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My ScrollI'm happy to breed you Stripes, Geodes, Blacks, Shallow Waters, attempt to bite for Vampires, and more! Just ask! I don't require anything in return, but if you'd like to make it a trade, see my profile for what I'm after!sheika.png

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    I'm a guy, user name is a very long story, don't ask. I'm a nice and friendly person unless you cross me. I don't mind chatting! Just know that I'm easily distracted and I sometimes forget to reply XD


    Me: CB Purple eggie [sent]
    wolfu-san: Red eggies [amount to be determined later]

    Me: CB Male Thunder hatchie [sent]
    wolfu-san: to be determined at a later date


    Completed IOUs:
    Too many to list with wolfu-san

    me: 2nd Gen PB White Stripe egg [sent]
    salmonbaby: x4 Red hatchies

    Me: Three CB new release hatchies [M/F/U Musty] OR 2 Musty and 1 Rancid, of any genders, as long as there are no duplicates
    Alasse: Two CB Thunder eggies [got!]

    Dragon Wishlist: [Gender, generation and want level are indicated for each!]
    Hatchies needed for freezing: [ANY LINEAGE] [Gender is indicated!] [All are low wants]

    Bronze Tinsel [either]
    Canopy [both]
    Dark Myst Pygmy [both]
    Ember [both]
    Gold Tinsel [either]
    Harvest [both]
    Hellfire [both]
    Lumina [both]
    Nebula [all]
    Neglected [all]
    Nocturne [both]
    Pillow [both]
    Seasonal Spring [both]
    Seasonal Summer [both]
    Seasonal Autumn [both]
    Seasonal Winter [male]
    Shallow Water [both]
    Silver Tinsel [either]
    Striped - White [both]
    Striped - Blue [both]
    Striped - Green [both]
    Striped - Red [both]
    Striped - Black [both]
    Sunrise [both]
    Sunset [both]
    Turpentine [both]
    Two-headed [both]
    Water [male]
    White [both]

    Striped - White
    Striped - Blue
    Striped - Green
    Striped - Red
    Striped - Black

    ADULTS WANTED: [CAVE BRED, aside from hybrids, which need to be 2nd Gen] [All are LOW WANTS unless stated!]
    ALL HOLIDAYS!! [Highest want!]
    Bright Breasted Wyvern [female]
    Crimson Flare Pygmy [any]
    Chicken [High want]
    Dark Myst Pygmy [both]
    Day Glory Drake [Female] [Medium want]
    Gold [both] [High want]
    Guardian of Nature [any]
    Magma [any] [High want]
    Misfit Pygmy [male]
    Nebula [all, but green male] [Medium want]
    Neglected [all] [High want]
    Nightglory Drake [both] [Medium want]
    Nilia Pygmy [any]
    Nocturne [male]
    Pillow [female] [High want]
    Purple [male] [Medium want]
    Pygmy [male]
    Red [both] [High want]
    Ridgewing Purple [both] [Medium want]
    Ridgewing Tan [both] [Medium want]
    Seasonal Autumn [both] [Highest want]
    Seasonal Spring [both] [Highest want]
    Seasonal Summer [female] [Highest want]
    Seasonal Winter [both] [Highest want]
    Seawyrm Pygmy [female]
    Silver [both] [High want]
    Spitfire [any]
    Striped - Blue [male]
    Striped - Black [male]
    Striped - Black [male]
    Sunrise [female]
    Sunsong Amphiptere [both]
    Two-Finned Bluna [female]
    Vine [Alternate] [Any]
    Whiptail [any]

    I'm happy to accept IOUs for anything on my wishlist, but I may decline if you have no references. It just depends, and is a case-by-case basis! Sorry, it's nothing personal, I've just had bad experiences in the past. [Not with anyone on here, but something else.]

    Rules for IOUs:
    1 - I won't wait for more than one month for a bred egg/hatchie. Please be aware that I -might- be looking for other offers for the said breed of egg/hatchie as well, if it takes longer than two weeks, with MINIMAL CONTACT from you. I will wait as long as it takes if you keep up contact! [A message every few days, instead of one every seven days, for example]
    2 - I won't wait more than two weeks for a cave born egg/hatchie. Will wait longer with close contact. I will wait a bit longer for rares, of course!
    3 - I only do scroll bred IOUs for rare breeds, I'm sorry =( I have horrible luck with getting highly sought after Cave Borns! XD I can try, but please know that I probably won't be able to. Common Cave Breds I can get, though! [This means my part being the IOU]
    4 - I try to keep communication clear and frequent. Don't worry, I won't spam you with needless PMs! <3


    I can breed anything on my scroll for you, just ask!



    Start these lineages:
    Male CB Pillow x Female CB Electric [Static Cling line]

    Male CB Thunder x Female CB Electric [White Lightning lineage]

    CB Storm [gray] x CB Electric [name to be decided]

    CB Storm x CB Thunder [name to be decided]

    Need pairings for these characters:
    Pete [Ghostie type]
    Sav [Metallics? PSH I WISH]
    Joe [Not sure...]
    Viv [Seasonals]
    Rick [Red? Ember?]
    John [No idea D=]