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IOU friendly. [ My wishlist ←click! ] Just call me jenny.


Seeking for holiday mates in my wishlist!

Always be willing to trade for prize checkers!<3


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    Sometimes Im busy in my work or something else in real life, I may forget those DC stuffs. If I dont reply to your remind PM or forget to clean my PM box for a long time, you can always contact my buddy dragon p or mistlark on forum. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

    ~Special thanks to those generous people who gave me brilliant helps! ~
    (Random order)

    daestarr, Vain.3805, Chalkboard,
    FyoraSilverwolf, beefcake, Singalana,
    Red2111, hamsterwoman, alliana1,
    Shahar, Raphy, Syleye, lollipop00,
    Sylanthe, angelicdragonpuppy,
    Moeru, ranger lucy, Nightwalkerkey,
    Syryn, Shroomlet, Mistress of Whispers,
    harlequinraven, bloodonmyfangs, Lavinia,
    dirtytabs, alci, Rivera, viar, Darth Krande,
    ewi122, banban007, JaneMcAsh, Sharanay,
    Terrafreaky, amamiya_ritsukabi29

    (I will edit the list after single trade is over)
    ~IOUs I owe people currently~
    lincoln6echo: 3G tinsel

    ~IOUs owed to me currently~
    AnanoKimi: 2nd gen electric (Over 2 years passed already :(
    fruitgusher:lunar herald silver tinsel (OK, it's a useful but terrible lesson :(