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    Things I would like to catch or be able to trade for (I don't want gifts because I can't return the favor):

    2 CB Golds
    2 CB Silvers
    2 2nd gen Shimmers of each color - preferably with a common so I can continue the line.
    2 2nd gen Tinsels of each color - preferably with a common so I can continue the line.
    A Holly - I got one! Not a great lineage, so maybe next year.
    Coppers - I can't seem to catch them anywhere

    I will happily breed the few things I do have:
    CB Old Pink
    2nd Gen Frill PB - http://dragcave.net/lineage/VPby
    BSAs - I can breed most BSAs - PB or your choice (but I have no decent metals, so don't ask).
    2nd Gen Silver Tinsel
    Silver Tinsel from Penk
    2nd Gen Thuwed - http://dragcave.net/lineage/eC7TU

    There are a few other things I can breed. I'll always try a breeding for Hellhorse, Soul Peace or any other hybrid you might want.

    Ok so it's not great, but if you need it and I can make it, just ask. I don't give or take IOUs and I don't make lists.

    As I wasn't at all happy about 2014 birthday, after all when you can't even catch the rares required to make a GON you can't play, I couldn't care less about GONs or Avatars. It left A LOT of people out. This birthday was all about giving only to those that already have and that left a very bitter taste in my mouth.