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  1. i try to pick the most hardcore names possible (see: Curbstomp, Fistmouth, and 10000 Fists) for my vday dragons, so i picked Ultra Speed Metal and Kill Boys.
  2. i basically only sent flowers to my best friend/crush/gf/whatever (cackledemon), and vice versa the best ones i received from her were the horrible english lyrics to "electronik supersonik", with one flower on each line also among my favorites were four consecutive flowers that said "lawnmower" and then "gas pedal" three times
  3. posting on my own topic i guess since my valentines day went really really well. and i'm really happy about it so i guess i'll share. my best friend and crush asked me out, and i actually starting crying pretty hard. but yeah. girlfriends now. which is pretty cool a lot of other really really good stuff happened too. it was just... a super nice way to spend the night. ah.
  4. WELL usually my default username is dangerscissor, which was a play on safety scissors (plus dangerscissor sounded mega cool). and i love witches a lot and wanted a sliiightly shorter username. not that one letter really counts for much.
  5. mine's some GALAXXXY art, since i love their stuff
  6. what are your plans this lovely valentines day? spending it with a beloved? sighing hopelessly? laughing it up with friends? handing out little paper hearts and candy? doing nothing? treating yourself? i didnt see any discussion on it, so i decided to make a thread!
  7. oh man this was hard to choose i pick "DAMS THE HOBBIT DRAGON IS HOT"
  8. in my opinion, i have no doubt AAVE follows different rules. there's actually a huge debate on whether AAVE is actually another language or just a dialect. its a crazy controversial topic and i'm not extremely educated on it, just relaying info because its mega interesting! i'd definitely recommend doing some reading about it. i've read a bit on it and i've heard discussion claiming the grammar of AAVE actually being more sophisticated and complex than english. LANGUAGE IS SO COOL. i get so excited about it!! i was speaking earlier about needless nitpicking of small mistakes or grammar issues, rather than legitimate problems with grammar or usage that actually interfere with the sentence being understood. yeah, i'd never ask people to not ask for clarification if a sentence can't be comprehended. oh man. speaking of that, your reply reminded me of this usage theory i heard someone propose. it was along the lines of "as long as english is the speaker's native language and they are able to be fully understood, their usage can never be wrong". i'd like to hear your thoughts on that! :]
  9. i meant that in a general sense, yes, but at least what i've encountered relating to language all somehow ties back to the idea of the fluidity of the english language - the fact that its so receptive to change. most people i know who are interested in linguistics are very casual about their use of language and have removed themselves from small discriminatory behaviors, for example, going out of their way to point out the misuse of a homophone. or rip on someone for the use of 'they' as a singular pronoun.
  10. feel free to breeze me over if this is something this thread doesn't need. i'm not a fan of people who nitpick grammar in casual environments, or in argumentative situations. i have a fairly strong opinion on people who feel the need to enforce rigid grammar rules; which is, in short, they don't have a good grasp on what makes the English language so cool. or basically any idea of what linguistics is all about. (don't get me wrong - formal essays and just, literature in general is a different topic entirely)
  11. i've been slowly thumbing my way through Stranger in a Strange Land. i've never particularly been inclined to involve myself in science fiction before, and i'm not sure why, since i'm sure getting one heck of a kick out of heinlein. his predictions of future earth are incredible. the book was written in the early sixties, and is definitely ahead of his time. fantastic writing and characters too. the book has a lot of emotional significance to me, and so far i'd definitely recommend it.
  12. thank you! i don't take requests, actually. commissions are on hold because i've been far too busy. sorry!
  13. hey! i draw stuff sometimes. figured might as well post here since for an artist, visibility is super important. and plus i guess since i'm getting into this whole raisin' dragon business i might as well involve myself in the forums. my tumblr is here, enter if you dare or whatever i dont feel like giving out my dA right now but it really isn't that difficult to figure out check it. i've drawn my sona a lot. and other stuff these two are designs i've sold and i draw people too. mostly fanart. anyway yeah enjoy