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  1. Last year I got eaten. This year I stayed silent and got a normal mint. Well, maybe next time (if there ever is) there's a chance on an upside-down one.

    But I am in love with the mint-coloured dragons! Some holidays seem to have been missed, but the whole idea is so amazing! 

    Happy Easter to all of you!

  2. A very late merry Christmas!


    I have only now seen the adult form of the new dragons and they are so beautiful <3

    Though it took me a while to remember again how the release with the new holiday biome works. I still haven't gotten used to it :'D


    I personally found the event a bit disappointing. The last years had such awesome activities. I liked the tetris puzzles the first day, but twelve days straight is just too much in my opinion. I hoped for a bit of variation. It doesn't need to be an interactive roleplay again, that has to be so much work, but this year just fell a bit short.


    I do try to contribute to the event though and regularly help filling up the meter for team fire ;)

  3. I tried afterwards, but I assumed it would still work as there is the option of returning to the house.


    Also the wiki page stated: "Since November 17th the haunted house is available again, but only for those who completed the "Haunted House Event" on Halloween." This made it sound for me as if it would be available outside the Halloween week.


    Of course that can be the underlying issue, but then I am still confused that it is actually possible to start the event and only get stuck in the first area.

  4. Hey,


    inspired by this year's Halloween event I wanted to try going through the Haunted House from the 2011 Halloween event and show it to my boyfriend.


    As far as I remembered, and also read in the wiki, this event should still be accessible to those who completed it, and indeed, when I click on the Haunted House badge on my profile, I can view my inventory and also see the option "Return to Haunted House". So far so good. This link brings me to the start of the event, the Wooded Area. From there, there are four options of how to proceed, but none of them works for me. Each link causes the page to refresh, but I am stuck in the Wooded Area and cannot go any further.


    Did anyone else experience this or maybe knows a solution? Would be sad if it shouldn't work anymore :c

  5. 1 hour ago, cefren_ said:

    One question: After the end of the Halloween event I would be able to watch my hatchling? Because I really like this little fella and it would be sad if these (absolutely cute ) hatchlings disappear (btw congrats the artist, they are surely looks amazing) after the end of the event with their awesome costumes. If they will then I make a lot of screenshots, because I will miss them so have we any official information about that yet?

    Yes, the hatchie sprites are connected to the Halloween badge you got for participating. When viewing another user's scroll, you can view their hatchie by clicking on the batch, so it is quite save to say that the same will happen with your own one after the event. That you can still view it by clicking on the badge. You just won't be able to change the costume anymore or get candy.

  6. When a friend asked for bokk suggestions in a group chat, I scanned through my own shelf, just to find a book that I bought nearly two years ago, but never started.

    I bought it mostly because I found the (German) cover attractive and the story sounded okay. But I could not recommend it to someone without reading it, so now I am currently busy with "Time of the Eagle" by Sherryl Jordan.

    Don't really know if I like it so far, I am only at chapter two and it might have potential, it just hasn't really shown yet.

  7. On 26/10/2017 at 10:04 AM, InkedMyths said:

    Anyway... anyone else super happy/excited for the Witch outfits in the Halloween event? Now your dragon can join you in your House!

    Not only that, but they actually got the Ravenclaw colours right!!!

    I normally am not such a big opponent of the blue-silver combination, but seeing correct blue-and-bronze outfits really has a nice touch.


    And yeah, as you maybe figured, I'm a proud Ravenclaw ^^

    I took the test on the old Pottermore side and accepted the new one only after the second try when it placed me in the right house. I feel like I really connect with this house and its characteristics. I am also in a facebook group with fellow Ravenclaws and it is so nice to get in touch with people who have a similar mindset. It is quite refreshing c:

  8. My encounters so far:


    Pumpkin: 4
    Black Marrow: 5
    Shadow Walker: 3
    Cavern Lurker: 5
    Grave: 5
    Desipis: 6
    Caligene: 1
    Witchlight: 0


    I myself have a Shadow Walker. Find it a bit weird to see so few of the newer dragons 🤔

    My hatchie is btw dressed up in the blue Ravenclaw scarf and robe, combined with the black ballerina shoes. I am curious what the next days will bring. I definitely will keep my scarf, but would be willing to pair it with a different nice outfit.

  9. I love the new costumes! I'm Ravenclaw and love it (and they even have the correct colours omg!)

    I actually bought an outfit before I noticed I got one for free already 😂

    The dressing bug is a bit annoying because you can still dress your dragon, but get no preview, so you constantly have to save and go to event home after every little change in order to check how it looks. Hope it gets fixed soon.

    ... And while I wrote it was fixed, lol

  10. Shadow Walker!

    I have a special connection with this breed, as it was the first CB Halloween dragon I ever got. And until 2015 also the only one :'D

    I was torn between Shadow Walker and Cavern Lurker, both looked really cool and I thought it might be a bit easier to dress up a dark dragon Halloween-themed, but it was the emotional connection that convinced me into choosing the Shadow Walker.

