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  1. these guys thus far remind me a lot of the lunar heralds and solstices. can't wait to see what they turn into. if the colors are any indication, these guys will look stunning with both genders of mistras : >
  2. i think you're skimming a bit because the sentiments i've been seeing in this thread are 'this game is so cool we wish we could play it for longer than a week!' : ) which i would very much consider gratitude, rather than "entitlement and [redacted]." not all feedback is negative, and there's no need to shut down very valid concerns such as 'the time-based mechanics took away some enjoyment from a game that is only here for one week' as "entitlement and [redacted]." we love it, we want to play it more, and we want to contribute feedback that makes for a more enjoyable game next time around. this isn't a creators vs. users situation, this is a sharing of feedback where we can voice our opinions and thoughts on how to improve.
  3. I really wish we had an extra week to collect treats and do the event. Considering how many treats there are PLUS the ones from last year it seems completely impossible to ever catch up, and it will only become harder and harder as more treats are added with every year. Not to mention the mechanics of the farming event were very slow-moving for something that was only allowed to be played for seven days. I joined 2 days into the week due to work and I didn’t even manage to unlock anything more than corn. I really wish we had more time to actually play and catch up on old treats. A week goes by way too fast when the mini games become more and more advanced.
  4. i'm adding my own two cents here, if someone could add to the google doc for me: terrae x pyro = unchanged (woooo) oracle wyrm x pyro = unchanged (uninterested : / ) silver shimmer x pyro = unchanged pink pyralspite x pyro = unchanged tercorn x pyro = unchanged very happy all my favorite breeds are unchanged. huge relief to see majority of breeds don't default to orange so we can actually use these beautiful sprites in lineages :' )
  5. I don’t usually post personal stuff, but I didn’t get a chance to share this with anyone because all my friends already knew, so I thought I could share this with my dragcave friends. last night my partner proposed and now we’re engaged! so my day today (and yesterday) was quite good : ) in the fashion of a true terrae collector, I suggested we hang at the park and enjoy some grass and grasshoppers, which didn’t go according to plan because it was already getting dark and we didn’t catch any grasshoppers. and my partner got stung by a wasp. but I guess other than that it went according to their plan lol. here’s a pic of my nature-themed ring (and second ring that I can wear to work) if anyone is interested. and the cute on theme terrarium box. thanks for reading : > @Lagie thank you for your kind words!
  6. iirc female Astaarus is blue but doesn't change them to blue. i think there was also another one listed somewhere in the previous dozen pages, but i don't have time to reread. and Amarignis, i would argue, is more purple than orange but they breed orange. this is just referring to sprites. i've no idea if there are dragons with descriptions that imply a certain color and it doesn't follow that color.
  7. orange pyralspites stay orange. chrono xenos also stay orange. if someone could add this to the spreadsheet i'd be thankful. https://dragcave.net/lineage/uF2jP https://dragcave.net/lineage/x2ayn i'm really hoping some of these breeding mechanics are oversights. it seems odd that some of the dragons with colored flame don't produce colored flame, and that the only dragon that makes them bald is water?? hopefully the changes don't change per mate, so maybe at least we'll be able to forever have cool flame colors with different mates. that would at least lend a degree of control to which sprite we have, instead of just each one reverting to orange after the first mate.
  8. silver shimmer and terrae are both orange flame unfortunately : ( the orange still looks quite good with both of them in lineage view. also tried breeding a mistletoe, got a not interested, but color remained standard orange. evidence: https://dragcave.net/progeny/7LUNa https://dragcave.net/lineage/bFhXP edit: if someone could add terrae to the spreadsheet i would be very thankful. i don't know how to use spreadsheets LOL you have my thanks, @fergalicious214 !
  9. @LadyAngeliki you might want to add your forum name to your scroll. no one will be able to contact you if they pick up the egg since your scroll name and username are different. maybe try naming one of the top dragons on your scroll something like 'PM LadyAngeliki on forum' or 'username is LadyAngeliki'?
  10. AAAAAA WE CAN HAVE RAINBOW CB PYROS!!! HYPE!!! thank god we can have a 1 color lineage!! cannot wait to breed mine with my favorite breeds to see what happens! ... too bad mine are still at 5d11h : /
  11. is there any in-game lore as to why sapphires turn from blue to pink when willingly abandoned? or is it just a fun standalone alt color?
  12. i love prize checkers! thank you! i nabbed this one too. i don't have any lineages with the new alts so this will be a welcome addition : )
  13. same!! i really want a white fire dragon, some day. specifically where the fire is such a large part of the sprite. once we figure out the mechanic, i'm DEFINITELY breeding with an amarignis. they will make such a beautiful pair with the purple flame : ) love this idea. we don't have very many (or any?) permanent breeding-dependant sprites, since luminas and celestials go back to normal and the only other permanently changed adult sprites are pitfires and aegis (unless i am missing someone). it would be awesome to have a changing non-holiday adult. it would be a bit of a bummer if we can't get CBs of the rainbow colors at all.
  14. oh, duh. steeve will be offline for 24 hours and assume it's been 3 days. in that case, i'll throw my hat in the ring. definitely leaning towards breeding for the alts, but i really hope the flame colors can be CB as well because orange doesn't go well with everything in a lineage. unless the flame on CB pyros will depend on day or time before hatching/maturing, i don't think they will be CB since all other breeds (undine, ridgewing, nebula) alt as hatchlings so they can be traded. it seems way too complicated to have 6 variants that are all random and won't be seen as adults : / ... but i'm still crossing my fingers that there IS a way to control the colors of a stolen egg in hopes of having a purely one-color flame lineage. really curious to see how this 'Pyropellis sporting flames unique to other species of dragons' mechanic will work in correlating color to mate. and very curious which color terrae will produce.
