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  1. Tired of family members being ridiculous and always arguing. It's been countless months now of them going on about the same thing, and I'm just... I'm just tired of it. I know I'm not involved in it, but for goodness sake does it bother me. I'm just at the point where I want to see them separated because having those moments of normalcy with them respectively are so much more worth it than having them in the same place and trying to make things right.


    I'm tired of feeling like a failure because I'm so far behind in life in comparison to friends. So many have been moved out for ages now -- seems like they got their life together right out of high school even, and here I am still five years later still struggling with my undergrad stuff and facing the scary situation where I may need to quit university to go back to community college to bring my grades up where they need to be. I'm just... Restless and tired and just all around awful. My RP site isn't a source of fun anymore either, but that's a whole other mess...


    If nothing else, I've been content the last few days to just stalk the dragon requests topics around here... You guys are so creative... it's just really nice to get lost in it all and see such beautiful art.

  2. Very tired both physically and mentally.


    I graduated today (B.S. Biochem) though so that was exciting.

    That is a great accomplishment! I'm so sorry about your exhaustion, but I hope you feel better soon and seriously, congratulations!

  3. Totally biased. X3 I have many RAs and I plan to get even more within the next day or so when my current batch hatch. Course I'll leave two spots open since the big day itself is approaching BUT yessss. Been a very successful, very awesome week so far. This is my favorite holiday on top of it all ^-^ I can't wait to see the new dragon.

  4. I left a few nice eggs, and of those I think I saw only two messy eggs left in place of them (I had nothing else to do but stalk X3)


    I loved the TAE LAE thread. It was awesome. I think it'd still be awesome if it came back since there's a lot of people who did like it, and I don't quite see how its existence hinders anyone who didn't like it or use it, but I do appreciate this substitute and will continue to make use of it.

  5. Why is the fate of TAELAE being discussed here? I thought mods were discussing it's future. >_< not that I mind anything here of course, I'm just confused about what's going on with it. Sorry in advanced if I've missed something obvious.


    EDIT: ahh i see! I missed an edit in the last post of the thread! :X ignore me!