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  1. * DraDeWriMo - DragCave Description Writing Month * Inspired by NaNoWriMo, the goal here is to write as many descriptions as you can! This DraDeWriMo will be a bit different than those in the past, as we will have a contest as well as personal goals! This event will run from June 1 12:00am EST 2017 - June 30 11:59pm EST 2017. During this event, we also really want to encourage more reviewing than usual. Read the description guidelines, and pitch in. Any review is appreciated! We will have prizes for the person who writes the most descriptions for each trophy level! (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). Prize donations would be much appreciated. If you would like to donate a prize, PM Herk or Earth Gurl. Directions: To sign up, please fill out this form and post it on the Description Force thread: [size=10][b][color=purple]I Wanna Write![/color][/b][/size] [i]Username:[/i] [i]Trophy Level:[/i] [i]Personal Goal:[/i] When you’ve written a description, come back to the thread and post the lineage link! Descriptions you’ve written before June 1 DO NOT COUNT. Earth Gurl and Sock will be checking and approving as they are submitted. SPREADSHEET of people involved with goals and totals! Please check back if you need inspiration - we will regularly post some prompts - courtesy of Mathcat Happy writing! Prompts Day 1An unusual hoard An unusual hobby An unusual pet
  2. OKAY, people who never got added to the second post after saying what their comment signature was have now been added. Herk and Dimar are bad at responsibility. Thank you so much for this! I've added it to the first post; sorry about being so late.
  3. Y'all are added too! And Syl, it's perfectly fine to share your descrips here or head on over to Description Comments and respond to what others have already said.
  4. Added! -Whoops, missed the first question! There's no official way to "join" - this is just a meeting place for anyone who reviews or writes descriptions, so if you do either of those then you're welcome to stick around!
  5. Yep, you both are now added to the list as well.
  6. Sure, no problem. Both signatures are now duly noted in the 2nd post. :3
  7. Reviewathon has started! Come join us in descripdoom or here in the thread and talk about reviewing and waiting anxiously for the new release (hopefully)!
  8. ANNOUNCMENT!! URGENT ANNOUNCMENT!! Well we finally decided on a time for the reviewathon. It is to start this saturday and to last until next weekend. So all that time you spend poking TJ's lovelys can be spent also reviewing and working to give people feedback! Later in the week you'll notice that there will be some dragons in the queue with lovely gifts from Descripforce and our lovely helpers! Feel free to join in in the gifting or chatting in #descripdoom! Hope to see you all there!
  9. Okay, the Suggestion thread links have been reorganized and updated, with some new ones added. As you can see, they have been moved to the third post to prevent clutter/unnecessary length of the OP and FAQ. That third post was originally reserved for a future Dragon Description Writing Month, but as we can't host one of those until the queue is much lower we can figure out how to handle that when the time comes. For now, it works better. I have also added the signatures of some of the new faces who mentioned what they comment as. I'm sorry, I forgot to mark the new links purple. I guess just browse them if you're interested. >.< ~Dimar, a.k.a. the Organizational Freak
  10. Yep, you're added now Xeyla. The list is pretty long now, nice.
  11. Thanks for all the input, guys. After further discussion with Sock, we mostly seem to be on the same page. However, this isn't something that would likely be added to the official Guidelines, since she thinks TJ doesn't want to officially encourage usage of "you". So, an actual suggestion thread doesn't need to be made after all even though the rule isn't explicitly stated anywhere. In summary: general "you" is acceptable where it replaces "one", but not if it's making the reader part of the narrative. "This dragon is a good friend, if you can earn his trust" is fine but "You find this dragon in the forest and he growls at you" is not. Mods will follow this when they moderate. Basically, what it sounds like everyone has been doing. (Though I think there's one person I talked to a while ago who rejected for any use of "you"?) Unless TJ steps in to correct something, we'll consider this an unofficial rule. I'm glad we got this cleared up; it's nice to know everyone concurs.
  12. Jascuty and DragonLauren; you're both added to the list. It seems like everyone has pretty similar opinions about "you". I'll wait a while longer before making an official suggestion thread about it, but thanks for all the input so far and feel free to speak up if you haven't yet.
  13. Added. :3 *throws more people at the second person discussion*
  14. Opinions Needed! Currently, the acceptable use of second person or "you" in descriptions is ambiguous. There's nothing about it specifically in the Guidelines, only that switching tenses a lot from the usual 3rd person on the view page is confusing. But when you have to edit every general "you" to "one", descriptions can sometimes start sounding odd ("He can be a good friend, if you gain his trust" -> "He can be a good friend, if one gains his trust"), especially if you have to do that a lot in one description. For a while, we rejected for any instance of "you". But TJ has stated that it's acceptable "if they "use it right"". However, we don't have clarification on what "right" is. So, let's get some input from the user base! Just let us know what you think is acceptable second person in descriptions and what's rejected. Per Sock's suggestion, once we get some opinions gathered in here and hashed out what we want, we'll make a thread in the Suggestions section about it.
