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My mum now has an account and I traded her a hatchling, don't burn us

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    Games, animals, drawing

    Timezone is Australian EST (cave time + 14 hours, not what it says above).

    Looking for any of these hatchlings for freezing, any lineage. Will accept 1 for common trades, and 2 or more for rare trades (unless the hatchling is rare).

    s2 aria, aeon, female bbw, s1 green baikala, s1 and s2 m+f blue baikala, black truffle, s1 and male blancblack, male and s1 blusang, carmine, s1 canopy, s1 carina, copper (all stages + colours), s1 daydream, dusk pygmies, blue female red male green s1 firegem , s1 flamingo, all floret, all gemshard, all golds, s1 hellhorse, ice, magma, thunder, s2 lacula, light and dark lumina, silver lunar herald s1 and s2, s2 brown/gold lunar herald, all melismor, female and s1 monarch, blue/s1 neb, nexus, paper, pillow, pink, pipios, s2 razorback, all shimmers, all dinos, all stripe colours and stages except white