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  1. I'm in! Here is my scroll, my dragons are sorted by breed. I'll also donate the offspring of the following Hollys: http://dragcave.net/lineage/a9mHl http://dragcave.net/lineage/9Wbm1 http://dragcave.net/lineage/ai5Ka
  2. I finally got a Leetle Tree! http://dragcave.net/lineage/JD0jj
  3. Hey, we've got our own thread, nice! I'm AFAB masculine-expressing nonbinary. Closest term for my identity I guess would be agender, but I don't feel like it really fits. I just don't do gender. They/them pronouns are preferred, but he/him is okay too, it's what I use IRL when I don't feel like explaining nonbinary gender. Congrats, that's so awesome!
  4. As much as I'd love a raffle and/or a new release, this is a free game, and people have off-line lives that sometimes take over. I'll be disappointed if there isn't anything, just like last year when I didn't win the raffle, and then I got over it, because it's just a fun game that we're not paying anything for and there are plenty of gorgeous dragons to collect.
  5. That was a really fun event! Thanks to all the wonderful people who put it together, you're awesome.
  6. So I was looking at AP and saw a Holly egg and tried to grab it, and it came up with the 'can't find this egg' message. I figured someone else had grabbed it, went back to AP, and there it was again, same egg. What's up with that? Is there a reason I wouldn't be able to grab it?
  7. I did not plan on donating, but I do have a Holly egg from the one I won last year, if there is anyone else who still needs one. As with the others in the thread, offer a dummy, and in case of multiple offers it will go to the person with the most Flamingos. 10G stairfail Thuwed descent Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  8. I've received one Holly from Saltpath now and will be getting the other one on the 25th. Thanks so much to the donors and to the people running the contest this year.
  9. Who just lost six Flamingo eggs at once because "there's no way Earthquake will kill ALL of them"?
  10. Name: Ulrike (6G Misfit x Pygmy stair) Breed: Misfit Mate: Vartan Fail to produce: Anything, refusal
  11. I probably could have done a lot better, but I'm satisfied. It's a good match, at least.
  12. No, you're not. I keep refreshing it, hoping to get to keep one of my RA eggs from my last breeding. I wasn't planning on staying up a whole nother hour after breeding them. :/
  13. My RAs bred just fine, except I don't know if I got my egg from the second one 'cause it went to downtime right after I entered the password to keep it.
  14. I also had an error, bred a high gen Sweetling as a test, and got a blank screen and no egg.
  15. Free egg for contestants. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! 3-4 more should hit AP in a couple days.
  16. I only have five that can breed this Friday, but I do plan on mass breeding whenever they're all off cooldown at the same time. I don't breed Flamingo x Flamingo, I might be wrong, but I always feel like using a different breed for the mate increases the number of possible Flamingos.
  17. Congrats! I know, I was looking through the available lists, and then I panicked and thought if I don't pick one, they'll all be full by the time it loads the confirmation. I like Hellfires though. I hope it's that over the Ember. (And thanks for that link, AGYK! I guess I should've looked around a bit before I asked )
  18. Woot, I got on a list, for the Hellfire x Ember! Almost as cool as if I'd won a prize, I'm excited I know it might be a few weeks (or longer) but does anyone have an idea of how long it usually takes? They're common-ish species, so I imagine they could produce one egg a week, right?
  19. I saw a cheese in a biome only after I had already clicked the egg next to it.
  20. Got six now. thought it'd be helpful to mention, these three don't qualify: VuxD9, nmqqm, s1gum.
  21. Is a 2G pure Thunder worth a 4 or 5 gen silver shimmer?
  22. Have: 2G Purebred Thunder. Want: 2G or 3G. 6G or 7G. 5G or less. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!