  11. Can offer the following Checkers:

    3rd gen Shadow Walker (f) x Ice (m)

    3rd gen Shadow Walker (m) x Blusang (f)

    3rd gen Cavern Lurker (m) x Black Tea (f)

    3rd gen Cavern Lurker (m) x Purple Dorsal (f)

    3rd gen Cavern Lurker (m) x Horse (f)

    3rd gen Grave (f) x Falconiform Wyvern (m)


    Plus any 2nd gen Desipis



    2nd gen Black Marrow (m) x Aeon Wyvern (f)

    3rd gen Shadow Walker (m) x Silver (f)

    Any nice 2nd gen Black Marrow or Witchlight


    PM for trade requests

  12. I love this event, it is so adorable!

    And the Halloween biome is an interesting new idea. I just fear that it will then be harder to get eggs, because people are not spread over several biomes anymore. But we will see

  13. I love the look of the new Coast eggs.

    As for the green stripe ones, I think that a breedable Alt form like with Blacks, Dark Greens and Undine is quite likely. Especially after the time did not seem to change anything. Also, most breeds that change colours due to daytime, moon cycle, etc. have a description or look that somehow hints to it. And since we did not have breedable Alt breeds in a long time, I hope for it now c:

  14. CB Wishlist (to complete scroll)

    Brown Copper (f)

    Gold (m)

    Guardian of Nature (m)

    Gold Floret (f)

    Neglected (m/f)

    Undead (m)


    2nd gen Wishlist (to complete scroll)

    Avatar of Creation (m/f)
    Avatar of Destruction (m)

    Alt Black (m/f)

    Carina Blue Nebula x Ridgewing (f)

    Carina Blue Nebula x Tan Ridgewing (f)

    Carina Purple Nebula x Tan Ridgewing (f)

    Carina Green Nebula x Tan Ridgewing (m/f)

    Geode (f)

    Shallow Water (m/f)

    Two-Finned Bluna (m/f)

    Ultraviolet (m/f)


    Messy Hatchie Wishlist (for freezing)

    Aeon Wyvern (m/f)

    Albino (m/f)

    Almerald (s1/m/f)

    Angallis (s1/m/f)

    Aria (m)

    Azure Glacewing (s1/f)

    Avatar of Chaos (s1/m/f)

    Avatar of Creation (s1/m/f)
    Avatar of Destruction (s1/m/f)

    Baikala blue (s1/m/f)

    Baikala green (s1/m/f)

    Balloon (s1/m/f)

    Alt Black (s1/m/f)

    Black Capped Teimarr (s1)

    Black Tea (s1/m/f)

    Blacktip (s1/m)

    Bleeding Moon (f)

    Blue-Banded (s1/m/f)

    Blusang (s1/m/f)

    Bolt (s1/m/f)

    Bright-Breasted Wyvern (s1/m/f)

    Brimstone (s1/m/f)

    Brute (s1/m/f)

    Candelabra (s1/m/f)

    Canopy (s1/m/f)

    Carmine Wyvern (m/f)

    Cassare (s1/m)

    Cheese (s1/s2)

    Chicken (s1/s2)

    Coastal Waverunner (m/f)

    Red Copper (s1/m/f)

    Green Copper (s1/m/f)

    Brown Copper (s1/m/f)

    Crimson Flare Pygmy (s1/m/f)

    Alt Dark Green (s1/m/f)

    Dark Pygmy (s1/m/f)

    Daydreamer (s1/m/f)

    Dark Sea (s1/m/f)

    Diamondwing (s1/m/f)

    Purple Dorsal (m/f)

    Red Dorsal (s1/m/f)

    Duostone (s1/m/f)

    Dusk Pygmy (s1/m/f)

    Electric (m/f)

    Ember (m)

    Falconiform Wyvern (m/f)

    Fell (s1/m/f)

    Fever Wyvern (s1/m/f)

    Blue Fire Gem (s1/m/f)

    Red Fire Gem (s1/m/f)

    Green Fire Gem (s1/m/f)

    Flamingo Wyvern (s1/m/f)

    Frill (s1/m/f)

    Frostbite (s1/m/f)

    Red Gemshard (s1/m/f)

    Blue Gemshard (s1/m/f)

    Green Gemshard (s1/m/f)

    Geode (s1/m/f)

    Gilded Bloodscale (s1/m/f)

    Glaucus (s1/m/f)

    Day Glory (m/f)

    Night Glory (s1/m/f)

    Gold (f)

    Golden Wyvern (s1/m)

    Gold-horned Tangar (m/f)

    Greater Spotted (s1/m/f)

    Green (m)

    Guardian (m/f)

    Harvest (s1)

    Hellfire (s1/f)

    Hellhorse (s1/m)

    Honey (s1/m/f)

    Hooktalon (s1/m)

    Horse (s1/m/f)

    ... to be continued (I need nearly everything)

  15. Since I can't be that active at the moment I would like to cancel my wish.


    I would like to cancel my wish

    Current wish: CB Xenowyrm (multiples)

    My current Total: 26

    please cancel this wish, I no longer wish for it.