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  1. I've seen both egg sprites at stage 0. Here is a screenshot of my Daily Dragon Fix account info page, taken just a moment ago. I see all the new egg sprites as the dark one on DDF and as the light one on my scroll: http://berbdcat.deviantart.com/art/Screens...%253A1459616768
  2. Yeah, someone did. Somebody else suggested they were called Celestial Dragons, which would fit with the alien conspiracy Also, another curious thing is that when i go on Daily Dragon Fix, all the sprites of this breed are a solid blue colour, but on ND Daycare and EATW the sprites are all light blue with a dark silhouette of a hatchling, like on my scroll. Maybe TJ coded them to look different depending on the colours on the screen? Edit: what do they look like for you guys on those sites and your scrolls?
  3. That's a really good point!
  4. Hopefully the dragons don't need as many clicks and views as TJ's to grow. He must be manipulating them a bit to tease us can you imagine if they needed hundreds of clicks to hatch? That would be a prank for sure!
  5. I'm very curious about those colour changes everyone is talking about....
  6. Hey guys I'm so sorry that i haven't written in ages! I was away again and i will be for a couple more days, but when i get back, I'll write an extra long post to make up.
  7. {Yeah!} said Rudus. ~~Victoria~~ After a breakfast of porridge and fruit, Victoria went for a walk. She went to her favourite spot, a small clearing surrounded by trees with a stream in it. It was very near to a house which had recently been occupied, by a boy called Alex and his two hatchlings. She was enjoying the tranquillity of the place and the sun on her back, when all of a sudden, two hatchlings burst through the bushes. It was one of Alex's hatchlings and a brown-and-black one she hadnt seen before. After a minute of watching them wrestle, she began to feel really uneasy, like she had forgotten something really important. ((I think Richard is too cheerful to be affected strongly)). Victoria hurried home, not paying attention to the birds or her surroundings. Her house was a square building with no attic, but it had a basement, where she kept house supplies and food. There was also a small room there with a comfy chair, a lamp and her favorite books, incase she needed some desperate alone time. The above ground part of the house had plenty of windows, and was made up of a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, a sitting room and a small library. The house was styled in a modern, but comfy style.
  8. ~~Rudus~~ Rudus looked at the human girl, not understanding what she said. But the way she was looking quizzically at Contalia(who was now being overpowered by Richard), he understood. { She... is. .. Contalia} he said to the human then he turned to the red hatchling and said in a low voice { Do you want to joke someperson in village?} ((He means prank but doesn't know how to say it))
  9. {Hi Richard!} said Contalia happily, now that she was full. She was finding it easier to relax around the humans; they didn't seem to bad overall.{ Wanna play in the garden? }
  10. Contalia decided to speak up, as Rudus was sniffing curiously at the two hatchlings beside him. {We had bad ... person and Baltia came and helped us} Then she tucked into some nice food, called 'pancakes'.
  11. Contalia felt much better after a full nights sleep and already her muscles felt relaxed. She was sitting by the window watching the garden life, when the humans and other hatchlings came in. She slunk into a corner of the worktop and tried to make herself invisible, watching them curiously. She decided to ask Alex for some more food, as he seemed nice enough, but before she could, he had noticed her, then went away for something, grumbling about Ocevo. As she looked from the shadows, Rudus was being petted by a human. ~~~Rudus~~~ Rudus let out a little 'rawr' of surprise as he was ticked but then began to laugh and squirm, completely forgetting his tough act. He looked up into the nice human's face and in response to her question said { Rudus}. (( I've got to go to bed now, so carry on and don't let my characters slow you down))
  12. Guys remember that Contalia is a Cassare and makes others uneasy, without wanting to, that is.
  13. ((Ok unknown)) Rudus woke and yawned. He'd fallen asleep on a pillow in Alex's living room. The nibbling that Ocevo had done last night had been pretty funny and ticklish, in other words he enjoyed it, but didn't know what it meant. Contalia was already out and about and he smelt something nice in the kitchen. Rudus got up, stretched and went into the kitchen with a proud strut. There he saw Alex, two human girls, Ocevo, Richard ((I think)) and three other dragons.
  14. Heh Alexander, did I read correctly and does Ocevo like Rudus? Coz i think the nobbling was really cute
  15. Rudus gobbled up his meat at lightning speed. He felt very sleepy now that he had eaten his fill and yawned widely. The others were yawning too. ~~~ Victoria ~~~ Victoria was content. She was lying in bed, reading a book about carnivorous plants, though now it was getting late so she put the book away and turned off the light. Earlier that day, she had gone to the GotE and asked to be granted the dragon tongue so that she could teach the hatchlings and carers about plants and animals. When she entered the cave, she saw some eggs, but not as many as when she had been shown the cave for the first time. She still had no intention of getting a dragon. She felt neutral about them. The GotE granted her the ability to speak dragon tongue, but told her not to use it for bad intentions and that she was lucky and it was her duty to help the hatchlings grow up well. She thought about all this as she went to sleep.
