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  1. Happy Valentines! Now I'm gonna make sure I don't miss a day this time. Already lost the Xmas one because of misunderstanding the time. I won't make that same mistake again.
  2. Maybe they should've been clear that the game would be taken down on the last day, because when I read the 1st page, it just said there's a game each day for 12 days so there won't be any pressure in hurrying to finish them all due to family holidays. Some of us still have family events up to New years, so getting a day to catch up on the game was tricky. I assumed that the game would've been gone once you're finished it, which would've been a better idea for people who could've been busy on the last day of the game.
  3. According to the calendar, today is my last day and it's only 9 pm, but I don't see the game anymore. I was out the whole day with my family. I played yesterday and today was the last one. I didn't know the game would be taken down so soon. I feel a little disappointed because it's still a wednesday for me here and I just got home a few minutes ago. Why couldn't they at least given people a day or two to finish the last day of the game due to family events?
  4. So no more mission after invitation delivery? Is this like a mission per day or something? I just started to play the game again after a few days of absence.
  5. Refresh, enter your house, then leave your house. Got it! Thanks!
  6. So I just finished the building the snowman mission day and I don't know what to do the next day. I didn't find anyone asking for help or whatever. Am I like done?
  7. Since I'm still kind of new to this, what does it mean when they say that a dragon is breedable only during the holiday events? Does it mean that those valentine's dragons can only be bred during this specific week only? What about the other holiday dragons?