  15. No problem, Sock! Real life always comes first. Good luck with that new job and moving! We've gotten an update on the state of the queue, for those interested. It's a bit under 5,000 at the moment. Here's a brief announcement from Yosofine, regarding the corrections she's been making and such: From Dimar: I know we generally assume descriptions to be PG-13 max, but the gore and graphic imagery seems like it may be a bit too much. I know I'm guilty of letting gross things slide. I know briefly/vaguely mentioning alcohol and such is okay, since we discussed that with Sock regarding Herk's druggie dragons. But the violence seems to be a no-no.
  16. Alllll righty! It's Easter now and we've already got people working and hanging out, so we're off to a good start! Reviewing is such a good way to be both productive and collect Festival eggs. Even if you can't make it to the channel, your reviews really are a great help and we're thankful for everyone who puts time into doing it. Have a happy Easter and reviewing day!
  17. Soon it's going to be Easter - since everyone will have a bit of spare time on their hands and quite a bit of time on DC (to hunt eggs), don't forget to review <3
  18. Update: added a couple of the standard reviewers' "signatures" in the 2nd post for curious describers. If you want yours to be added just pm us -Herk
  19. The Reviewathon day is officially over now, but of course we'll all continue reviewing to help out all the mods and writers as time allows. There were a lot of people in the channel today, many pretty dragons given out, and tons of new faces! We hope to see you keep coming back because you were all great fun, and very good help. Although the queue wasn't cut down as much as everyone would like, it was lowered from 6,000 to about 5.2 4.5 which isn't bad for a single day! Especially considering the usual rate, lol. And the fact that usually on days like this the submission rate goes up as well, of course. You reviewers keep up the hard work, because the mods really appreciate that motivation and support. We should do another day like this again. Holidays are usually good times since everyone's online for releases, but obviously there's not one for a while. So we'll just continue our hard work and see when time allows for more organized events. Thanks to all the participants, reviewers, and mods! It's because of all you guys that the queue isn't 40k like it once was. ~Dimar Now everybody go push for description mods so that the queue can be handled much more efficiently, and make it easier on our forum mods! Edited for the new number - thanks Socks ~Herk
  20. Update - we are entering the 2oth hour of our review-a-thon. The channel is full we still have two yet to be found "special" dragons, a Magi who drops random gifts into the queue and a channel full of egglocked people because we are awesome - come and JOIN US
  21. Dear mods - we love to see our descriptions approved - but for the sake of the game and our "hidden" traesures in the queue, it would be great if you wouldn't approve any of Dimar's, brairtrainer's and mine (herk's) descriptions today - we will resubmit them otherwise so people have a chance of finding the hints/goodies Thanks <3
  22. REVIEWATHON DAY! Hello fellow descripforcers and doomers its time for the Reviewathon. Several events will take place at the same time. First there will be hourly raffles starting a little later in the morning in Descripdoom. Feel free to come and offer eggs, and one of our lovely hops, ops, or dimar will help get you set into a queue to raffle off your eggs to fellow reviewers. The room will also be graced by several mods today who will be reviewing dragons along side you, its sure to be a fun time. But what would an event be without a contest right? Well here's one! There are six dragons in the queue written by Herk, Dimar, and Brairtrainer. These dragons are either writers or have a speech tic. If you find one of these dragons simply sign your name when you review it and leave a comment, then pm the owner of the scroll for your prize. Be quick though, as we only have a limited number of pairs to breed and we are also doing raffles.
  23. Okay, after a comment from a user that the OP was still difficult to follow, I did more fiddling to it. I took out some things and summarized others, as well as streamlined the links. Per love_HP's idea, I marked the brand-new information in purple. Those are really just a signature badge made by Enigmatron as well as good chunks of the FAQ in the second post (though part of that was moved from the OP). Most of my fiddling was removing and editing rather than adding. Banners or badges would still be great, if anyone likes making those things! Dimar might try but she's not very good at this and has a terrible fear of people using things she's made anyway. I hope things are a bit better now. Excuse our dust. -Dimar P.S.: It's been noted that reviewing seems to be a bit slow at the moment, so any little bit helps at the moment! Hopefully in our March event we can get some better motivation flowing. *hands out cookies* :3
  24. Added a few things to the FAQ in the second post. More little notes will still be added along the way, so let us know if there's anything you think should be addressed. Also, we plan to have a reviewing event starting March 15th. We'll announce more details closer to the date, but for now we're planning to pull in mods to help work on the queue and you can also get the chance to win eggs. We hope to get more people reviewing for a few days and hanging out in #descripdoom! ~Dimar