  16. I gotta go to sleep now, but Alexander feel free to set my hatchlings to bed anywhere, just to keep the RP rolling. Cyas all tmrw!
  17. Contalia watched curiously as the hatchling with the purple (( )) stripe ran over. She didn't understand part off what the hatchling said to them, but when Baltia translated, she was very happy, or rather her stomach was. She noticed with a bit of a laugh that Rudus was slobbering all over himself at the thought of food, as hungry as he was. Then then another hatchling came out and so did the human. At the offer to come in and eat, Contalia wasn't sure if she could trust the human but her hunger won, and she followed everyone inside, though she stayed near the door. After all, if the human could bring up such bubbly and cheerful hatchlings he couldn't be that bad.
  18. Contalia pushed her way through some high grass. It was very dark as the moon and starts were covered by trees , though Baltia said they were almost at the village. Contalia's feet were leaden and her tail dragged limply behind her. The others were in the same condition behind her. She came out of the grass near a stream and the others shuffled to sit beside her. There were some glow worms on a tree and from their light she could see some tiny fish in the stream. Her stomach grumbled, but she was too tired to try and catch them. Then Contalia noticed some other lights, not the greenish glow from the worms, but a more yellow, warm colour. {What are those lights? } she asked wearily. {Looks like it's from a house! We must be at the village! } said Rudus. Heartened by hope, the three got up to cross the stream. Rudus noisily crossed but the little fish only flicked their talks nervously. However when Contalia's first talon touched the water, the fish swam away like their lives depended on it. huh , thought Contalia as she crossed. The water refreshed her and woke her a bit. She went a little faster, hoping against hope that there would be somewhere warm to lie down and sleep, forgetting about the Baltia and Rudus. When she broke through the last bush, she was standing in a large garden with a house at the end. There was a large lighted window that she crept up to. Through it she saw two large yellow hatchlings with green and purple stripes. They were being fed cubes of white, crunchy looking, juicy looking food by a human. Contalia bristled at the sight of the human petting the dragons. Them she realised that they seemed very happy and rubbed back against the boy. Are they crazy! that is a human! She thought, not understanding how they could trust him. With a pang she realised that she didn't have anyone to pet her like that. Her stomach grumbled again and she decided to try get some food from the house when the boy left the room. Then she saw him look up at her and their eyes met.
  19. Thanks for the compliment Alexander! My characters are almost at the village. I'll do a post where they get there and see you.
  20. Yeah, I can't say it was a bad comparison either.
  21. Hey! We don't swear all that much! Well maybe we do but it's practically part of our version of English!
  22. Oof, I'm spent for tonight. That was a lot.
  23. Username: berbolkiki2013 Name: Victoria Applewood (Vicky to friends) Gender: female Age: 27 Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, freckled face and a small nose. She has an average build, though is quite small. Personality: she loves books and nature. Put those two together and she's very happy. She's still very young, so her adventurous side came out when she came to the village. Otherwise she is friendly and peaceful but will rant ferociously is she catches anyone littering. Finally, she is a bit introverted and will get fidgety and nervous after being in a large crowd for a long time Attitude Towards Dragons: After being in the village for a while, she's come to realise that dragons aren't mindless creatures and that its possible to speak to them. She thinks that they are amazing creatures and is more than happy to teach and study them, though she isn't looking to have one of her own. Dragon Speaker?: Yes, but she only became one recently after deciding to teach dragons amstheir owners, and she wanted to be able to talk with them. Do they have a Dragon: Vicky doesn't aim to have a dragon, but ends up befriending Contalia eventually. History: She's finished her studies in Biology, English and Business. After working in a shop, she decided that she didn't want to waste away behind the counter, and made the biggest choice of her life - moving to teach and study in the village. Going only on her savings (her parents are unsupportive), she brings her haul of books with her. She spends the first couple weeks there filling up loads of the library and getting to know the land via quiet walks. She is soon part of the community. At this point many more interesting things being to happen (i.e. main characters come in) Extra: none
  24. I agree that there shouldn't be a school building, just occasional tutoring in single or group sessions for those online at the time and NPC's, and that teaching would be good for character development. Mouse, i love the encyclopedia idea. unknowntoya, I can see where you're coming from, but I think it makes the RP more realistic if the characters are learning stuff, like most people their age. I haven't got her fully planned out yet, but that teacher i was talking about, i was planning to make her all about the environment and plants, so she could teach the characters how to live off of the fruit of the forest and about animals. Also we need to think of a name for the library
  25. And I have another question, is there a school in the village? Because i was thinking of making a teacher who would then become friends with Contalia. I mean, a lot of the characters are teenagers, so it would make sense. And the dragons needed to learn about the world too. So i was thinking of like a lecture twice or three times a week. What do you guys say?