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  1. One does not simply transport into Mordor.
  2. Peter Piper picks pickled peppers... Next: Ground control to Major Tom. Take your protein pills and put your helmet on.
  3. Yum. Jerky (beef, turkey, venison, etc.)?
  4. I don't experience hunger until afternoon, on a typical day. I try to make myself eat breakfast, however, and it is usually oatmeal, Greek yogurt and a sizable amount of granola, or sprouted whole grain cereal. Today I partook in lasagne.
  5. I am ethnically Italian, and though the "concept" of such food is ample, I grew up consuming pasta dishes five or six nights out of a seven day week. As it stands, I have become enervated by it. I am not an overparticular eater (excluding the above), and therefore I tend to "like" a multitude of items from domestic and foreign cultures. I currently am quite fond of Greek and Indian cuisine. Recently, Dolmades and Mattar Paneer have proved popular by the quantity in which I've eaten them. Tuna, salmon, and fish, in general, are lovely - including in sandwich form. I also am quite keen on corn, eggs, sweet potatoes, ground turkey, bananas, and a vice of mine-- ice cream and gelato. - Laindessiel / Artex