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  1. Requester Forum Name: andromedagalaxia What I Want: Mate for him. What I Can Offer: Anything from my scroll! PM Link: PM link here! Scroll Link: Scroll here!
  2. Working on some lineages. Breed an egg for one because I had only five eggs, surprise! I was actually locked with too many hatchlings. Best thing about this is I JUST DID IT AGAIN XDDD Except this time i was just locked because of eggs, since many of the hatchlings had just grown up. Lmao, ah well. Some people are going to be getting some nice surprises in the AP!
  3. Gift Report I increased the hoard of amthystfire with a Guardian Hatchling and its here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LkIv6
  4. Two of the kind I'm really looking forward to. Thank you TJ and spriters! <3
  5. Did not expect to find this! link It's even gendered correctly .-.
  6. Gift Report I increased the hoard of Starscream with a Vampire Hatchling which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/4jT7K - you're so welcome!
  7. messaged amthystfire! :3 Hi! My name is Cat, and I'm a dragon hoarder with ADD What list(s) do you want to be on? Pygmy, please! Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? For now, let's go with 100, and I have 31/100 What list(s) are you currently on? Avatar of Change -- thank you everyone who gifted! Thanks to this thread I have my full 10/10 desired AoC's <3 andromedagalaxia - PM Gift Report I increased the hoard of Lady_Lunevis with a Blusang egg which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/LG6b0 Gift Report I increased the hoard of Yunako with a Black egg which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/a26rI ^ pending transfers! Will edit when they have been accepted! - Yunako claimed the egg! - Lady_Lunevis claimed the egg!
  8. Gift Report FlyingDragona Added an Avatar of Change Eggie to my hoard and its here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/ybAvK
  9. Yup! I have the hatchie here (lineage) and it will be named correctly as soon as it genders! :3
  10. Gift Report I increased the hoard of WolfLover8 with a Glaucus Egg and its here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/jIQ4B
  11. Hi! My name is Cat, and I'm a dragon hoarder What list(s) do you want to be on? Avatar of Change, please. Do you have a goal number of dragons you would like to shoot for, and if so how many do you already have? At the moment I'm shooting for 10 of both adults and hatchling freezes! I have three of the ten now. andromedagalaxia - PM Whatever you want to say to your breeder(s) put here. I will not freeze gifts. I only freeze babies I breed myself. :3
  12. Here to report I have acquired an Avatar through trade! Please, breeders, ignore my name on the list and give to others! ^-^ And yes, thank you LeviathinGeneral for working so hard!
  13. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: andromedagalxia Scroll Name(Make scroll link): emricbolstridge PM link: click! What Avatar do you want? Change, please! Any desired mates? Ice, if possible. Any other comments? Chaoz
  14. Something about the iridescent one makes me want to lulz X333 I think it's the pose. It's too darn cute. Glad to see the success got bumped up as well though! Been trying to get one as soon as I got my first trio set with no luck. I just tried to summon a couple days ago though so I till have a while to try again. X3
  15. Locked with my goal ^-^ best luck to everyone still catching! I did this all on mobile so there is hope of getting them <3
  16. Was smart this time and let all my BSAs finish their CD before the release. Open scroll as well so I'm happily free to catch 3 of each ^-^ I'm loving both designs too - they're sure to be beautiful ones!
  17. Woo! Caught my second set - now I have a pair of each. ^-^ I don't know why people are having such a hard time, but best of luck to those who've yet to catch any!
  18. I got myself one of each no probz! ^-^ thank you for the lovely eggs!
  19. Congrats on your rescue! <33 I just caught a copper from the AP with my name in the code! "caaAt" <33
  20. jalkfds. ; -; i just caught a leetle tree. <33 i never thought i'd get one.
  21. ; ~; wish I could get my green copper x f hellfire to breed green copper eggs. Baahh. Shoulda looked up breeding stuff between them first. -head desk-