  15. BALD?? new adults look incredible. i guess i was wrong with my 3 alts with dimorphism idea LOL but more flame colors is even better. i was halfway there. my fave is the lime green and light blue because they're gonna go incredibly with omens, arcanas, and pitfires. love the shades, but i really hope we get a white fire dragon in the future! has there been any confirmation on the fire color mechanics yet? there's no way i have time to read 10 pages today.
  16. yay! i was hoping someone would post this thread. thank you missy! so we have 7 sprites. we know TJ keeps one of each gender if they have different sprites, so we can *maybe* assume he'll keep either: - 1f and 1m mature sprites, leaving 5 adults. seems unrealistic if the sprites don't have dimorphism, since he usually only keeps 1. - 1 mature sprite of any gender, leaving 6 adults, possibly 3 alts with a male and female variant. - 1 mature sprite of any gender, leaving 6 alternate adults without dimorphism. here's my two cents on the matter: - 3 alts with gender dimorphism makes sense if they follow siyat rules (3 different time slots to hatch in or grow up during) - 6 adults with no dimorphism makes sense if following gemshard mechanics (if hatched or laid or matured on a certain day of the week) - the fact that hatchlings don't show the coloring make me think this mechanic will be something influence-able, rather than random, since other random colorations (undine, nebula, ridgewing, etc) are visible before maturity to facilitate trading. 4 of my eggs were influenced and 3 hatched with incubate. i think i'm gonna leave the last two to get low on time just to see if that does anything. my current theory is they're reverse-siats and the adult sprite depends on how many days before death on the hatchling's clock when it grows up. i don't think we've had a mechanic like that before and it would be a cool way of correlating older hatchling=colder adult flame, younger hatchling=hotter adult flame, if the sprites are color-coded based on their fire. or something to that effect!
  17. Support, even more now that we have another alt. Some thoughts: - love the idea of Balloons getting a BSA! they definitely seem like a forgotten oldie breed that could use some spotlight. they're so fun. the concept would go so well with them. - this seems to be the exact type of niche BSA that can't really be exploited and stacked. - another issue here is how kill is only 5 slots and how EQ fills those up. either kill should be raised (which i know it won't be) or EQ needs to be reworked to either have less kill chance or not fill kill slots (both also unrealistic). with float, it at least somewhat negates the need to raise kill slots or rework EQ kill chance without touching both mechanics directly. still not ideal (in a perfect world we wouldn't have just 5 kill slots lol) but it's a small move towards making EQ more accessible.
  18. I am waiting with amintcipation for mints 2: fresher and mintier electric boogaloo. ... no, yours was funnier. Mine sounds like emancipation lol.
  19. Thank you both!! I completely forgot we got a 2 headed worm.
  20. HeatherMarie responded to this so much better than I : If this is the official news thread, then it should also be looped in with release news that have been confirmed elsewhere. I, personally, love when artists come in and post what they think of their own release, like inspiration and why the BSA variant works the way it does (note: i understand this is lore spoilers, i'm only using it as an example!). it would be a great time for Infi to drop that EQ guide to encourage players to not cross off EQ as a viable BSA alt mechanic and to give it a try if they haven't yet : ) ~removed~
  21. i think people are misreading me as demanding mechanics and lore info. i know that's spoilers, and that's not what i'm talking about. i'm referring specifically to what seems like people secondhand and indirectly quoting Infi saying "Infi does recognise that earthquaking is not for everyone but she does have a guide to earthquaking properly," "She wants to encourage more users to use a BSA so commonly forgotten," and "Infi doesn't/didn't really have a say on these being released so soon." none of that is lore or dragon mechanics, that's more of explanation as to what Infi's goal with these guys was, and i'm a little confused why that can't be directly posted to the forum, instead of having others indirectly relay the message. secondhand is never a good route to go, and on the previous page a few people were getting irritated with the "BSA so commonly forgotten" phrasing when that may not even be what Infi said, since it's all secondhand and not a direct quote. not demanding anything here but a little less he-said-she-said when it comes to quoting creators : ) it would be nice to have spriters pop in to set the record straight and be like 'hey, i understand EQ isn't for everyone but here's a guide to it and i hope this new sprite encourages people to play with EQ more' or something to that effect so it's not so much as us gleaming her intentions from someone else's words rather than letting Infi speak for herself. (or even some discord screenshots, so everyone can be on the same page if some prefer to only post on discord!) since this is the official release thread, i think this should be the news hub. can't take words out of context when they're said directly, tis all! the sprites are lovely, of course. this has nothing to do with the art or Infi herself (or Dalek, who was very kind to relay the message!). mechanic makes them a bit more unattainable for some people, but c'est la vie! people are allowed to be annoyed with EQ, just as people are allowed to be annoyed with people being annoyed with EQ, and artists are allowed to use any concept they think is creative. that's just how it goes, and everyone is here for fun : ) it is still just a neat little game and we will always have trading.
  22. didn't want to clutter up the release thread with this question but @MissK. mentioned offhandedly there was a new zombie type released recently, can anyone remind me what it was? :0 i don't keep up with zombies at all and the wiki did not help!
  23. thank you! i love even gen prize lineages!
  24. thank god. that's a relief to hear. thank you! (and just to make sure i'm not wrong here... the last BSA used is the one that determines color, right?)
  25. missy, fuzz, and purplehaze--glad i could contribute something to dragcave science ; ) can someone break down how EQ works on canto eggs for someone who's never once used it? i know the chances are hatch/kill/nothing... but do canto eggs hatch into the proper EQ color when they hatch, or does 'nothing happened' also elicit the color? do i need to keep trying to EQ an egg, or is just one 'nothing happened' good enough?