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  1. Still here, still interested. We do need a plot hook to bring the characters closer together though. Or else it'll end up as continual emotes of daily business.
  2. Foe. The dog thing's eyes burn into your soul.
  3. cupcakes you have to eat within the next sixty seconds. He gets out a stopwatch and tells you to start eating...
  4. I finished two weeks of chamber music camp. That's five hours of constant cello-playing a day, sans weekends.
  5. Honestly? No idea, I kind of like being a human. If I had to pick... A space whale.
  6. Sorry if I have been inactive (if this has even started.) I've been busy with four hours of cello practice a day during the week.
  7. Are we going to start this soon?
  8. The Leviathan series could make an interesting trilogy (Leviathan, Behemoth, Goliath). Modern CG could make the lots of very big things look very cool, and with the right actors the character interactions could work out as well on screen as they did in the books.
  9. Kid, definitely. I like my sentience, even if I have to de-age ten or so years. Would you rather have to listen to every song ever made pitch-shifted to G minor at once, or have to smell every smell in the world at once?
  10. Fine with me as well. Don't worry, I won't have any spaceships
  11. Lemon juice + cuts, your neurons stop feeling the pain after a little bit. Besides, nobody said you have to stay in the juice. Would you rather eat three live spiders, or drink milk mixed with orange juice?
  12. Open forum sounds nice. Maybe let us little playerses make up our own plot devices to submit to you?
  13. - Username: SUP3RSPAWN3R - Character Name: Hih-Ra-Sar - Age: 34 - Gender: Hermaphrodite - Race: Chi'tk - Element: (Need help on this one. Is it only for Sthvil?) - Appearance: All Chi'tk share a similar appearance, though his body shape leans more towards light and bony (if Chi'tk had bones). He carries one of the hard crystalline swords of his species at his side, and dresses mainly in heavy dark robes, with a hood that he usually does not wear unless he is trying to be sneaky or it is cold out. - Occupancy: Explorer - History: He was asexually divided from a single parent, as with all of his species. He had always felt the need to explore, even from a young mental maturity. When he was fully capable, he set off towards the city to seek adventure and wealth with the Adventurer's Guild. - Personality: He is rather friendly like most of his species, though he has a space he likes to call "his area" that extends about two feet around him, and around any objects he owns that he isn't carrying on him. He dislikes anyone getting within this imaginary zone without his permission, and will often lash out verbally if someone does violate his territory. - Guild: Adventurer's guild - Other:
  14. Thank you for that, I feel better than I did before.
  15. Recently my family got a letter back from the vet with the results of some tests they ran on my oldest cat. It didn't turn out well. He has an enlarged heart and some other medical terms that I don't really remember (or care to remember). His condition is incurable, though treatable. They don't know how long he has, and it could be anywhere from months to many years. We've had him since he was only four weeks old. I'm broken up about it, but I feel really bad about myself if I try and pretend like nothing's wrong. Can anyone give me help on how to deal with this (or not deal with it)?
  16. Here's a sentient for you. - Species Name: Chi'tk - Species Description: The Chi'tk are humanoid, standing at about 6.5 feet on average. Their bodies seem to be made of translucent whiteish-blue jelly, covered in a rubbery clear membrane. They posess no mouths or other features on their heads, except for two circular eyes that are completely light blue and glow slightly. Their bodies function similar to a cell and an insect, with a distributed nervous system, and a series of pseudo-organs placed at random. The Chi'tk are known for their unusual biological weapon. By vibrating their membrane they can either approximate speech, or create harmful sonic bursts. They also can be seen carrying swords made of what seems to be hard blue glass. They are generally rather friendly and helpful to those they meet, but can be a bit possessive and territorial at times (they don't like people touching their stuff or being to close to them physically.) They smell faintly (think of something like the smell of Febreeze). They have no gender distinctions, and are hermaphrodites. They are very susceptible to the cold as well. - Diet: Omnivore (They eat by breaking down and absorbing organic matter.) - Attitude: Docile - Other:
  17. Still in the process of tweaking my species application. I don't particularly like dice roll/coin flip systems. I'd prefer purely text-based/honor system. If someone is being a cheat, you can *whatever* them.
  18. I agree, sand would be a subset of earth. Though metal could be an earth subset as well.
  19. Is the creature creation for sentient species, or non-sentient ones?
  20. Granted, but your attempt is as weak as the "every level except physical I am a wolf" guy's barking. I wish it would rain magic.