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  1. Like them above. Have male pumpkin. Need female. https://dragcave.net/teleport/ece960a8ca22c2209ee845cd25626cd5
  2. Have: CB Witchlight Want: CB Pumpkin https://dragcave.net/teleport/76e1bcd03e69ff18149536f59897027e
  3. I've been gone a while. How long has the current monthly raffle been in place?
  4. I didn't breed it but I got it as an egg and I'm pretty sure it hatched at exactly 4 days.
  5. Just yesterday, I was lamenting the fact that this hatchie would turn out blue-winged as I didn't check before I traded for it. But now it gendered rosy so I'm super confused again (not that I'm complaining). But then I'm freaking out that I may have completely misunderstood how solstices color.
  6. Yeah, I thought so. Should've paid more attention when trading. Thanks a lot for confirming!
  7. I think I had a misunderstanding about solstices and timezones for me are confusing so assuming this hatchie hatched at exactly 4 days (I didn't breed it), I think it will be blue-winged? Please confirm. https://dragcave.net/lineage/2bs62
  8. I must admit that I often like the cocky, arrogant, self-assured types. I find them highly amusing. Vegeta (Dragonball Z) Sasuke (Naruto) Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho) Damon (Vampire Diaries) Gambit (X-Men) Zevran (Dragon Age Origins)
  9. My friends and I sometimes get together and rent games to try out. My husband has bought a ton but our favorites are Avalon, Dixit, Splendor, Lords of Waterdeep, Temple of Elemental Evil, Pandemic: Reign of Cthulu and Dominion. Some others worth mentioning are Munchkin, 7 Wonders, One Night Werewolf, Sushi Go, Takenoko.
  10. I'm more of a Marvel fan but this is epic. I think I'm actually inspired to do a similar lineage for a mate but with different breeds and a different superhero. Thanks breeder!
  11. Or maybe just viewbomb it as soon as it hatches to keep it s1. And is a Seawyrm pygmy a lindwurm instead of a pygmy? It says so in the wiki but is not listed above.
  12. Thanks for the idea. Your pairing actually looks kinda cool. As for your question.. Unfortunately, I kinda agree with your original idea with the Green Nebs. They seem to be the only breed with a little black + bright green which would match the Alt Desipis. I tried visually comparing all the green breeds but none seem to really match.
  13. Yeah, I think those color combos are great, particularly the storm one. I'd like to try the Sunrise with another breed (if we ever get one with a rosebud color tone). Using the sunrise seems a bit off. Or maybe something contrasting? Purple? Chrono?
  14. I'm a bit stumped what to do with this: I think it's amazing but it feels like such a waste to be able to breed a checker only twice a year. And I don't have any other 2G spriter alt.. Any suggestions?
  15. I REALLY gotta stop picking up things from the AP that I find hard to let go of... https://dragcave.net/lineage/AYh99
  16. I picked this up from the AP yesterday and it's gotten me a bit panicky. I only have a few days to find a mate, or wait a whole year (or 2). Can anyone with a 2G Heartseeker x Spitfire breed me a 3G same as this lineage? I can work on the other mates myself. I still have a CB Val 09 / CB Arsani to breed or maybe we can work something out after Valentines? Thanks! Got a pm from the original owner and they offered an unrelated mate!!! Thanks s0r0k4!
  17. Thank you, both of you. Very lucky finds.
  18. I've had some amazing luck from the AP. These are absolute treasures. https://dragcave.net/lineage/RZyp2 https://dragcave.net/lineage/h6L7t https://dragcave.net/lineage/kHHS8 But getting mates will be a challenge... Thank you johnnalola and anon!
  19. I traded a 5G Gold Tinsel for a CB lunar. I now have the CB Lunar AND the Tinsel. Owner of the Tinsel, please contact me. I also traded my blue dino for a red dino. But the blue's still on my scroll. Please PM me. But funny enough, the red I got for it, which I also traded, is still on the new owner's scroll. Good for them, I guess. But my pyro is gone. Sigh.
  20. Awwww.. I LOST a lot of trades and bred eggs and AP finds! And a very kind person finally gave me a 2G Pink x Rosebud last night. :'( They're all gone and I find a single new dino on my scroll, which was probably the one I traded away. EDIT: And I STILL have BOTH the CB lunar and the Tinsel I traded it for. But I can't remember who I traded with to give back the tinsel. Arrghhhh... And the new owner of my blue dino is probably looking for it too, who I also can't remember. Just made random offers on EATW. Sigh. Is there a chance to get them back? Thank you so much Riverwillows for my brand new Pink x Rosebud!
  21. I was on hiatus for a long time and came back last Dec. I left when coppers were fairly new and I don't have much of them. I recently found out that in order to get a specific copper color as an offspring, you need to breed them with a mate from a specific biome. Is my understanding correct? What if you breed the copper with an "old", pre-biome dragon whose location merely states "Cave"? Are there any other breeds that behave similar to this? That have a dependency on a biome? I'm seeing more biome-specific wishes in trades lately. -------------- Thanks purplehaze and ilovechewbacca!
  22. Gifting: 5G Male Silver x Hellfire perfect checker. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  23. Gifting again: 3G red from female silvers 3G skywing from male silvers 5G BBW x Magi 4G BBW x Terrae Thuwed Claim my Red Claim my Skywing Claim my BBW Claim my Terrae