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  1. Have: CB Silver Shimmer male willing to breed out any 2nd gen offspring Want: Any caveborn valentine (minus Rosebud)
  2. Found this during the 2016 Valentine Event, http://dragcave.net/view/oRi0T "You Now Are", http://dragcave.net/view/uNowR
  3. Same. The free version was making me rage, though, after I beat all of them (I went back to gather the Secret Coins, and then I gave up.)
  4. It rained during a 4 hours car ride, and now it's foggy. Like Silent Hill foggy. I'm half expecting Pyramid Head to come walking through the fog dragging his giant sword, looking for his next victim.
  5. It is currently 3 am where I am right now. I have gotten little sleep over this weekend and I have the busiest week of my life homework-wise (I'm at University and Finals are fast approaching). I a so tired, I can see sounds. But I had a wonderful weekend, so I'm still working off of a high from the nice time I had with friends.
  6. Pollen (like most people), mild lactose intolerance (I can have milk, but heavy creams make my stomach upset). I also can't take any NSAIDs (Non-Steriodal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, like Advil or Aspirin) due to kidney disease my family as.