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  1. Spectacular idea, beautiful colors, unfortunately like others have said the execution is just off enough that it’s hard to tell what we are looking at. The male more so than the female. That being said, I really like them, and look forward to hoarding a handful of the hatchies. Thanks to the spriters and TJ - great Halloween this year.
  2. v-v pity. I much preferred the old sprites. nice work just the same, they just don't really catch my interest as the others. it is nice that the change happened before anyone could breed. I had intended on freezing hatchied next year, so I appreciate the quick change now as it has changed my plans. I do feel bad for those who froze wanting the old sprite.
  3. I'm so flipping excited! This is my most favorite holiday event/dragons! ;w; ahhhhhh
  4. Totally missed this, but now I kinda have a shorter wait to see the adults? always the best part for me. I did manage a set of each as well so I'm super stoked. Thanks spriters & TJ!
  5. I hope so, I really love the ones still on the completed list. >-< the monarch wyvern was one of the first topics I started tracking since the concept and art was so beautiful.
  6. Nice release, thanks for the hard work spriters.
  7. Inadequate. Terrified. Unwanted. Useless. A bit like I'm stuck in this hole, and I can't really see a way out. I don't know what I'm doing with my life, the form of entertainment that used to bring me a lot of joy is causing anxiety with drama and groups disbanding, and I just... Don't feel like I'm capable of anything for myself. It's a real rotten place to be right now. I hope anyone feeling similar keeps their chin up and keeps going, cause lord knows that's a feat most difficult for me right now...
  8. Sad to see that awesome black and blue design go. I realize it may return for awhile with the BSA but eh, not sure it's worth constantly using it just to see that design. Thanks for a new dragon on an April's Fool anyway.
  9. Very awesome Sprite. I can't wait for the adults!
  10. Well if it's a joke... I hope we can keep the egg somewhere even if on some badge or something. It looks cool.
  11. If there was a second drop, thank you so much. I missed this entirely for the first time so I'm grateful for a second chance!
  12. First non-holiday I reaaaaaaaally like and ofc I missed. Ah well, this just means I'll be in the cave more than I have been in a long time! Definitely hoarding those deserts, though. Such beauties!
  13. I have been counting down the days for this since Christmas. Maybe before. This is seriously one of my most favorite releases here, and I look forward to the new dragon and event!
  14. Hey all, I've just finished the mirror puzzle day (the one helping Steve). Was that today's puzzle, or am I behind still? My game loaded up the next day but I haven't gotten any messages/guidance on what to do next so I wasn't sure if I was caught up finally with everyone else or if my game was glitching X3
  15. Gorgeous new dragon <3 Merry Christmas everyone!
  16. Gah, I have no idea, but I'm so pumped and ready! I love holiday breeds!
  17. D'aww I'll miss that cartoony look of the two-heads! But the updates look great -- thanks for the hard work.
  18. Pretty sprite! I'm a little more into the hatchlings, so I can't wait till next year to bred some and freeze. Also -- hazzah for AP! X3 managed to nab a few more of my favs!
  19. Caught all mine! Happy Halloween everyone! ;w; time for bed <3
  20. WOOO! Super excited for the new dragon! ^-^ Slots are open just for them!
  21. Even the smallest of changes can make the most drastic of improvements. Which, I do think these changes were improvements. Not to mean I didn't like the old sprites, I just appreciate the work done way-back-when, and now. Really looking forward to the next updates!
  22. ._. What an AMAZING release! I absolutely love the glowing affect <3