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My Dragon List => Tinsels, Thuweds, Evengen Checkers, Spriter Alts. Open for trades/requests.♥ Mates Needed => Will trade for them. Please PM. Also see profile.♥ Breeding/Gifting ThreadThe Evengen Breeding Thread♥ Wishlist: Please see profile. Otherwise pretty alt lineages, pretty rainbow lineages, any unique or awesome lineageI answer all PMs, please do the same.

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    About IOUs:
    I pay my IOUs as fast as I can and I start paying them as soon as I make them (if I'm able to). I also don't take more IOUs than I can handle as I am unwilling to make the person I owe it to, wait. Please be assured that I will provide your IOU quickly. Most of mine have been paid in 1-2 weeks (about 10-20 hatchies).

    Of course, this may not apply to bred IOUs because that depends on luck though I use an army of purples for fertility. So far, my tinsels have produced regularly. However, I do NOT take IOUs for my metals (unless it's a holiday mate).

    ************ Priority Wishlist **************
    --- in no specific order ---
    2G Silver from Rosebud
    2G Silver from Hearstealing
    2G Silver from female Marrow
    2G Gold from male Marrow (3 needed)
    2G Gold from female Marrow
    2G Gold from female Cavern Lurker
    2G Gold from male Cavern Lurker

    2G Ice from Solstice
    3G Mageia from female Desipis checker
    3G Purple Nebula checker from Arsani
    4G Spring checker from Arsani
    4G Autumn checker from Heartseeker
    2G Ember from male Marrow
    3G Almandine checker from male Cavern Lurker

    I don't have a CB Ribbondancer, Rosebud, Sweetling, Snow Angel, Radiant Angel, Solstice, Heartstealer. Please don't offer dragons that need any caveborns of the above to continue a lineage.

    ************** Metal Fails I Need ***************

    ***************** Reminders ******************

    ***************** My IOUs ********************
    NOTE: Times listed below are when they were last bred.

    none (all paid!)

    ** Please contact me if I owe you something and you are not on this list

    *************** Owed to Me ******************
    twdor - SxM, an x swtl
    Adr - Prz x Ic
    skorpyann - 3G Silver x SW
    Voar - Br x GW

    *************** IOU References ***************
    People I've traded with and can be referenced for IOUs:
    Adri - a whopping 80 CB hatchie IOU!

    *************** Thank You List ***************

    Thanks a bunch to the people below who have gifted me eggs, offered to breed for me, helped in some way, or were just plain nice!

    sheppardkid, miaou, jerusha, MaximumOccupancy, Xaesha, gyldendrag, Aulendil, Ysera, Aquaelie, lulu_witch, lola92, old_duck, silkipin, Absolute, RMMC, kayla, stargazer_7, blackdragon71, Amazon_warrior, mandrakekeeper, Stromboli, daestarr, PerfectLulu, Lunaleigh, sarantha, s0r0k4, yieldy, spring_dragon, WWECornSerpent, Tayiadragonbite, Ponystar17, DragonNighthowler, Riverwillows, Mystic_Halo

    ** I keep a personal list of people who never bother to reply to my PMs (I track all my messages). So if I ignore you, you're on that list. You also get the lowest priority when offering on my trades.