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  1. Yuck. I've never been particularly fond of pineapple. Coconut
  2. I've never had dried mango. Mango is something that I truly have a desire to like (...probably inspired by my love of LOST), but it has such an odd flavor and fleshy texture that I have not yet been able to grasp it. If I could answer somewhere between Yum and Yuck, I would. Otherwise... at the current moment, I will have to go with Yuck. Teriyaki Salmon
  3. Welcome to... The Warrior Apprentice Naming Ceremony I am quite certain that a large percentage of DragonCave users are familiar with, or enraptured, by the Warrior cat series by Erin Hunter. Though I have not held personal interest in the books since I was considerably young, I find enjoyment in pastimes of this nature. In the game below, we will each take our seat upon a towering rock, and acting as clan leader, promote and appoint the apprentices to their warrior positions and new names. Each user will provide a -paw (apprentice) name, the following must replace the outgrown suffix with a fitting warrior suffix, and then provide their own -paw. Example: Player A: - Shadowpaw Player B: - Shadowtail - Foxpaw Player C: - Foxyowl - Brownpaw Player D: - Brownfly - Earthpaw And so on. To begin, I shall announce: Earthpaw
  4. Cats. Always. Unless s/he's after the fish... kiss postponed?