itself isn't even an issue its when the warning is active we can't give clicks or views back to other uses who click us in turn. Which with the hatching sites isn't so bad as that's mostly handled for us. To me it just feels like I'm not being fair to my fellow players that I can't give and can only receive.
  17. Hey guys! Sorry its been a day and a half. xD Busy busy. But yeah I've run Malware and Antivirus scans and even ran another one after pinkgothic suggested it to be sure and neither program brought up any warnings at all. As of today the warning is not present so maybe this IP address is solid? I'm still not sure what to do in lieu of this issue. I firmly remember my old computer before it died about 6 months ago never had this issue with this site while still running the same net service.
  18. As of today the warning is gone again though whatismyproxy.com still says there's one active. >-<
  19. @RealWilliamShakespeare I wish it was something that simple. I've honestly never fussed with anything in the settings really since buying the computer a year ago so everything is still virtually stock as it comes in box. 😕
  20. @Fuzzbucket The ISP assured me several times that they weren't using one at all but Centurylink is known to lie to its customers. Not the best rep but the only ISP I could get sadly due to location. I dunno how to check if my router is using one.. 😕 And nope no other website except DC or actively checking it on whatismyproxy.com shows that I have one somehow.
  21. @Fuzzbucket Nope no private windows for Firefox, and after digging into the Firefox settings this is what came up: Also went into my computer settings and same thing: So neither my browser nor my computer had a proxy set up but still whatismyproxy.com and DC is reading me as using a proxy.
  22. Well I know that my IP address is never static but that's just how the ISP provides it. It jumps my location all around Montana where I live, but I'm in no way hiding myself online. No VPN or anything. Just an adblocker and malwarebytes plus my antivirus software which is McAfee and I've already checked it to see if its hiding me somehow and its not. Warning is still there and I'm doing nothing to make it appear. 😕
  23. @purpledragonclaw Yeah still no luck sorting it out. It technically doesn't effect my gameplay as long as I don't have to give Views/Clicks in return but the idea that my machine might be compromised somehow along with the libraries machines is odd. I've called my ISP again and they still claim to be using no proxies that would effect this. I could take the computer to a repair place but the price point is awful high for a simple diagnosis and budget is tight.
  24. @purpledragonclaw It's possible its out of date on the ancient tablet I mentioned using but the phone and the computer are both up to date for Chrome and Firefox.
  25. @Fuzzbucket The first website says I am not using a proxy, used both of the others to check for any proxies on my settings and none are active according to my computer, and I do actually have malwarebytes installed and working so no need there. As of now the proxy warning is once again gone. I am so utterly confused why this sucker keeps popping up on me and only on Dragcave.